Jubo : Text 043. Girlfriend? (UNPROOFREAD)


In a blink of an eye, it was August and the weather was still hot.


At six o’clock in the afternoon, the sun had just climbed down the west slope, and the sunset was obscured by the tall buildings. Wang Cheng walked in the shadow of the buildings, and the cool wind would blow away the hot heat of the bus. Today he was heading back alone. TIt was a day when the family couldn’t give him a ride.


In recent days his big brother had become busy. He was still working overtime, even when he was off work. He was working overtime when he worked overtime, so he could only go home by himself. Sometimes he was lucky to meet the boss when he was going back to the apartment. He was cheeky and squatted by the car, Yan Yifeng usually did not refuse.


But today he was not so lucky, the boss did not come to the company, older brother had to work overtime, and he could only take the bus home.


“This lady, it is useless to ask me again. I can’t let you in. You still have to go, don’t make me embarrassed, or I will call the police.”


Wang Cheng always felt that this passage was quite familiar. He looked at the gate of the quiet community and saw the security guard. He thought that he had said similar things to him at the beginning. He looked at the rejected object and found that he had rejected the object. It is a woman.


The woman looked like she was in her twenties. She looked very young, had long hair, and face. She was holding the arm of the security guard and pleading.


“Security brother, let me go in, I just want to find someone, I promise that I will never go away, or you will follow me, I beg you.”


“No, you are not a community member. I can’t let you go in. I have to be on duty.” In this regard, the security guard is still very persistent. Even if Wang Cheng happened, he has not changed. After the original intention, sticking to his position, very professional ethics.


“Hey, what happened?” Wang Cheng came over.


When the security guard saw him, his expression was stiff. Wang Cheng gave him a particularly deep impression. He did not expect to meet this person in this situation. If Wang Cheng had a feeling of ‘compassionate feelings’ to this woman, he would have to insist that he couldn’t let people in, or let people go? For a moment, the security entangled.


“Security brother, what’s happening after all?” Wang Cheng smiled and asked again.


When the security guard heard his words, he suddenly remembered something. “Mr. Wang came just right. The lady always said that she would go in and find your big brother, but I asked her what happened. She couldn’t say it, she didn’t call, she had already come. This is the third time.”


The first two times came from different time periods. At that time, Wang Cheng was at work, so he did not encounter it.


Wang Cheng was surprised, looking for his older brother?


The woman did not seem to have met Wang Ning’an’s younger brother. The look on her face showed a slight surprise. Just when Wang Cheng wanted to ask her what relationship she had with his big brother, the woman turned and ran like a shock. With a pair of high heels, the speed is not slow.


“This woman…what did she come for?” Wang Cheng turned and asked the security guard. “Have she said what her name is, who she is, where she came from?”


The security guard’s mouth was pouting, the question was really detailed. “No, she refused to say anything. She only said that she was looking for Mr. Wang Ning’an.” Both brothers are surnamed Wang, sometimes it’s really hard to call. If you call Mr. Wang, you can’t tell who is who.


“Oh, I see.”


“Right, I remember that she once uttered that she was the girlfriend of Mr. Wang Ning’an. I said that I would call Mr. Wang Ning’an to confirm, but she would not let me call, so I thought she was lying.” The security guard suddenly remembered this.


“Security brother, it’s been hard for you.” Wang Cheng smiled and patted his shoulder. If the big brother has a girlfriend, it is impossible not to tell him, the woman must be lying, “I will ask my older brother, next time. If she comes again, you can drive her away.”




In the evening, Wang Cheng gave his eldest brother a pot of lotus lily and thin porridge. This thing has the effect of clearing the heart and moistening the lungs, replenishing the vital energy and calming the nerves. It is very good for people who stay up late. Since he lives here, he must take good care of his eldest brothers body.


After simmering the porridge, Wang Cheng used a large spoon to put the porridge into the bowl and then brought it to big brother’s study.


The computer screen on the desk was glowing with blue light. Wang Ning’an was looking at the above information intently, and at the sound of someone coming in he did not looked up.


“Big brother, I made you a bowl of porridge and eat it hot.” Wang Cheng ignored his work and put the porridge in front of him. “Working hard is good, but you should also take care of your body. Mom let me take care of you. If you see your face next time, my mother will definitely say that I am not supervised.”


“How do you get more and more like a mother?” Wang Ningan blinked.


“That is because I feel that I don’t seem to have a big brother, but a son. I have any way. Of course, I don’t mind if you call me dad.” Wang Cheng teased.


“What’s the matter with you?””


“Hurry and eat, I have something to tell you.” Wang Cheng urged him.


“What’s up?”


“I’ll tell you after you eat.”


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