Call me bitter but I really hate how we were kicked out of Wattpad, just like that. Moving forward, all updates would only be posted here in our WordPress account. We will no longer be posting in Wattpad again, so if you would see anyone posting our works elsewhere, that’s not us.

Just to let everyone know, we decided to put Two Moons on hold for now. For the schedules, we made some slight changes:

Crescent Love – Mondays
The Ugly Man’s Big Transformation – Tuesdays
Dark Blue and Moonlight – Every other Wednesday (week where there’s no Jubo update)
Like Love 2 – Thursdays
He is Zhi Li Daren – Fridays
Jubo – Every other Saturday (week where there’s no Dark Blue update)
Beloved Marriage in High Society – Sundays

I’ll post all of the chapters that have not been posted here in WordPress in a bit.

We’re still open for recruitment for translators, Chinese proofreaders, and WordPress managers. Please send me an email if you’re interested at

Thank you for reading our projects.

Kind regards,
Crescent Moon

17 thoughts on “Bitter

  1. Heartbreaking news. 😭😭 Back to back translator accounts were being removed. Such a bad luck. Hoping karma will get those bitches and bastards what they deserved for destroying others happiness. His you. I’ll still continue supporting you guys here on WordPress.

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  2. missbutton

    Oh no… I normally read there since it remind me which chapter that I have read…. because I like to make it a few chapters before I start reading

    Liked by 1 person

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