He is His Excellency Zhi Li


He is His Excellency Zhi Li

Original Title: 他是支理大人

Alternate Title: He is Zhi Li Daren

Author: Angelina

Category: Romance, Comedy, School Life

Content: 10 volumes, 121 chapters

Update Frequency: Every Friday, GMT+9

Author’s Synopsis: 

“How do you like this mood? If one day he suddenly becomes a masked superhuman in a tight suit with a swinging boa tail behind him, hands with long spider hair, and a drooling pig face under the mask, even so, you can still remain calm and pull him into your embrace.”

“There is only one possibility: my eyes are blind.” Ke Bu is a real person. He understands that love is not great to this point. If you really become like that, Zhi Li’s first reaction is absolutely to send himself to the Scientific Research Institution. (A Malicious indifferent uke and a natural two-faced seme)

Disclaimer: We don’t own this story. All credits to Miss Angelina. No spoilers please. We haven’t read the entire novel. Please bear in mind that most of us are not native Chinese and English speakers and we are beginners in terms of translating novels. Please do not re-post this without our approval. We are open to feedback and correction so please feel free to send us a message anytime.

Volume I
Chapter 1. He Is His Excellency Zhi Li
Chapter 2. It Turns Out Like That
Chapter 3. Military Training or Camping?
Chapter 4. The Strongest Team Is Established!
Chapter 5. Dangerous Gambling Activities
Chapter 6. Do You Believe in Ghosts?
Chapter 7. Who Kissed Zhi Li?
Chapter 8. To Have in Hand… [I]
Chapter 9. To Have in Hand… [2]
Chapter 10. Between Us
Chapter 11. Comparing Us
Chapter 12. Zhi Li Is a Schemer

Volume II
Chapter 13. Like a Child…
Chapter 14. Oh, People Who are Dating!
Chapter 15. Memories Chapter 1: At First…
Chapter 16. You Guys are Quite Strange
Chapter 17. Just Waiting for Your Sentence
Chapter 18. Ke Bu’s First Time