CL : Chapter 55 – The Great War Part 2

(Title – 大戦 – Taisen – The Great War)

Miyuki stood from where she was seated. She carried a champagne glass as she decided to walk toward Ryū. “Why? Don’t you think we’re just a perfect couple? You’re famous in this university and I know, in time, I can be as famous as you are. People would love seeing this peerless, innocent-like beauty clinging to an idol like you. Why settle with that okama [1] named Kichirō?”

 ([1] Literally means “pot” but it’s the slang term for a male homosexual.)

“Stay away from him!” Aiko exclaimed as she attempted pushing Miyuki away, but as soon as she outreached her arm, Ryū grabbed her by the wrist.

“Just stay quiet. This is between her and me,” Ryū knitted his brows.

Aiko immediately understood what Ryū said. She knew well that Ryū is planning on something so she slowly retreated back.

“That’s it. Go away little girl. I know that Ryū will choose me over that good for nothing okama.”

Ryū sighed and with a relaxed face, he asked: “Why do you hate that boy so much? I know that he cheated on you at some point, but don’t you think everything that you did to him before was too much?”

Miyuki sneered. She rolled her eyes then walked back to the sofa. She then responded: “So you know everything? I bet that okama said that he was so pitiful? He was the one who hurt me first. He cheated on me, so I did what any normal girl would do, and to think he cheated on me with another man. That’s unacceptable!”

Ryū took a sit on the sofa across from Miyuki’s: “He may have liked Shirō, but he never accepted him. He chose to end his communication with that guy. Were you aware of this? He chose to be with you so that he could comply with society’s expectations on what a man is, even though he knew it would hurt him. Spreading all of those rumors, hurting him, to the point that he even attempted suicide — that’s already bullying. It’s just too inhumane. You can settle everything with just a peaceful conversation, don’t you think?”

Miyuki’s face turned pale. She hesitated and starting pondering over it. Finally, she stutteringly asked: “He, he chose me?”

Ryū did not say a word and just nodded.

Upon hearing this, a string of tears flowed down her rosy cheeks. Then she started laughing. “Ha ha, you can’t deceive me. I know he chose that guy over me. He had sex with him that’s for sure! Yes, I did all of that. I spread the rumors that he was gay. I posted all of those pictures in our senior high school. I called him to threaten him before he even attempted suicide. I flirted with you so that I could take my revenge on him. I spread our photo to ruin your reputation and only to hurt him. I did all of that! I don’t believe a word you’re saying! Ha ha ha,” she cried as she ominously laughed.

At all points in the university, people started clamoring. One said: “Who’s this girl? She’s too much.” Another said: “So, Ueno-senpai is gay? Wow didn’t expect that.” It turned out that everything that they were talking about was being broadcasted in the school radio!

This conversation was even broadcasted live in Naoki’s apartment where Kichirō and Shūichirō were both held captive! Kichirō heard everything clearly. The scourge that had hunted him for years has now been revealed. He was finally able to prove that it was Miyuki who did all of those back then. He was somehow relieved when he heard that Ryū did not cheat on him.

“Onīsan, did you hear all of that?” Shūichirō asked.

Kichirō sniffed, then said: “Yeah.” He silently cried after hearing all of that. The blindfold that has been covering his eyes has now been damped by his tears.

At the bar, the conversation continued.

“Since you came all the way here. Let me give you a pleasant surprise,” Miyuki looked at one of the guys around him and gave him the go signal. After a few seconds, the other guys responded. They were all aiming to beat Ryū. Before they could even approach Ryū, Aiko started to talk: “Are you all sure that you’re going to do this? Don’t you know that this is being broadcasted live in school?”

The boys all looked confused as they looked at each other. Their faces became pale as they all looked at their leader. Their leader, Miyuki, was even the palest amongst them. “What will we do now?” a boy asked.

Miyuki could not do anything about it, too. Her schemes were all found out by people all over the school. She could no longer go back. All she could do was to end this game that she started: “Get them! Make sure to beat the crap out of them!” She furiously yelled. The two-faced vixen had been thoroughly exposed!

“Ano ~ don’t tell me you’re all gonna hurt a beautiful and weak girl like me?” Aiko took a step back.

“Don’t touch her. Face me instead!” Ryū stood in front of Aiko to protect her.

“Acting like a hero eh? You heard what he said! Go get him!” Miyuki yelled.

The four boys ensued a battle with the university’s basketball team MVP and team captain. In their hearts, they were afraid because they knew that the person they were facing was not just a nobody. Ryū had a good standing in society and in their university, but they could not care less because Miyuki kept something against them that they were all more afraid of. One hit after another, Ryū received all of this. All the bruises, the blood and the pain, he accepted all of this for Kichirō’s sake. He fought back just like a man.

Aiko took the opportunity to approach Miyuki, but before doing so. She switched off the device that she was carrying so that the people would not hear what she was about to say. She grinned with a killing intent on her face: “Don’t just stand there. You have to face me, the beautiful, second-in-command of the Army of Love!” Without any hesitation, she jumped on to Miyuki and pulled Miyuki’s hair. “You dare touch my ships? You have to kill me first!” She started punching her with a sadistic expression. Miyuki fought back. She scratched Aiko’s arms with her long nails and pulled the other girls hair, too. This was indeed a battle that has long been decided on by the heavens!

In the end, the security of the bar intervened. Everyone was brought to the police for investigation. This became a serious matter in the university. All of the people involved in that fight were suspended for two weeks. In fear of her own life, Miyuki decided to drop out of their university, never to show up again. Within just a span of a day, a lot of things happened that would surely change the course of Kichirō journey in his life.

It was almost lunchtime. Kichirō, who was still bound and blindfolded, impatiently cried in Naoki’s room: “Please let us go! I want to see Ryū! Please! Did Miyuki plan this? What do you want from me and my brother?!? I’m hungry again and I need to attend school!”

All of a sudden, someone cleared their throat. It was Ken, he brought food that he cooked for him for the nth time. He intentionally made his voice hoarse so that Kichirō would not recognize him: “Uh, I brought food again. How many times do you eat in a day? I already fed you more than once since this morning.”

“Yuukaihan-san [2], can you untie us? How can we eat properly if we’re bound like this? Please don’t kill us because of my appetite,” Kichirō pleaded.


“Uh~ I can’t. Boss will get mad. Let me feed you instead,” Ken said.

“What are you planning to do with us? I want to see Ryū. Please let us go. I wanna go home now,” Kichirō started to cry again, just like a helpless child.

“Oh, so my wife wanted to see me?” A deep voice came over.

Kichirō stopped crying. He hesitated to speak: “… is that you, Ryū?”

“Who do you think am I?” Ryū asked. He sat down beside Kichirō who was squirming like a worm on Naoki’s bed.

“Yokatta! It’s you! Untie me please,” Kichirō was relieved knowing that he was in good hands.

“No,” Ryū coldly replied.

Kichirō stopped struggling. He was obviously puzzled. “Eh?”

“You have to be punished first for not believing in me and for running away,” Ryū started undoing the buttons on Kichirō’s shirt, but before he forgot, he shooed Ken and signaled him to take Shūichirō away with him.

Ken, who was in a trance while covering Shūichirō’s ears as he watched them, suddenly broke out of his temporary daze. He hurriedly carried Shūichirō and went out of the room.

“What, what are you doing?” Kichirō exclaimed.

“What do you think?”

“… Waaah! Yuukaihan-san, help me! I don’t want my butt to hurt again!”

— –

“Will Onīsan be alright?” Shūichirō asked Ken, Naoki, and Aiko.

Nobody responded so Ken took the initiative to respond: “Don’t worry. He will be in heaven soon, he he!”

A nerve snapped in Naoki’s head: “Stop saying shameless things to the kid!” He yelled as he hit Ken with a fan.

“Ouch! Wifey’s mad at me again!” Ken chuckled.

“Waaah ~ I love yaoi so much. This is heaven for me!” Aiko was in a trance as she imagined lewd things again.

“You’re all weird. Good thing you’re my Onīsan’s friends. Did I act so well? I deserve more than a free meal. I need money,” Shūichirō laughed as he enjoyed eating the meal that they prepared for him.

“You’re a good little boy. I’ll buy you toys later. Good thing Ishikawa-no-Otōsan agreed to help us,” Naoki felt relieved.

“Well he only knew that this had something to do with Miyuki, but he didn’t know that Kichi and Ryū is dating. Eh, kid, you better be quiet about this, okay? Or else I’ll be mad at you,” Ken touched Shūichirō’s head.

“He he, Aniki, I like you. Don’t worry, this little kid will be quiet. Anything for Onīsan’s happiness.”

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