Special Property

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Title: Special Property

Author: Kain Guru

Graphic Designer: Kain Guru

Category: Romance, Drama, Boy’s Love, Mature


Ren Kato, unwanted, was dumped off at an all-boys Catholic boarding school. Here, the rule was “seme or uke,” predator or prey. It wasn’t about love or even sex. It was about coping and survival. Either you ruled or you become someone else’s property.

Kato’s only hope to survive this hell lies with the most predatory and unruly of them all, Kensuke Takahashi.

Table of Contents :

Chapter 1. The Incident

Where did the rest of the book go?

My dear readers,

This book has been entered into the Wattys2019, a yearly Wattpad exclusive book writing contest. While part of that contest, this book cannot be published elsewhere so it has been temporarily removed from WordPress until the contest is over after September.

This book is still AVAILABLE in full on Wattpad though! It is also being proofread with some minor revisions, all in an attempt to polish it up for the contest. Click the following link to read it and wish me luck on the contest! Again, thanks to all of you for the continued encouragement and support.

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