CL : Chapter 54 – The Great War

(Title – 大戦 – Taisen – The Great War)

Usagi notes: I’m sorry if it’s only now. Had a lot going last week so I wasn’t able to write anything. To make it up with you guys, I’ll release two chapters: one today and another tomorrow. These will be the end of the Miyuki Arc. We will have a time-skip into Kichirō’s first birthday and Christmas with the guys for next week. (*’ー`*)

Finding true love — that has been the struggle that Kichirō has been dealing with ever since. Miyuki was his first love, or one could reckon that she was a mere puppy love. It was, indeed, Shirō that had been his first love — the first moon that shone in the darkest of his night; yet, that bright and shining silver moon that hung peaceful on this starry night has long been beyond his reach. Ryū, his newfound moon — he knew then that this man was his last; but he deceived him. How could he trust him again?

Kichirō woke up and saw nothing but boundless and profound darkness. He could even barely move. “Where am I?” He thought to himself. “!!!” He suddenly recalled what had happened earlier. Someone was in the course of kidnapping his younger brother. “Shūichirō?!? Where are you?” He yelled.

“I’m here, Onīsan. I can’t see anything. I’m so scared!” The younger boy yelped. His voice was shaky so that it even made Kichirō felt afraid for his own state.

“Calm down. Aniki’s here. Let’s find a way out of this place. Can you see anything? Do you know where they brought us?” Kichirō calmly asked. He tried struggling but it was futile. It seemed that his hands were bound.

Shūichirō did not speak. He tried struggling too but immediately became disappointed when he could not budge. He started crying. “Onīsan ~ I wanna go home now! I’m so scared, wu wu wu…”

Kichirō suddenly realized that several hours has passed by already. He could vaguely recall that it was late in the afternoon when they were kidnapped by those men in black. His tummy started rumbling: “Waaah ~~ I’m hungry. I miss Ryū’s cooking. Wu wu wu…!” In the end, two boys’ wailing resounded within the room: One, due to fear, and two, out of hunger.

Outside the room, two guys were standing on guard.

“Ken, do you think Aniki will get mad at me for doing this?” Naoki, who was wearing a black outfit, worriedly asked the other boy. He felt bad doing this to his best friend.

Ken, who was wearing the same outfit, looked earnestly at the other. “Don’t worry, daddy’s here to help wifey, he he,” he chuckled. While he was in the course of laughing, he suddenly felt a sudden blunt pain on his leg: “Ouch ~ !!! Hey! What did I do again?!?”

Naoki rolled his eyes then harrumphed. “You’ll get more than that if you’d continue acting like a dirty old uncle.”

Ken rubbed his leg to ease the pain then furrowed his brows: “I’m sorry. Obedient hubby will listen to wifey’s words.”

“Ugh ~ you’re just so hopeless…”

“I honestly like what we’re wearing today,” Ken thought of changing the topic.

Naoki decided to lean on the wall. He thought carefully first whether he should respond or not. In the end, he heaved a deep sigh and asked: “Why is that?”

Ken drew close to Naoki and also leaned on the wall: “I can see that yours is quite fit. I can even see the outline of your—” Before Ken could even finish his shameless speech, he was kicked, yet again, by Naoki.

It was already Tuesday morning. It was a good thing that the boys did not have classes in the morning. Ryū and Aiko went to a bar where, according to Aiko’s resources, Miyuki would usually go to.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this, Senpai?” Aiko asked the commander before continuing to walk into the place.

Ryū raised his hand and said: “Wait, I’ll just call Ken.” He took his phone out from his pocket and dialed Ken’s number.

Ken, who was at Naoki’s apartment, answered the call: “Yo boss! What’s up?”

“Have you fed Kichirō and his brother?”

“Not yet. We don’t know what to feed them. Is Kichi a picky eater?”

“He eats anything under the sun.”

“Okay, I’ll cook for him,” It was a good thing that Ken knew how to cook. Just like Ryū, they have a restaurant as their family’s business.

“Good. I’ll hang up now,” Ryū disconnected the call. After that, he responded to Aiko: “We’re already here. There’s no point of going back,” Ryū indifferently responded. He would do everything to get his name cleared to his beloved wife. He also had in his mind that this would definitely stop Miyuki from her atrocities.

“Well I was born ready, ha ha ha!” Aiko laughed as she held on her waist with both hands. “Can you at least praise this little rotten girl? I was able to stop that bitch from spreading your picture with her online. So, she thinks she’s the best? I’m better than her. I know exactly how the likes of her thinks.”


Aiko looked puzzled. “What’s okay?”

“I’m praising you,” Ryū plainly said.

“You consider that as a praise?!? I, at least, expected some juicy BL material from you guys,” Aiko felt devastated.

Ryū did not respond. He just continued to go inside. Aiko helplessly followed after him. Inside, a waiter greeted them. “Hello, Watanabe-shi was expecting you.” He led the way for the two as they went to Miyuki’s private room.

Meanwhile, in Naoki’s apartment…

“Hey wifey, hubby will just cook for sister-in-law,” Ken left Naoki to go to the kitchen.

Naoki followed after him and hurriedly said: “Wow, you act like you own this place. Are you forgetting something? This is my apartment. I’ll cook for him.”

Ken gave him a sidelong glance: “Does bocchan  [1] know how to cook?”

 ([1] Young Master in English)

Naoki stumped. He did not know how to respond. Finally, he responded with a low voice: “… I don’t.”

Ken chuckled then ruffled his hair: “Don’t worry. I’ll teach you if we have some time.”

Naoki just blushed and turned away: “I’ll go back and check on Kichirō-san and his brother.

— –

“This girl’s creepy. She’s been expecting us?!?” Aiko whispered to Ryū.

“You’re like her,” Ryū replied.

“I’m not that creepy!!!”

When they arrived, the waiter opened the door to the private room for them. Inside, there was a group of guys, with only one rose amongst the thorns — Miyuki. She elegantly sat on a sofa while one of the guys was serving her a drink, as if she was a deity being served by mere mortals.

Miyuki fanned her lashes then hooked up a devious smile: “So you came. I was expecting you.”

“Un,” one could not tell how Ryū was feeling as he responded.

“Oh, and you brought a little wench with you,” she ridiculed as she swept her eyes over Aiko. Aiko just raised one of her brows and looked at Miyuki, too.

“Well, this little wench will kick your ass, I’m telling you this,” Aiko talked back.

“Oh really?”

“Just stop it you two. Miyuki, why did you spread that picture?” Ryū decided to interrupt.

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