Jubo : Chapter 40 – A need for people

Chiangyushien’s notes :

Kindly keep in mind that this chapter hasn’t been proofread (neither chinese nor english) so there’s a big possibility for mistakes. I do recommend you guys to read it again once it’s been proofread.

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex

Wang Cheng came down from the second floor, seeing that his brother was not in the circle he thought he was still upstairs. Hearing the faint voice of his big brother outside he went out and found Zhang and his cousin Wang Ningxiang who had gotten only a hundred points on the college entrance examination.

Wang Ziyu had called him several times.In addition to the news, they also spoke of something related to Er Bo’s family.

Er Niang, a woman who was destined too for long, after the the results of the college entrance examinations had been revealed she had relapsed. Although her daughter had failed to win her glory she couldn’t help but hold thick, and when others would dare to speak of Wang Ningxiang;s results she would immediately spew harsh words.

Two days ago something had happened to Er Bo’s family.

Almost all their homes had been renovated at the same time but because Er Bo was not willing to pay the cost, the workers who had been hired were not willing to send more people and they did not receive the benefits either. Therefore, the workers had worked slackingly and till now almost a month later it had only been partially completed. Wang Chengjia’s house had been more than half renovated, whereas theirs had not even been finished one third.

Er Niang was filled with complaints. The workers were paid according to their working hours, the longer they dragged it the more money they would have to pay them. Such, Er Niang’s temper flared and it could not be helped.

When Wang Ziyu came over and heard the two mothers squatting with workers, saying that they were deliberately delaying the time, being lazy and would not work, the shackled workers were not happy.

They had worked hard and until tired everyday, they got no bowl of green bean soup to drink. It was obvious that they had only hired a few workers to save money and because of this the renovation progress was slow. How could they blame them, because of this matter things became fierce.

The workers tempers also flared. They had long been unable to understand Er Niangs’ temper, and they didn’t undertsand why they always pointed to the side. They thought that they were so powerful and the result was they had just added to the chaos. Later on they all remain silent, when they realized what they had done Er Bo immediately came forward to appease them. He gave them some money and learned to give them soup like Wang Mama, otherwise things would definitely be endless.

After all this is Guan Jia Village, was it really necessary to offend people. If they did, later on they would only be excluded. Fortunately Er Bo was not stupid.

Wang Cheng didn’t mind their family’s hard situation, as long as it didn’t spread to their home. He did not expect Wang Nigxiang to come to their door, he heard Er Niang eager to praise his big brother, however they also came to introduce a object to big brother.

“It’s not the same when you come back from the big city. You have an elite taste. I heard that you don’t have a woman. Let these two mothers give you an opportunity to find one. The girls in our village have never been to the big cities but they long to. The water here is beautiful it is no worse than the women in the city . Wang Ziyu is not an example. Ning’an, you are also a big boss, although your family have not said anything they must have hoped that you would have a family as soon as possible. You surely can’t bear to let them worry.”

“Don’t you worry about this again.” Wang Ningan said faintly.

“Hey, it’s hard to worry about your family. As long as you have a word in this Ning’an, you will be able to find a good one for you.” Zhang’s enthusiasm had never been so diligent before.

“My mother is not bothered, what is there for you to worry about.” Wang Cheng came up to them, didn’t believe that Zhang would simply introduce his bother to good people. This person would only do things that benefited their family through a calculation of strength.

When Zhang saw Wang Cheng, his heart was not happy but a smile remained on his face. “It turns out to be Wang Cheng.”

“Third Cousin.” Wang Ningxiang on the side called him softly and beautiful.

Wang Cheng knew that she was pretending, his cousins temper had been completely inherited from Zhang. Now that her posture had lowered he knew that the purpose of their trip was definitely to ask for them and most of it would be related to Wang Ningxiang. Knowing his brothers intelligence he must have also guessed this and he laughed.

“A while ago, I heard that Ning Xiangtang’s sister could not go to college. This is also true. Anyway, there is no talent for reading. It is better to be honest and help at home. Your parents will be very happy.”

The scar they had on their face had been poked and the expressions on Zhang and Wang Ningxiang’s face suddenly froze. How long would they have to be embarrassed.

For this matter, Zhang did not sneak up on them in secret. Later, she knew that Shanhai City and her alma-mater had rewarded Wang Ziyu with a large sum of money. There were as many as 500,000, and even more furious, Wang Ningxiang was beaten for some time. It was very miserable. Zhang’s swearing that she did not live up to her humiliation, but Wang Ningxiang was not an ordinary 18-year-old girl. She would stand and resist, and the mother and daughter bothered and quarreled. As a result, everyone in Guanjia Village knew it.

“In fact, I hope that Ning Xiang can go to college. if the society is not highly educated, it is easy to be favored, and she especially wants to go to college, but she…… Well, I have no trouble with you for this matter.” Zhang said while secretly looking at Wang Ning’an.

Wang Cheng finally knew her purpose. They dared to ask his eldest brother for help. The most promising thing for the Wang family is his older brother. Zhang is afraid that he will be entangled in no way to ask for a big brother here, but he does not understand what Zhang’s brain thinks. He thought that his older brother, an office worker, will have a way to help Wang Ningxiang go to college, although he also thought that there would be a way for his Big Brother to help.

“There is no way, it can’t be tested. If you really want to go to college you should study hard from the beginning. If you don’t work and still don’t want to go to college, this is merely a fantasy.”

Wang Ningxiang looked purely white for a while. When he got up he wanted to swear although Zhang stopped it. They we currently asking for help.

“Ning’an, these two mothers are begging you, are you not working at a big company, there must be people who will help your cousin.” Zhang looked at Wang Ning’an and the old expression had returned.

“You two must be joking. I am working at a big company but I don’t have anything to do with the university. I am afraid I can’t help Xiang Ning cousin. If there is nothing else we have to go back to work. You go, Cheng Cheng and I will go get a few barrels of water.” Wang Ning’an called, and without any further consideration for Zhang mother and daughter.


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  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Thanks for the update. Wow, their extended family is the worst! What a bunch of entitled jerks. So glad the brothers stood their ground.


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