Crescent Love

Alternative Title: Mikazuki no Ai 「三日月の愛」

Author: Renkun27

Graphic Designer: KainGuru

Category: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life, Humor, Boy’s Love, Mature

Length: 200 chapters

Update Frequency: Every Monday, GMT+9

Synopsis: Kichirō Ishikawa, together with his family, moved to Kyoto from Tokyo a few years ago. He wanted to move on from his dark past and decided to seclude himself from others by building a wall around himself. He became an introvert. A loner.

He stopped schooling for a year, after graduating from Senior High, to recover from his depression. He made a decision to take nursing classes to ease his feud with his mother.

Ryū Ueno, a rich, smart, and popular basketball player from their university, started to take notice of our nerdy Kichirō.

Will they end up being together? Or will the past and future misfortunes break them apart?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Beginning
Chapter 2 – Lucky
Chapter 3. Fateful Encounter
Chapter 4. Unexpected
Chapter 4.5. Days of Ryū
Chapter 5. Good Morning!
Chapter 6. Get Lost!
Chapter 7. Wooing the Wife, Part 1
Chapter 8. Wooing the Wife, Part 2
Chapter 9. The Awkward Couple
Chapter 10. Back to Zero
Chapter 11. Nightmare
Chapter 12. Why Did I Have to End Up Falling Completely in Love with You?
Chapter 13. Golden Week, Part 1
Chapter 14. Golden Week, Part 2
Chapter 15. Golden Week, Part 3
Chapter 16. Golden Week, Part 4
Chapter 17. Golden Week, Part 5
Chapter 18. The Greatest Devotion
Chapter 19. Confession
Chapter 19.5. Third Wheel
Chapter 20. Can I Drink Alcohol?
Chapter 21. Drunkenness
Chapter 22. Safe and Sound
Chapter 23. Take Responsibility
Chapter 24. Meet the Parents
Chapter 25. The Epitome of Pure, Feminine Beauty
Chapter 26. Something Unexpected
Chapter 27. The Past
Chapter 28. Wrongful Encounter
Chapter 29. Crisis
Chapter 30. Fear and Disgust
Chapter 31. Flirting
Chapter 32. Contemplation
Chapter 33. Isn’t it True?
Chapter 34. Will you go on a date with me? Part 1
Chapter 35. Will you go on a date with me? Part 2
Chapter 36. Roller Coaster
Chapter 37. Prologue
Chapter 38. Hardship, Part 1
Chapter 39. Hardship, Part 2
Chapter 40. Hardship, Part 3
Chapter 41. Stop the Advance of the Enemy
Chapter 42. Who Loves War?
Chapter 43. This is Just Between You and Me
Chapter 44. Seductress
Chapter 45. Crescent Love
Chapter 46. I Cannot Describe My Feelings
Chapter 47. I Have a Bad Pain Here
Chapter 48. Let’s Go to the Beach!
Chapter 49. Life Is Sweet
Chapter 50. Onsen Therapy