JUBO : Chapter 49 : Tuition Fees are not paid in vain (UNPROOFREAD)

Chiangyushien’s notes :
Hi guys, jubo chapter 42 & 43 has been proofread.

As for this new chapter, kindly keep in mind that this chapter hasn’t been proofread (neither chinese nor english) so there’s a big possibility for mistakes. I do recommend you guys to read it again once it’s been proofread.

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex

“You look like you are in a good mood today. Learned to drive smoothly today?” Chu Yifeng stood in the kitchen with his arms folded. He could hear Wang Cheng singing since he had entered the kitchen; he had never seen him in such a good mood before. He was curious as to what he was learning about the car, what happened there.
“I met a university teacher there today. They seemed like a gentle person, I was happy to talk to them.” Wang Cheng put the beef that he had put in the pot to cook a hald hour ago onto the cutting board. Answering the questions as he was distracted.
“Woman?” Chu Yifeng raised his eyebrows.
“Man.” Wang Cheng said, “There are women but they are two middle-aged women in their forty or fifties, the beautiful women are in the other groups. ”
“It seems thats a very sorry thing to hear.”
“Women are too delicate, what is there to be sorry for.” Wang Cheng had heard that the men of his group were very envious of the other groups; they were going to learn to drive, not pick up girls.
“You’re not going to find a girlfriend?”
Wang Cheng cut the beef into pieces. He found that Chu Yifeng’s family knife was very sharp. He could cut bones without much effort, it was even easier to cut the meat. He head his words and said. “I am still young. So, what are you doing, and your girlfriend is not good at serving, I am not interested in finding an ancestor to come back to offer.”
“Does your parents not say anything to you?” Most of the elders in the family hope that their children will marry and they will have grandchildren as soon as possible. Although Chu Yifeng does not have any troubles in this area, Shen Yuan has it. Every time he can eat with him, he complains that his elders in the family have arranged a blind date for him. .
“Of course not.” Wang Cheng took a look at him and said with a smile: “My older brother is two years older than me. He still has no girlfriend. My mother has to worry about him first. It will not be my turn for the time being.”
Chu Yifeng looked at him deeply however he didn’t say a word.
Wang Cheng said: “Boss, if you don’t want to help, don’t bother me while I’m cooking here. Go out and wait, I will be fine.”
Wang Cheng did two dishes and one soup. He didn’t go to work today. He studied at the driving school for one day. He came back early in the afternoon, so he made the chicken stewed mushrooms that were not made last time. The chicken used was Native chicken, bought in the supermarket, the chicken is more expensive, but the nutritional value is high, the taste of chicken is also delicious, the rich people like to eat chicken, so every time you are on the shelves will be robbed and light, this time go early, so In order to grab two, the other one was frozen in the refrigerator to keep the next time.
“Boss, taste the chicken.”
Wang Cheng put a piece of chicken in Chu Yifeng’s bowl. He liked to eat chicken, they raised chickens at their house to eat. When he used to live in the mountains he would often give Papa Wang a chicken every other time. After so man years of eat that kind of chicken, to eat other chicken felt wrong.
“It taste good.” Chu Yifeng nodded, he had eaten a lot of food, whether it was good or bad.
“Yes, but my domestic chicken is better than this.” Wang Cheng was not forgetting to praise his own chickens.
“Are you still going to learn to drive tomorrow?”
“Yes, Yuan Xia wants to learn to drive as soon as possible during the rest of the summer vacation, so there is no need to take time off when starting school.”
Chu Yifeng heard him and glanced at him. “Are you still staring at people?”
Wang Cheng put a piece of meat into his mouth and took a sip of his meal. He replied after eating: “He seems nice to me, and I don’t have any friends who are lecturers at the university. I think it is quite good to have a lot of contacts.”
Chu Yifeng did not answer.
“But it’s also not very good.” Wang Cheng said.
“Which point?”
“There are a lot of coaches. They only had two cars. The car we used had six people. When it was my turn, the time had passed. I couldn’t have a few rounds.” Wang Cheng started to be a bit ignorant, and had finally figured out the situation.
The school also has different cars. Chu Yifeng helped him sign the manual gear. The manual gear has the clutch. It is difficult to operate. I learned this. The automatic gear without the clutch will naturally open, so there are more students who apply for the manual file. Yuan Xia is also a manual file for learning.
Vice-Chair Liu’s two cars are manual and the other is automatic. There are only two trainees. They can’t do it here. Wang Cheng’s return is a bit of a look. He’s not getting on the train all afternoon. Five times, and others are learning to reverse, he is learning to move forward.
“You can drive by yourself.”
The coach of the driving school is very welcoming to the trainees to practice by themselves.
Wang Cheng turned his eyes. “Boss, are you kidding me? If I drive, I don’t have to learn.”
“Then study at home.”
Wang Cheng was silent for a long while. “The tuition fee is not paid.”
Chu Yifeng looked at him, and his mouth seemed to be hooked.
Wang Cheng can only be tangled on this issue. Fortunately, he and Yuan Xia can also talk about it. He is very curious about Yuan Xia’s lecturer’s identity. He asked a lot of questions, and Yuan Xia did not show it. The patient expression, Wang achievements more like him, and when he was eating dinner with Chu Yifeng, he almost did not leave Yuan Xia, the two now exchanged mobile phone numbers, in addition to learning the car, other times will also be linked.
Wang Cheng learned that he is twenty-nine years old this year. He chose to be a teacher after graduating from college. Coincidentally, he was also a graduate of Beijing University. Later he was transferred to Shanhai University and was awarded the title of outstanding young teacher. He had won an award, so was already a lecturer at a young age.
Chu Yifeng was on the sofa watching him take the plate into the kitchen, and he felt a sense of self-confidence.
Wang Cheng came out after a while and told him he would go back to his apartment. He didn’t wash the plates and bowls. He cooked, and Chu Yifeng washed the dishes.
He learned for another day, the third day was Monday; Wang Cheng did not go to school that day.
Yuan Xia is on vacation now, and he still has to go to work. When the company is busy, he can’t take time off, so today he is going to the company. He is still sitting in Chu Yifeng’s car, but today he volunteered to drive, only to learn a little more. Crossing the road, Chu Yifeng actually let him.
Think of the throttle as a brake step, stumbled all the way, and finally opened the company with a speed of one gear, both of whom were late, Wang Cheng did not dare to look at Chu Yifeng.
“There are people who have lost their hands, and the horse has a hoof. Next time I will be able to go to the second gear.” Wang Cheng made a fist and solemnly promised to Chu Yifeng.
“Why don’t you try a fourth gear.”Chu Yifeng put the car key in his pocket and turned to the elevator.
Wang Cheng followed suit and followed him. “No, I am afraid that others will misunderstand us.”
Chu Yifeng stepped forward and then looked back at him.
The founding of the king was innocent.
“You have the ability to pull me with you.” After saying this, he took another step.
“Hey?” Wang Cheng couldn’t understand, and quickly caught up. “Boss, what do you mean?”
Chu Yifeng ignored him.
The three newcomers had already arrived at the company. Since Zhu Chunlin discovered that the relationship between Wang Cheng and Yan Yifeng did not seem ordinary, he always thought of learning from Cheng Cheng as well as Wang Cheng. They even thought about excuses, Wang Cheng second. The sky didn’t come to work, the day after tomorrow did not, the day after tomorrow coincided with the holidays, and the passion was almost polished. Of course, this did not mean that they gave up. When they turned around, they saw the boss and Wang Cheng walked in. The water Zhu Chunlin was drinking is almost sprayed out, and it will be considered when I get off work. Even if I go to work together, can they not live together?
Regardless of what they thought, Wang Cheng had been pondering Chu Yifengs’ words, but he has been screamed by Li Yu for market research before he has been honed, and let him and Cheng Cheng together.
Market research is a kind of physical activity, because it is going outside, there is no time to come back to eat at lunch, the two directly solve it outside, and they will come back at four o’clock in the afternoon. He is okay, Cheng Cheng almost ran two Legs, the young man can’t wait to spend the whole day running around outside, not to mention the first time.
“Cheng Ge, you are so powerful, have not complained that you are tired.” Cheng Cheng softly said laying on the desk.
Wang Cheng handed him a bottle of water. “Fortunately, my family lives in the mountains. I am used to running around in the mountains every day. The city is hot.”
“Thank you, Cheng Ge.” Cheng Cheng twisted the bottle cap and drank half a bottle before stopping. “Cheng Ge, you were not in the company for the first two days. I asked Xu to know that you have taken time off.”
“I am learning how to drive.”
“That’s good, I want to learn to drive, but I still don’t have a car. Do you have a car Cheng ge?” Cheng Cheng’s eyes lit up, no man didn’t love a car.
“It’s my brother’s car.” Wang Cheng shrugged.
“That is better than no car.” Cheng Cheng thought that it would take several years to buy a car.
Wang Cheng agrees with this point.
After work, Chu Yifeng didn’t let him drive again, even though Wang Cheng had been lobbying around, and promised that he would never again be like the morning, he did not waver until he saw the community in front, Wang Cheng shut up.


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