Beyond the Moon


Alternate Title: Tsuki no Mukōgawa,「月の向こう側」

Author: Renkun27

Graphic Designer: KainGuru

Category: Romance, Comedy, Boy’s Love, Fantasy, Horror

Content: 50 chapters (on hold)

Synopsis: Kichirō Ishikawa, as a child, received a special gift from an old hermit because of his good deed. He could now see and talk to invisible beings!

With this ability, he grew up knowing a lot of things that normal people don’t.

One day, when he was lazing off from school, he unexpectedly met the spirit of an old sage, who was from the Heian Period. Knowing that Kichirō had a lot of regrets and things he wanted to change in the past, the old sage gave him the chance to travel back in time to change the course of history.

Will this big opportunity help him correct his mistakes and get together with his first love, Shirō? Or will this make the series of unfortunate events even worse?

Note: This is a spinoff for Crescent Love (Mikazuki no Ai)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Hello!
Chapter 2. Blue Rabbit
Chapter 3. Viewing the Moon
Chapter 4. Days of Yore
Chapter 5. Who Is He?
Chapter 6. First Love
Chapter 7. Reaching You
Chapter 8. Never Make a Nuisance of Yourself
Chapter 9. He Surprised His Opponent
Chapter 10. You Should Eat More Vegetables