SP: Chapter 74. Love, Finally

Kato: I’m mad at you right now!!!

Murata: what did I do??

Kato: you know damn well what you did

Kato: you conspired with the wolf to set me up

Murata: oh? did it work?

Kato: yeah, he dragged my ass to this gig of his just to find out it was an anniversary party

Murata: I told you to wait and see but you never listen to me

Murata: did you like it?

Kato: yeah. it was all romantic and shit. he played a song he wrote back when we were in high school

Kato: he called it What Is the Value of Love?

Murata: awwwww

Kato: yeah

Murata: well, I wish you many more happy anniversaries my friend ❤ ❤ ❤

—A text message conversation between Ren Kato and Sōta Murata


After a second round that was twice as good as the first, both boys were completely spent. They rested in their embrace for a few minutes and then Takahashi got up.

“Aw, don’t go,” Kato whined.

“Only for a minute. I’ll be right back. Don’t move.” Takahashi smiled.

He donned his bathrobe and took a couple towels and left.

Kato lay there, covered in a sticky mess of his own. He didn’t move a muscle. He felt super vulnerable right now.

Takahashi came back and sat next to Kato. He took a warm, moist towel and began to gently clean Kato. He started at Kato’s chest and worked down while Kato lay there watching him. Kato smiled.

“What’s that smile for?” Takahashi asked with a smile.

“I really like it when you do that.” Kato grinned.

“Clean you?”

Kato nodded, “Yes.”

Takahashi worked his way down and started cleaning Kato’s groin. He gently took Kato’s manhood in his hand and ever so gently cleaned it. It started to grow again.

Takahashi chucked. “You really are a rabbit, huh? Always ready to breed.”

Kato felt his cheeks warm a little. “I didn’t do anything. You have to take responsibility for that.”

Takahashi smiled.

Kato’s heart was glowing warmly under Takahashi’s care. He completely cleaned up all of Kato’s parts then he put the towels away and sat back down on the edge of the bed.

Kato attempted to stretch his legs out and found they were tight. His butt was aching a bit too. He let out a chuckle, “It hurts.”

Takahashi looked concerned. “I’m sorry, I’m pretty sure I did everything like I was supposed to.”

Kato laughed, “It hurts in a good way.” Then Kato looked at Takahashi, who was still in his bathrobe, “Take that off and snuggle with me. I’m cold.”

Takahashi got up and took of the bathrobe and climbed into bed. He sat up as his back still hurt and Kato spooned up to him, putting his head on Takahashi’s thigh and his hand on Takahashi’s belly as the blankets were pulled over them.

Kato felt a sense of freedom he didn’t realize he had been missing out on before. Now there was no piece of clothing to separate them. The physical intimacy was to the max.

Kato took advantage of this freedom as he started to play with Takahashi’s happy trail and his hair. It was so soft, he liked to run his fingers through it. He realized that he really came to love and crave this and only wanted more.

“Ren.” Takahashi said quietly.


A tear rolled down Takahashi’s cheek. Kato reached up and wiped it away. “What’s wrong, Ken?”

“Why did you let me do this with you?” Takahashi sounded wounded again.

“What do you mean?” Kato was concerned.

“I said no more swapping. I simply can’t take this. And yet you did it anyway. You are destroying me.”

“I wanted to, though.” Kato quietly replied.

A couple more tears rolled down Takahashi’s face. He looked like he was trying to bite back the tears with everything he had.

Kato wiped a few more away. “Ken, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been in love with you for a while now too. I just didn’t see it. I’ve never had any real deep or lasting friendships. I’ve never been in love. I was scared of sex, especially with another boy.”

Kato gently wiped a few more of Takahashi’s tears away. “You don’t have to shut your heart down anymore to me. I am truly in love with you and I want you to keep loving me. I don’t want to be just seme/uke anymore. I want to be your boyfriend.”

Takahashi put his other hand on his face and started crying. Kato gently hugged Takahashi and let him cry.

“And I want to have lots of sex,” Kato replied.

Takahashi started laughing and sobbing into the hand covering his face. He wiped his tears away. He took Kato’s hand in his and said, “Thank you for loving me back.”



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