Text 044. The Former Predecessor (UNPROOFREAD)


Wang Ning’an has a strong working capability, but only to alway be scold by Wang Cheng, upon having no alternative, put work to the side. Younger brother’s craftsmanship was getting better and better, he could change the pattern of almost each and every meal. He was not willing to call for take out to eat everyday again.


“Finish eating, let’s talk.” Wang Ning’an solved it in two or three bites, and took a piece of paper to wipe his mouth.


Wang Cheng moved the bowl to one side, then explained, one time, he had come back from work and met a woman. Although he knew that the woman was lying, she was not eldest brother’s girlfriend, but the other party must know eld brother, otherwise would not have found away here.


Wang Ning’an was silent.


“Big brother, do you really know her?” Wang Cheng asked, he was quite curious about this.


“It’s already a thing of the past. You want to know, there’s no harm in telling you.” Wang Ning’an did not hide the truth from him. “She is my ex-girlfriend. I was in a relationship with her after graduating from university. Later she suggest breaking up. I haven’t seen her since, and have also not contacted her.”


“Then, how does she know that you live here?’


“I don’t know, might have heard from other people. It’s nothing unusual.” Wang Ning’an said calmly, not at all unexpected.


Wang Cheng also thinks so. Big brother’s reputation in Shanghai Group’s branch has also been heard by Chu Yifeng. It is not difficult for a woman to inquire about him.


“You, don’t worry about this matter if you encounter her again in the future. I don’t have any relationship with her. Regardless of what purpose she has for trying to find me, it could be assumed to not be good.” It has already been more than a year since breaking up, he was also a more rational type of person, and many more feelings have long since disappeared. Nowadays, it is only a passer-by, or perhaps not even regarded as a passer-by at all.


“Well, then.” An ex-girlfriend suddenly looked back to find her ex-boyfriend, most likely wants to request to reunite. His big brother was so outstanding, that woman must have regretted it, so thinking, Wang Cheng suddenly had no good feelings for the woman.


“Exactly, I have something to say to you first.” Wang Ning’an suddenly said.


“What’s up?’


“In a few days, I may be transferred to the headquarters of Shanghai Group. When I am going to the Imperial Capital, you may have to live here alone.”


Wang Cheng blinked his eyes, it was also actually already predicted correctly by Chu Yifeng.


“What’s wrong?” Wang Ning’an asked, seeing him expressionless and unresponsive.


“Nothing, I feel that elder brother is getting promoted so rapidly. I have only been here for more than a month, and you are going to be leaving already. Then when are you going to leave?”


“It should be a few days after the transfer order comes down.”


“Oh, then you have to pay attention to your body. I can’t go with you if you go to the imperial capital. I cannot take care of your food. You can’t eat just frozen food all three meals like before. Take-out should be eaten a bit less, I heard people said that it is not very healthy, reports all says that it’s illegally recycled waste cooking oil. Elder brother, you at that time how about you invite a servant to prepare the meals, ok? You’re earning more, I also am not lacking that bit of money, should spend or need to be spent.” Wang Cheng subconsciously urged.


“You sound like a mother. You really going on about it.” Wang Ning’an is really didn’t not know whether to laugh or cry.


Wang Cheng smiled, “So fortunate you have been promoted. I have been taking care of my elder brother for more than a month and I’m just like a nagging mother. Like this, then next time, I would really have to evolve into a mom. I could unexpectedly acted as your mother, you haven’t called me.”


“Take a hike, I clothed you.” Wang Ning’an could not stand his mouth and quickly drove the man away.


“Well, you go to bed early.” Wang Cheng carried the bowl out of the study and conveniently closed the door.


When he arrived in the kitchen, Wang Cheng put the bowl in the sink, eyes glimpse at the more than half a pot still remaining congee, just a moment ago accidentally boiled too much. This kind of congee can still be eaten the next day, but the taste is definitely not as good as when it just out of the pot. He had originally wanted to keep it to eat tomorrow. Suddenly remembering the conversation with his eldest brother, he finally understood the meaning of Chu Yifeng’s words. Apparently, he still has to please this neighbour.


Wang Cheng used a thermos to hold more than half of the congee, keeping it from his eldest brother, went over right away.


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