JUBO : Chapter 50 : Driving Practice (UNPROOFREAD)

Chiangyushien’s notes :
Hi guys, jubo chapter 44 has been proofread.

As for this new chapter, kindly keep in mind that this chapter hasn’t been proofread (neither chinese nor english) so there’s a big possibility for mistakes. I do recommend you guys to read it again once it’s been proofread.

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex

Dinner that night was at Chu Yifeng’s home. The location was not fixed. If Wang Cheng got off work early, or if Chu Yifeng had not returned, he would cook in his apartment. If they came back together for convenience, he starting having relationships with his friends. This gradually stabilized.
Wang Cheng now went in and out of Chu Yifeng’s home like it was his own and he even had the keys to the apartment that he had given him.
At first he didn’t use the bunch of keys. However once he got off work early and the ingredients were placed in the refrigerator in Chu Yifeng’s house. Because of this when he had come back later, Wang Cheng used the bunch of keys and went in to get the things. The maid, Liu Wei, had almost treated him as a thief.
When Liu Wei had heard this she had a look of shock and disbelief that someone was cooking for Chu Yifeng.
Wang Cheng believed it was something quite normal for men to cook.
However on understanding this point the two were clearly on different channels.
Since then Wang Cheng’s key use frequency had been high. That evening he was still cooking at Chu Yifeng’s when the phone rang and he saw the caller ID. Wang Cheng quickly turned around and told Chu Yifeng who was pouring hot water. The phone buzzed.
“Big Brother, how come you are calling me? Are you still in the Imperial Capital? Have you eaten yet?” Wang Cheng picked up the phone and threw a bunch of questions in an attempt to take the initiative.
At the other end of the phone, it seemed that Wang Ning’an was laughing.
Wang Ning’an just wanted to ask him how he was living in the apartment alone, he thought that the last thing he was concerned about was him.
Towards the end Wang Cheng told him that he had already been learning to drive.
Wang Ning’an told him he should be careful when he studies. Don’t pursue quickness or speed. Otherwise, it is easy to get into trouble. He finally got back to the big brother’s initiative. After ten minutes, he hung up the phone and Chu Yifeng was no longer in the kitchen.
The next day, Chu Yifeng had the good heart to drive him to drivers school, dropping him at the door, Wang Cheng sent him off before entering. Wang Cheng had come early, however Yuan Xia was earlier than him, and the coach had not come over, yet he had already practiced on the practice grounds.
They were learning to reverse the car now. If the directions were good, they would be able to learn to reverse the car even faster. Wang Cheng had a car at his own house, so he probably mastered this training in a few days. Although his reversing was not very beautiful, at least it he was not a blank canvas.
Wang Cheng chatted with him when he heard that his friend had a car, did not come when he would use a friend’s car practice, now he is learning to side parking, this almost a learning will, as long as you find a good positioning point can stop very well.
” You’re early!” Yuan Xia got out of the car and met Wang Cheng.
“No. you are early.” Wang Cheng got into the car, they could only borrow it during the time that others had not come to practice, otherwise they would have to learn to reverse when they arrived.
The two men practiced for more than an hour. When it was nearly ten o’clock, Deputy Coach Liu finally came with another six people. The cars were full. Except Wang Cheng and Yuan Xia, these people were all brought by Liu. He personally went to their residences to pick up the people, and the fuel fee was already in their tuition.
When they came, Wang Cheng and Yuan Xia could not practice side-side parking. They were not willing to waste time with others and wanted to continue to practice reversing. They then mentioned this with Liu’s deputy coach. Thus they were arranged to work with another assistant coach named Yang.
There were two more people. Some of the students were obviously not very happy. Their expressions were very weak. They also showed them a ignorant attitude. They were not called by their turn; others would stand up directly. Wang Cheng wents to get in the car and one student walked around him. When the car arrived, he waited for him to let him go but it made Wang Cheng speechless. Yuan Xia also shrugged helplessly. After a day, the two did not get to touch the car at all.
If they were all young and he could still understand, but one or two were adults in their 30s and 40s, and even like those people, they are all eaten by dogs.
“Childish.” Wang Cheng complained with a low voice.
Only Yuan Xia heard this sentence, shaking his head and smiling. “Tough, it may be two days.” The small report of this kind of thing really can’t help but go to the face, almost 30 years old.
“I am afraid to help them increase their arrogance.” Wang Cheng’s words were not unreasonable. Some people may have dissatisfaction in their hearts, but there are few who will actually show up. The reason why they will cause them to be unanimous is one of them. One woman and two people.
The man was very self-willed, and the other people were waiting in line. He was eager to jump in the queue, not to let the queue be unhappy, the whole rogue, and other people are not satisfied, so he is more energetic with him.
The woman looked very pretty, she was very delicate, like the man, when she wanted to practice, she would be spoiled by the other men, so they all let her go. When the two people joined together, the team would be more chaotic.
Wang Cheng had a hunch that he and Yuan Xia didn’t want to touch the car. He finally got a call at 4:30. He received a call from Chu Yifeng. He got off work early and asked him if he needed to come over. Wang Cheng estimated that he would not be able to go anymore and had him come over.
“Friend?” Yuan Xia heard his words. He knew that his older brother was not in Shanhai City. He had heard about it before when he was chatting with him.
“No, it is my boss.” Wang Cheng honestly replied.
Yuan Xia had a blank expression.


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