Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that there will be some brief changes for the next three weeks. Here’s what you will expect to happen:

1. TUMBT and Jubo will be on hold until the end of this month. Translation and updates will proceed on April.

2. BMHS’s weekly update will still continue.

3. First update for LMTW for this month will be on the 15th.

4. SOP, DB&ML, and second LMTW update will be on the last week of this month.

5. Editing of BMHS & HIHEZL and uploading in Wattpad are in progress.

6. Next pages links and additional enhancements in WordPress are still in the works.

7. No second HIHEZL update for this month.

We need to lessen our workload for now for health- and work-related reasons. We wanted to ensure that we’re focused with our projects so that we can give you translations with good quality. We will be back to the old schedules by April.

Just to remind everyone, here’s our normal schedule for the updates:

1. BMHS – weekly, every Sunday

2. HIHEZL – twice a month, every other week, on Mondays (on weeks with no LMTW update)

3. Jubo – weekly, every Wednesday

4. LMTW – twice a month, every other week, on Fridays (on weeks with no HIHEZL update)

5. LL2 – once a month, every first Thursday

6. DB&ML – once a month, every third Thursday

7. SOP – once a month, every second Friday

8. TUMBT – weekly, every Saturday

9. GAB, S/U – no specific schedule

10. CL – on hold

This schedule is not permanent. We are looking into recruiting more translators and Chinese proofreaders. Once we get more help, we will make the updates more frequent.

Please be reminded as well that we have no plans of dropping any projects. We will finish every project that we have until the end.

If you prefer to read through Wattpad, we also have a wattpad account. You can follow us here.

We hope you understand and we sincerely thank everyone for following us and reading our translations.

Best regards,


Crescent Moon Translations

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