What do you guys like to read the most?

Hi all,

We’re currently short of translators lately. Most of our translators went missing during our hiatus so we’ve decided to ask you guys what do you like the most among our projects. This way, we can base our updates on ratings we will get from this poll. BMHS will be excluded from this poll since it’s a regular weekly update.




5 thoughts on “What do you guys like to read the most?

  1. missbutton

    Fluff and more fluff…not to heavy plot hahahaha, my brain don’t want to be overworked…and I don’t think the translators brain also want to be overlooked…medium length novel would be good too..anyway..I enjoy all that you guys put up.


  2. Table122000

    My favorite is Dark Blue and Moonlight, but it was ranked last in the poll. 😦 Does this mean you will not be translating Dark Blue & Moonlight anymore?


  3. I suggest you guys better finish dark blue and moonlight since it’s a short one. Then come back with your regular schedule for other novels. We could wait as long as you guys are still there and willing to translate for us readers.


    1. chiangyushien

      actually darkblue is not that short haha although it’s only 12chapter but every chapter is very long, it’s equal to 4-8 chapter in other novels.


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