CL : Chapter 73 – Valentines Day PART II

II – Seijirō x Aiko

Aiko has always been the type of girl who never thought about liking the opposite sex. One could conclude that her sheer devotion for yaoi as a fujoshi has surely ruled her life. She was too focused on boy’s love so that she even forgot to have her own love.

Today, on Valentine’s Day, the thought of her, giving girichoko [1] to her male classmates and friends, never crossed her mind. She was not a conventional woman who would give obligatory chocolates during this day. She was even more vigilant about hunting down ukes who were buying materials in making chocolates for their partners.

([1]「義理チョコ」obligatory gift chocolate, chocolate given by women to male acquaintances on Valentine’s day.)

In Japan, society dictated that women should at least give girichoko to their male peers during this day. It could be even considered as a commercial ritual that was started by the capitalists. So if she would see a guy buying such items, there was a big chance that he would be buying these for his partner! Although, she knew for a fact that nowadays, some guys also buy chocolates on this day for other purposes [2], her strong intuition or her “gaydar” gave her the strong affirmation if that guy was gay or not. Once she would see that strange look in their eyes, she could tell if the guy was gay or not. For her, this was 99% accurate.

([2] In the recent century, new ways of celebrating Valentines has been observed. Some guys buy chocolates for themselves, which is called “jibunchoko”「自分チョコ」. Some buy chocolates for friends, which is called “tomochoko”「友チョコ」. While some would buy for their family, which is known as “famichoko”「ファミチョコ」.)

She did not know that she would finally meet one of the guys in this 1%.

A day before Valentine’s…

“Kichirō-chan, what are your plans with Senpai for tomorrow?” Aiko asked. Her eyes were brimming with brilliance as she awaited for the other’s response.

Kichirō blushed and spoke in whispers, “Shh… Don’t be too loud. Valentines is for girls. Why should we celebrate it?”

“Hmm… well, you’re the uke so you play the female role. You should make him some chocolates.”

While they were talking, Naoki was secretly listening to their conversation as he was seated beside Kichirō. He pretended to read a book and looked as if he was concentrated on reviewing it.

“Even though, I don’t like the idea,” Kichirō waived his hand.

“Psh… That’s no fun. Ne, ne… How about you Sakaguchi-kun?” Aiko then diverted her attention to the other uke.

Naoki closed his book and looked at Aiko: “What made you think I’m an uke?”

Aiko just smiled and said: “I never said you were…”

Naoki was dumbfounded. He stammeringly responded, “That… that, I’m busy studying.”

Aiko rolled her eyes and muttered: “Psh… I never thought I have old maids as friends. I thought I could at least earn money.” After that, she turned to leave.

On her way out, she came across the semes.

“Yo, little girl! How are you?” Ken saluted.

“Senpai, stop teasing me. I’m not in the mood,” Aiko sluggishly said.

“What’s wrong?” Seijirō asked with concern.

“Well… Your ukes are boring. Ueno-senpai, don’t you know? Kichirō-chan doesn’t have any plans of making you chocolates,” Aiko spilled the beans.

Ryū just nodded and looked as if he did not care.

“I don’t believe my Naoki won’t even do something special for me,” Ken was pretty optimistic.

“Believe what you want to believe. I’m tired,” After that, she left.

Little did she know that someone was following her from behind. “Senpai, stop following me. I’m a certified stalker so I know you’re there.”

The one who was following her finally revealed himself. “Heh, gomen. I was supposed to ask help from you about something,” the boy shyly said as he scratched the back of his head. It was Seijirō.

Aiko’s eyes opened wide. “Don’t tell me… you wanted to ask help in making chocolates? Are you perhaps… an uke?!?”

Seijirō wryly smiled and waved his hands, “No, no… It’s not like that… You see, I grew up in the USA so I don’t really follow the customs in this country. Is it weird for me to do this?”

Aiko was flustered at the moment. She did not know what to think. She just knew that she now had her eyes set on Seijirō — a new BL material. Although she was Kichirō’s loyal friend, she could not bear thinking how it would turn out if another love triangle would be formed. She thought that Kichirō was surely a beauty for always having someone interested in him. She turned her back on Seijirō and secretly laughed.

“Did I do or say anything wrong?” Seijirō was puzzled.

Aiko turned around and flashed an innocent smile, “Oh no. Not at all Senpai. Not at all.” That innocent smile soon became an insidious one. “But I have one condition…”

“Okay, what’s the condition?” Seijirō asked.

“I want to take pictures of you giving those chocolates to that person.”

Without hesitating, Seijirō agreed, “Sure. But I also have a condition.”

“And what’s that?”

“I want to base the chocolates on your preference.”

“Why mine?”

“Nothing… Well, I’m sure you have the same tastes as with that person since you’re pretty close.”

Aiko touched her chin to think, “Well we both like strawberries… I guess you have a point. Okay, fine.”

“We have a deal then.”

Both smiled at each other and shook each other’s hands.

After school, they both went to the shopping district to buy the ingredients. Around eight in the evening, they went to Seijirō’s house to make the chocolates. That night, Aiko did her best to make the best chocolates for Seijirō. Although she did not usually make chocolates on Valentines, she was quite familiar on how to make one since her older sisters usually asked help from her before. She decided to pattern the chocolates on the head of rabbits since she also liked rabbits just like Kichirō. After they have cooled the chocolates down, they wrapped them up with special red wrappers.

“Senpai, you should at least give me a few since I helped you.”

Seijirō shook his head. “I’m sorry but I only have enough for that person.”

“Psh… You’re so stingy. Okay, I’ll just ask some from that person.”

The next day, Aiko invited Kichirō over at the university’s park. “Kichirō-chan, wait for me here, I have a surprise for you.”

Kichirō curiously looked at Aiko but nodded in agreement.

After leaving Kichirō, Aiko went to Seijirō’s classroom to look for him. She looked inside and saw Seijirō was talking to Ken. She waited for them to finish talking, then when she saw him turned about, she called out for him. “Nakashima-senpai!”

Seijirō heard her so he came over. “Hey, what’s up?”

“I’ve got everything set for you. Come with me,” she beckoned.

“Wait, I’m not prepared,” Seijirō hurried back to his seat and took the chocolates.

They went to the park in haste. “Senpai, let’s hurry up.”


As soon as they arrived at the park, Aiko waived at Kichirō. The other waived back.

“Nakashima-senpai, you’re here,” Kichirō nodded at Seijirō.

“Well, your friend here seems to be in a hurry.”

Aiko was puzzled: “Wait… Could it be that knew about this, Kichirō-chan?”

“Yeah, Senpai asked me to meet him.”

“OMG, you’re cheating on Ueno-senpai! Shame on you!” Aiko exclaimed.

“Wait, what made you think of that?”

“Huh?” Aiko was confused.

From behind, Seijirō cleared his throat. Aiko looked back and saw Seijirō giving her the chocolates. “Why are you giving me this?”

“This is for you.” Seijirō looked at Kichirō and asked him. “Do you have it?”

Kichirō nodded and took the bouquet of red roses from behind the bushes. He handed it over to Seijirō, Seijirō then handed it over to Aiko, too.

“Wait, I’m getting confused. What’s all this about?”

Seijirō smiled and said: “I like you, Aiko. Let’s date.”

Aiko felt like the world stopped turning. She was dumbfounded. How could my calculations go wrong? Why me?!?

“Ano… Senpai, you see… I thought you liked Kichirō-chan.”

Seijiro and Kichirō both laughed. “Who gave you that idea?” Seijirō teased.

“Well, when you look at Kichirō, I think there was something going on. I thought… I thought you liked him.”

“No, you got it all wrong. I was looking at him because I was hesitating to approach him and ask help about you.”

“Waaaah! You broke my heart!” Aiko wailed. When she was about to run, Seijirō held her by her wrist and pulled her into his embrace. “Pasha” The clicking sound of the camera sounded.

Aiko was in a daze. “Hey, why did you take a picture of us?”

Seijirō smiled and said: “I’m complying with our agreement. This is the photo of me and that person.”

“But… but… Kichirō-chan, save me!!!”

“Your on your own, Ai-chan,” Kichirō chuckled.

To be continued…

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