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After much deliberation, we decided to go back to Wattpad using a new account. Our new account is CrescentMoon2017. We will set the stories private, moving forward.

We will be placing Two Moons on hold, indefinitely since we believe that this was the reason why our account was taken down.

To all of our Wattpad followers, thank you for following us here in our website. We hope to see you again in Wattpad.

Kind regards,

Crescent Moon

9 thoughts on “Back to Wattpad

  1. missbutton

    Done following on Wattpad… I wish I could help you becoming the English proofreader but my english is not that fantastic… my grammar is all over the place… I understand a bit of chinese but cannot read chinese at all… goodluck


  2. Rarequailshan

    A bit disappointed I loved the two moons translations. I’m not really loyal to wattpad anymore. I have you a follow though. Thank you for your hard work. Good luck.

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    1. Me too. I’m disappointed about putting Two Moons on hold. It’s one of my favorites. We just need to find a good option for it. We’re afraid that because of it, our page will be taken down again. We will just pile it up I guess then we will post it in the future here in WordPress, but it will only be visible to the followers.


  3. Please keep all the original files with you because Wattpad sometimes deletes the account without warning. Some people will report something and they will just go ahead and delete the account. I personally prefer WP but Wattpad is easier to use on iPad. I’m following you right after this.

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