SP: Chapter 71. Aftermath

This chapter and events take place immediately after the events in chapter 1. You may wish to read that chapter once more as a refresher.


Day 21


After the severe beating from Sister Mary, this morning, Takahashi did not return to class that afternoon. This caused Kato to worry endlessly. His mind kept going over the last thing Takahashi said to him: “Ren.” He was hardly able to pay attention to anything in class the rest of that afternoon. Instead he thought of only Takahashi.


“Wait up!” exclaimed Murata.

Kato was on his way out to the Sports Complex for class and turned and looked back.

Murata came jogging up. “You okay?”

Kato sighed. “I’m far from okay.” He started walking with Murata.

“Unbelievable, what happened.”

“Yeah, that bitch deserves to die for hurting my wolf.” Kato growled.

“Takahashi-san must surely be the most special seme at this school. Kato-san, you must realize now how much he loves you.” Murata said.

“I know.” Kato replied.

“How can you not love him back? What is still stopping you?”

“I dunno anymore. Maybe nothing. I no longer care if he wants to have sex with me now.” Kato said.

“Kato-san, that’s not the same as wanting it,” Murata spoke softly.

“I know,” Kato admitted. “I’d give up almost anything to get him back.”

“Almost? So, everything except you,” Murata noted.

Kato was so tired of word games. “What do you mean, Murata-san?”

“You are the only thing that you have that he wants. And you won’t give it to him.”

“Fine, he can have me. I said that before,” Kato argued.

“But it has to be something you want, not just something he wants,” Murata said.

Kato stopped for a moment. He looked at Murata. “Thank you for always trying help me but I think this time I need to help myself. I will find a way.”

Murata put his hand on Kato’s shoulder and shook him gently, “I certainly hope so.”


Kato went to his swim class. Takahashi wasn’t there. After class, he thought about the ointment he put on Takahashi’s back. Who’s going to do that for him now? Kato recalled what 5 canes looked like. That that was only five days ago. Now Takahashi has 12 more to add to that. Kato seriously hoped no ribs got broken. He just couldn’t believe that bitch of a nun could do that. Kato started getting mad. He wanted to stab her with a letter opener and see how she liked it.

[* a letter opener was used to by Takahashi to stab his abuser]

He missed Takahashi taking care of him and looking after him. He missed all the things, big and small, that Takahashi did for him. He also missed doing things for Takahashi, even if he realized that they were so very few in comparison. He vowed that if he got a second chance, he’s going to work harder at being a better uke and start giving back to his seme.


Kato went to dinner. He was hungry but didn’t want to eat. So, he forced himself to eat. Murata was there but he didn’t have much to say. So, he ate in silence.

After dinner, Kato went back to his room. He waited patiently for showers, then came back. It was 7 o’clock. He made up his mind. He was going to swap with Takahashi no matter what. He wanted his wolf back, both of them.



One thought on “SP: Chapter 71. Aftermath

  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Rereading chapter one is hard. I’m reminded of how much I detest Sister Mary and all people in authority who not only abuse power, but are hypocritical at that. This is all too common and it is also all too common to have that behavior overlooked. As hard as it is to read, it is necessary to shine a light on these things or they will continue to fester in the dark.


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