CL: Chapter 49 – Life is Sweet

(Title – 人生 は 楽しい。- Jinhei ha Tanoshi – Life is Sweet)

After the deafening silence, the tsunami finally hit the group.

“Man, do you really mean it?” Ken asked Ryū with an unusual glimmer in his eyes.

“Senpai, I don’t want to share rooms with Ken-senpai! I’d rather stay with Maki-san,” Naoki disputed.

“Hey, you should get laid. Kichirō-chan’s flower was already sprinkled with Ueno —” Aiko was about to tell the world about Kichirō’s little “secret” when Kichirō sealed her big mouth again.

Kichirō awkwardly laughed as he dragged Aiko to silence her, then he asked the attendant: “He he, let’s have it that way. Ki-kun, it’s fine. There should be extra beds, right?”

“Unfortunately, we don’t have any, but we have futons. Would that be all right?”

“I’ll take that. I don’t want to be in the same bed with Ken-senpai,” Naoki said. Thinking about it made him unconsciously shudder.

“That’s fine with me. As long as I can be in the same room with my wife, I can enjoy this honeymoon.” Ken was really overjoyed.

Naoki acted as if he did not hear the other boy. He looked at the attendant, who looked like she was finally getting what was going on with this weird group. “Can we go to our rooms now?”

After the group was escorted to their rooms, they decided to rest a bit before going out.

It was half past two in the afternoon when they decided to go out. The sun was still shining brightly. It was a good thing that Kichirō came prepared. He brought his umbrella and sunglasses out.

“Here guys, you can use these,” he said as he handed over the other sunglasses and other summer must-haves.

“Aniki, where did you get all of these?” Naoki asked as he took the sunglasses from Kichirō.

“I love collecting sunglasses and I forgot to tell you that I hate the sun. I’m actually a night owl. It’s just school that’s keeping me up in the morning, but I know, as soon as I started working, I will be up all night. I can’t stand the heat,” Kichirō explained as he rubbed the sunblock on his arms.

“You’re too girly,” Ryū indifferently said.

“I’m not! No girl stays up all night. I’m very manly, you know,” Kichirō harrumphed.

“Remember how you whimpered when we did it? Does a man moan like that?”

“I, shut up! Just put on some sunblock. Look at your skin. It’s already getting damaged from too much basketball.”

“Oooh~~ Ueno-senpai. I’m loving the details. I’d like to hear some more later. He he,” Aiko giggled.

Naoki decided to butt in: “I’m sorry to interrupt you guys, but where do you want to go first?”

“Baby, can we go to Ottotto Hiroba [1] first to buy some food? I know it’s a little late already but hopefully, we could buy some fish. Ryū and I can show off how good we are at cooking, what do you say?”

([1]「おっとっと広場」A fish market in the Wakaura Bay area, south of Wakayama City.)


Naoki looked at Kichirō, “What do you think Aniki?”

“Anything for food!”

“Kichirō-chan, you’re always thinking about food,” Aiko narrowed her eyes, then she continued to suggest: “After that, can we go to Kimii-dera Temple too [2]? I heard it’s a nice place. We could take pictures there. You can have your own couple photos.” She was excited as she said this, then she muttered to herself: “Then I can sell some of them off to my fellow fujoshis he he.”

([2]「紀三井寺」Said to have been founded by a Chinese monk in year 770 and a place to pray for the prosperity of the Tokugawa Clan of Wakayama.)


“Did you say something Ai-chan?” Kichirō curiously asked.

“Nothing. Nothing. I was just excited wondering how old that temple is. He he.”

“Where do you wanna go Ryū?” Kichirō looked at Ryū who was lazily sitting on a bench.

“I have plans later,” he said then looked at Ken: “Let’s separate later after going to the temple.”

Ken nodded in response, then sheepishly smiled. “I’ll take my wife with me,” he grinned.

“Wife your ass! I have plans of my own. Ai-chan, want to go with me later?”

“Waah~~ but I have plans for us!” Ken started sulking.

“There’s no such thing as ‘us.’ You can go on your own,” the ice queen made his final decision with his sharp tongue.

Without any better option, Ken dragged Aiko to one corner. Aiko was surprised by Ken’s sudden action.

“Uwaah~~ Senpai, I’m not prepared for this. Are you changing your preferences? But it’s not yet sunset. You could at least say ‘dai suki’ to me at sunset by the seashore. That would be so romantic!” Aiko wiggled as she conjured these rotten day dreams in her mind.

“What? Are you crazy? I’m here to make a deal with you,” Ken popped the pink bubble that was floating behind Aiko.

Aiko narrowed her eyes, then rashly said: “What do you need?”

Ken looked at the group, who were busy discussing their activities for the day, then looked back at Aiko: “Help me plan a date with Naoki.”

“Exchange condition?”

I’ll give you pictures of Ryū and Kichirō. I have a lot of them.”

Aiko’s eyes widened then stared blankly.

“Are you okay?”

“Kyaaaa~~~ Senpai, I want that, I want that! But that’s selling your friends off. That’s so mean.”

“Nah, Ryū won’t mind it. Just don’t tell Kichi about it, okay?”

“Fine. I’ll help you. I’m a loyal soldier of the Army of Love, reporting for duty!” Aiko stood straight then saluted at Ken.

Ken smirked and then said, “Good girl.”

After buying food and going to the temple, the group finally decided to disperse.

“So where are we going?” Kichirō asked Ryū as they walked.

“Here,” Ryū showed a map then pointed at a place.

Kichirō looked at the map and saw him pointing at Kataonami Park [3]. “Hmm, so you’re the traditional type. Fine, let’s go to the park.”

([3]「片男波公園」in the grounds of this park, you can learn about the Manyoshu, oldest collection of Japanese poetry from the 8th century. The grounds offers panoramic view of Wakanoura, a beautiful bay that inspired the writers of Manyoshu.)



As soon as they arrived at the park, Kichirō’s eyes almost popped out. “So, you brought me here to check on some old geezer’s poems?!?”


“How unromantic. You could have at least surprised me by eating in a classy restaurant with the violins and pianos playing, and you brought me here? Who would be interested in a very old collection of poetries?” Kichirō nagged so that he almost rapped Ryū’s back.

“That’s just one of the reasons.”

“Okay, give me a good reason then.”


Kichirō gazed at the place where Ryū was pointing. His eyes opened wide at what he saw. The almost-setting sun reflected beautifully on the blue, glimmering serene sea. The sky was like a bashful young maiden, with its shades of red and yellow. The white-sand beach stretched along the seashore as if it was a sea of pearls. The wind gently caressed Kichirō’s cheeks, as if it was inviting him to the depths of the sea. Everything was perfect. In Kichirō’s heart, he was secretly moved by the other boy’s surprise.

As Kichirō gazed at this majestic scenery, he was embraced by the other boy from behind. “Do you like it?”

“Un,” Kichirō smiled then held on the other’s arm. “Thank you Ryū for being here for me.”

“I would do anything for you Ki-tan. Forget about everything about Kyoto for now and enjoy the time that we have in here.”

It was almost seven in the evening when everyone decided to back to their own respective rooms.

“Ugh, I’ll take a bath first, Ryū. I feel so sticky,” Kichirō placed his bag on top of the bed then walked toward the bathroom. Before he was about to take a step into it, he felt that Ryū held him by his wrist. He looked at his hand then looked at Ryū: “Nani (what)?”

Ryū stood behind him then embraced Kichirō. He seductively whispered to his ear: “You said I’m your wife, can you prove it now?”

Kichirō’s lips twitched. He felt an impending doom as he heard the other boy utter those words. “Ano~ that can wait. Maybe later? He he,” he tried to convince the other.

Ryū rested his chin on top of Kichirō’s shoulder then nibbled Kichirō’s neck: “Want to do it in the bathroom?”

After hearing that, Kichirō immediately broke away from Ryū’s embrace then faced him: “Ah, ano, I…” he stuttered.

Ryū pushed the other boy against the wall then followed up, “You what?”

“I ~ I need to go take a bath now. Gotta run!” Kichirō hurriedly said, then ran toward the bathroom, as if his life depended on it.

Ryū chuckled right after the bathroom door closed. He then bowed down and looked earnestly at his crescent moon necklace.

In the other room, the two other boys awkwardly entered the room, well, it was only Naoki who felt awkward. He looked around the room as if he was dividing the room into two. There was a balcony overlooking the beach, a bathroom, some furniture, and a king-size bed. He sat down on the bed and crossed his legs. “I’ll use the bed and you’ll use the futon.”

Ken sat down beside him and immediately plopped on the bed. “Ahhh… Such a soft and spacious bed. You know, we could share this bed if you wanted to.”

“But I don’t,” Naoki indifferently responded.

Ken pulled the other boy, making him plop on the bed beside himself. Naoki, who was in shock, stared at Ken with a puzzled look. The other boy gazed at the handsome visage before him and fixed his eyes on the other’s vibrant eyes. “I hope you can give me a chance,” he uttered then pecked the other boy’s lips.

Naoki, who was in a temporary daze earlier, was startled by what he heard and what the other boy did. His pinkish-white face evoked a rosy red tint, that spread amply toward his ears. “I, I’m thinking about it,” he stuttered. “Go take a bath, you stink!”

Ken chuckled and combed his fingers on Naoki’s hair. “Yep, I’ll be back soon… my beautiful wife.” He stood up, took his bag, and headed for the bathroom.

“I’m not your wife!!” Naoki shouted.

Naoki organized his stuff and prepared the things he needed before taking a bath. A moment later, he perceived a warm, misty fragrance, then felt someone approach him from behind. He hurriedly looked back and saw Ken — he was not wearing anything.

“Did you see my towel?” He asked while water droplets dripped from his hair.

Naoki was flustered. He looked down in front of him, then gulped hard. “Eto…”

Ken moved an inch closer to Naoki, then whispered: “Can you handle this?” Then pointed toward his manhood.

Naoki was red all over. He was dumbfounded seeing Little Ken fully erected. He grabbed onto the towel he was meant to use from off the bed then threw it on Ken’s face: “Baka, I have one, too. You’re such a show off. Here, use my towel and hide that hideous thing away from me!” He was panicking as he looked for an excuse to make the other boy cover that particular part.

Ken casually wrapped the towel around his waist then started chuckling. “Ha ha, my, were you overwhelmed, baby? Go take a bath. I bet everyone’s waiting for us at the onsen.”

“You’re so proud of yourself, Senpai. I bet Ryū-senpai has a bigger one,” Naoki said as he prepared to take a bath, then he rolled his eyes.

Ken pulled Naoki’s shirt before he could even escape to the bathroom. He was shocked from what he heard: “Waaah?!? Why are you comparing me with that guy? Did you see it before?”

“What if I did?” Naoki rebutted then pulled himself away from Ken as he flurried toward the bathroom. Before he closed the door, he stuck his head out then stuck his tongue out as he teased the other boy.

Ken ran after him but he was too late. He suddenly bumped into the just-then closed bathroom door. He knocked on the door and started yelling: “Baby, open this door! I need to know more details about this. How come I didn’t know?!?”

Usagi’s notes: Want to know how Ken’s and Naoki’s date was? Hue hue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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