CL : Chapter 69 – Normal Times

(Title – 平時 – Heiji – Normal Times)

The sun set in the west and rose again in the east — this process repeated itself over and over again; and finally, it was almost Valentines’s Day. These past few days could be considered as a period of quietude for the two lovebirds.

Ever since Ryū and Kichirō ‘kissed and made up,’ they lived in harmony at home and at school. Ryū would always clean and cook for Kichirō, while Kichirō became more affectionate to the other. In the morning, he would rain kisses and pecks on Ryū’s face, until he would wake up. Irritated, Ryū kept his eyes closed, knitted his brows, and turned to the other side. Kichirō was not disheartened at all; instead, he pounced on top of Ryū, and tickled the other with all of his might. In the end, Ryū lost his sense of control. He bursted into laughter, and as he laughed, he also retaliated. Kichirō was always the ticklish type so he ended up giggling and giggling until his face became pink as a peach.

Ryū flipped over and pinned Kichirō down on the bed. “So noisy,” Ryū indifferently said as he stayed idle on top of Kichirō. Since Kichirō was still ticklish, he continued to giggle. “Go away, I give up!”

“I’ll stop if you’ll promise you’ll be quiet.”

Kichirō looked at Ryū in the eyes and stuck his tongue out to provoke the other. Ryū was unmoved and when Kichirō was about to put his tongue back into his mouth, Ryū caught his little tongue with his own mouth. He continuously sucked it until it was dry and warmly kissed Kichirō. With his own tongue, he pried Kichirō’s mouth open, then he ferociously invaded the other’s warm mouth. Being engrossed in this intimate act, Kichirō almost melted like a puddle, as his entire body softened up, feeling at ease with Ryū’s warm embrace. “Ngg~~ stop…” he moaned as Ryū’s lips slid from Kichirō’s mouth to his neck. Kichirō’s flustered face became redder and redder. Finally, Ryū could feel something hard that was poking on his abdomen.

“You’re still so shameless,” Ryu hoarsely whispered on Kichirō’s ear.

Kichirō woke up from his titillating daze. “Who… who’s shameless? Hentai!” He stuttered.

With Ryū’s stoic personality, he kept on a straight, emotionless face. He reached out for Kichirō’s little brother and gently squished it: “Me? A pervert? Between the two of us, who’s getting hard at the moment?”

“Waaaah! This is all your fault. Stop it. We’re going to be late for school,” Kichirō did his best to push him away, but Ryū would not budge.

“My fault? Who was the one who started it? It was you, right? Now, how will you take responsibility for this?” Ryū gently pulled Kichirō’s hand and made him touch his own hard-on.

“Fine, fine… let me go then I’ll help you.”

Ryū looked at him with distrust. “What are you up to?”

“Nothing. It’s the wife’s duty to please his husband. Now, do you want it or not?”

“No. We have no time.” After saying this sentence, Ryū stood up and went out of the room, as if nothing happened.

Kichirō continued to stare blankly at the door, as he watched Ryū’s figure disappear. He was petrified. “Eh?!? After teasing me, you’ll leave me here, just like that?!?” He said to himself.

Ryū stuck his head into the doorway and said: “Don’t you dare touch yourself without my permission. Go take a bath to cool yourself and go downstairs after for breakfast…” Without waiting for Kichirō’s response, he left.

“Hmpf, acting high and almighty again.” Kichirō harrumphed and then got out of the bed to prepare for school.


At school, Aiko was pestering Kichirō again: “Ne, ne, Kichirō-chan, what’s that on your neck?”

“Eh? What’s on my neck?!” Kichirō exclaimed.

Naoki, who was seated beside Kichirō, measured him with his eyes: “Aniki, that’s a hickey, am I right?”

Kichirō frowned at Naoki. “I’m a young and bashful man. What made you say that’s a hickey? That’s… eto… that’s a mosquito bite. Yeah, a mosquito bite.” Kichirō said these words with a serious and righteous look on his face. He asked for Aiko’s mirror and checked on the so-called controversial ‘hickey’ on his neck. “See? It’s not even that ruddy to be called a hickey? Does anybody have a cream I could use to treat my mosquito bite?”

“Fu~n, just admit it that you’re a lewd person. My mind is already that rotten so you don’t have to be so shy about it,” Aiko listlessly said as she squinted at Kichirō, then he handed him over a concealing cream. “Here, use this to hide your ‘mosquito bite.’”

“Thanks, Ai-chan.” He took the concealing cream from Aiko, squeezed an ample amount on his finger tip, then he patted it on the acclaimed ‘mosquito bite.’ “There, looking good.” He then handed it back to Aiko.

“Psh, you won’t even spill the beans. I thought we were friends,” Aiko rolled his eyes.

Kichirō frowned. “Hey, we are friends, Ai-chan. Now stop thinking about this kind of trivial matters. Let’s attend class.”


After class, the group gathered at the cafe where they usually hang out. All five of them were complete, except that there was a new addition to this group.

Ken and Naoki went on with their usual bickering streaks, with Naoki accusing Ken of taking a chance on him. “Haven’t you had enough? Huh?” Then he drew close to Ken’s ear to whisper: “We’ve been doing it nonstop. Don’t you ever get tired?” Naoki was obviously furious as he whispered.

The others looked at them, wondering what was going on. Seeing this, Naoki wryly smiled at them and pinched Ken’s hand, that was kneading his leg, under the table. “Ouch! This missus is really getting feisty. Your hubby just wanted to give you a massage, is that something bad?” Ken reasoned.

Seeing Ken’s feeling-wronged face made Naoki wanted to spit. “Psh! A massage? Why does it feel like this so-called ‘massage’ keeps on getting closer and closer to my inner thigh. I’ve never met someone as perverted as you are! I really don’t know what’s gotten into me, why did I give you a chance? By any chance, did you put some love potion on my food?!?”

“Awww… I’m so touched. My baby admitted in front of everyone that he loves me. Guys, you heard that, right?”

Everyone laughed seeing how cute these two were.

After saying that, Ken sheepishly smirked and locked Naoki in his embrace. Naoki struggled but could not do anything, so in the end, he bit Ken’s arm. “Waaah! If you’re going to bite me, let me know so that I can prepare myself.”

Naoki looked at Ken and saw that he winked at him. “Are you some perverted masochist? I give up. Aniki~ let me sit beside you!”

Kichirō looked at Ryū but did not talk. Ryū could understand what Kichirō wanted to tell him if he were to base it on the expression on his face. Ryū frowned and said: “No one’s sitting beside him.”

“I’m sorry, Ki-kun,” Kichirō sighed.

“Very well then. Maki-san! Let’s exchange seats, please!” He pleaded.

Aiko fixed her glasses with her right hand. One could see that the light shone on her lenses, making it hard to see the expression in her eyes. “No. For the same of fandom, you must stay there and make this old auntie happy.” Finished talking, Aiko wiggled her body as she held on to her face. Her face was flushed and any moment now, blood might squirt out of her nose.

Seijirō, the new member, chuckled seeing this weird interaction within the group. Since he was seated close to Kichirō, he whispered to him: “Ne, Ishikawa-kun, you’re pretty close to Maki-chan, right?”

Kichirō looked at him, then responded: “Yeah, she’s my girl best friend. Why do you ask, Senpai?”

“Nothing. I wanna chat with you some more in the future.” After saying that, Seijirō smiled and continued drinking his tea.

The fujoshi queen detected this minute interactions. Her glasses glimmered. Hmm, I smell something fishy here. These words occupied her mind.

“Ki-tan,” Ryū called out for Kichirō.

“What’s up?” Kichirō responded.

“You see… I want to get this unresolved business sorted out as soon as possible. I have a guest visiting tomorrow but I’m busy in school. Can you accompany him?”

“Oh, sure. Who is it?” Kichirō asked.

“You’ll find out when you meet him.”

Kichirō happily nodded then continued to drink his strawberry milkshake.

On the side, Ryū secretly took out his phone in his pocket. He unlocked it and sent a message to a certain someone: “Meet him tomorrow and end this once and for all.”

To be continued…

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