CL: Chapter 48 – Let’s go to the Beach!

(Title – 海辺に行こう!- Umibe ni Ikō! – Let’s go to the Beach!)

The sun was scorching hot as it hung in the azure sky. An albatross, with its majestic white-feathered wings, suddenly flew across the sky, as if it was dancing in the wind. The white sands of Kataonami, that stretched for a mile along the sea, was rather dazzling as the sun shone on it. The blue sea, with its murmuring waves, glimmered just like precious stones to the eyes of the beholder. The fresh, briny air of the sea would definitely heal people from the stress and pressure of everyday life. On this early summer day, it was a good time to go to the beach and have some fun. Five youths leisurely walked along the shoreline. Kichirō was sweating profusely so that he started panting like a dog.

“Kichirō-chan, sticking your tongue out like that won’t help. It would only attract more guys. You don’t want that, Ueno-senpai, ne?” Aiko called out Kichirō then glanced at Ryū to ask him.

Ryū, who was walking side-by-side with Kichirō had an indifferent look. He nodded in response to what Aiko had said, but did not utter a word. He threw his arm on top of Kichirō’s shoulders, then pulled him closer as they continued to walk along the shore. He took out a water bottle from his back pack and handed it over to Kichirō: “Here, drink this.”

Kichirō looked at Ryū, who was obviously doing his best to smile. Kichirō knew very well that this guy rarely smiled. He was only smiling because of him. What made Kichirō even happier was the crescent moon necklace that hang on the other boy’s neck. He took the water bottle and carelessly took a sip. Water spilled over his lips and chin. Ryū, who was earnestly watching over him, reached out his hand and wiped the other boy’s lips with a small towel.

“Baka, drink properly,” Ryū said.

Kichirō smiled then nodded in response.

“Boy, I’m gonna enjoy this trip! Ha ha,” Aiko laughed like a crazy pervert as she talked to herself. After observing the two, she swept her eyes over to the other two, who was obviously doing the opposite of what Kichirō and Ryū were doing.

“Hey babe, look at those two. They’re already officially dating, yet you won’t even bat an eye to me,” Ken sulked.

Naoki did not respond whatsoever. He just continued to walk with a wooden face. He looked at Ryū, then asked: Ryū-senpai, where are we going?”

Ryū looked at him and responded: “We’re almost near the hotel, right?”

Ken was somehow irritated being ignored by the other boy. He pulled Naoki’s bag and then threw his arm on top his shoulder. “You’re mine, why are you talking to others?”

Naoki was shocked by what Ken said. With curiosity mixed with agitation, he looked at Ken’s face, who was obviously trying to mimic Ryū expression. “Yareyare, are you trying to copy Ryū-senpai? It doesn’t look good on you. Your perverted aura is overwhelming. It can’t be concealed. Makes me wanna barf,” he sighed.

“Ha ha! Does it really look bad on me?” Ken laughed. He looked at the other boy, who had a slightly shorter stature than me. Naoki was also sweating despite the cool and gentle breeze that blew from the sea. He took out his own towel and attempted to wipe of the sweat on Naoki’s face.

Again, Naoki was stunned. He did not expect Ken would do this for him. He broke away from Ken’s grip and blurted: “Ewe, why are you wiping that on my face? I don’t know where you wiped it!”

Ken cast a sidelong glance and decided to tease the other. “Want to know where I wiped it?”


“Heh, I know you want to see it. I’m all yours, baby!” He reached out his hands and started to tickle Naoki.

Naoki, with his fight and flight response on, ran as fast as he could to stay away from Ken, but Ken was faster. Ken reached him and grabbed him by the wrist. Both of them fell to the sandy ground as the two struggled to tickle each other. In the end, Naoki laughed and cried at the same time. “Stop, stop, Ken, it tickles! Ha ha ha!”

“Oho, so now you call me by my name? See, you know how to laugh ha ha ha!”

Aiko’s eyes almost popped out. She was walking in this paradise, this double paradise rather — heaven on earth for the mere mortals, and heaven for all of the rotten fujoshis out there. She melted into a puddle so that she almost got mixed with the sea water, never to return again to her original form. “Kyaaaaaa~~~ I need to record this! Where’s my video cam?!?” She reached out for her bag and looked for her camcorder. After a few seconds, she realized something — her camcorder was missing. Her face immediately blackened.

“Looking for your camcorder? I left it in the dorm,” Ryū casually said.

Aiko then recalled that she left her bag with the guys to buy a bottle of water. She did not expect that Ryū would touch her stuff. “Ueno-senpai! You’re the Devil! How could you leave my baby behind!”

Ryū just casually shrugged. He continued to keep the uninterested expression on his face.

“Kichirō-chan! Scold your hubby for me. He’s such a meanie!”

“What did you say? My ‘hubby?'” Kichirō exclaimed, emphasizing the word ‘hubby.’

“Hai, you’re the wifey, right?” Aiko narrowed her eyes.

“He’s my wife. I’m the husband,” Kichirō blurted.

Aiko and Ryū were both dumbfounded and became taciturn. Ryū cast a sidelong glance at Kichirō, then said: “I’m the wife?”

Kichirō felt something cold rise up to his scalp. He then froze and stood still from where he was standing. “I —”

Ryū moved his ear closer to Kichirō’s mouth, as if wanting to hear clearly what Kichirō was about to say: “Yes?”

“I, I, I… I’m hungry, he he,” Kichirō awkwardly laughed as he attempted to change the topic.

“If I’m your wife. Do me later. Let’s see if you can,” Ryū whispered to the other boy’s ear as he challenged him.

“Ki-kun! Help!” Kichirō ran away from Ryū.

The corners of Ryū’s mouth raised, revealing a smiling visage. Aiko, on the other hand, was in a daze. Just nearly an hour and she witnessed this, what more could she witness in the next few hours?

After some time, the five reached the hotel. Initally, Naoki booked four rooms for them but something unexpected happened.

“Dear visitors, welcome to Hotel X. We received your reservation requests, but unfortunately, something happened to one of the rooms that we reserved for you. The pipes and drainage leaked so we are currently fixing it. It is estimated that it may take at least two days to fix this,” the attendant explained.

The group looked at each other, as if everyone was looking for a representative to speak. In the end, Naoki spoke: “We’re only planning to stay here for two days and one night. Is there any other vacancies?”

“Unfortunately we’re fully booked. Although it’s not peak season, we always have many guests. You have the option to share rooms with others,” she suggested. She looked at everyone and noticed that there were four boys and one girl. “How about if the dear sirs would share rooms while the young miss gets her own room?”

Naoki’s face became red all over. “No, that can’t do. I guess we’ll just have to look for a different hotel to stay in.”

Kichirō was already tired and was too excited to dip in the sea. He interrupted: “Ano, Ki-kun, can we just stay here? I feel so sticky and I’m already tired.”

Naoki touched his chin and pondered over it. Since it was his best friend’s request, he agreed: “Okay but Aniki, we should stay in one room. Ryū-senpai and Ken-senpai can stay in one room. Maki-san gets to keep her own room. Would you all agree?”

Ryū’s face became sombre. Kichirō immediately caught sight of this. He knew very well that Ryū was always jealous when it comes to Naoki. “Ano~ I can just stay with my partner,” he shyly said to the attendant.

The attendant looked at Kichirō and Aiko. She thought he was pertaining to Aiko. “If that is what you wish, dear Sir. You can stay with this little miss.”

Aiko laughed out loud. “Ha ha ha! I’m not his girlfriend. You see, my friend here is ga —” She has not yet finished her statement when Kichirō hurriedly covered her mouth.

Kichirō awkwardly smiled at the attendant, he then said: “Ha ha, I’ll stay with you, Ki-kun. I don’t want to inconvenience my girlfriend here.”

Upon hearing this, Ryū’s face even became darker. A cold aura suddenly emitted toward Kichirō’s back, sending wave after wave of chills up his spine.

Ryū could no longer take it, he interrupted: “So, you have a girlfriend?” He asked Kichirō with a smiling face.

“He he, ano, a girl friend, get it? A female friend.”

“You’re staying with me. No excuses. Ken, share your room with Naoki,” he ordered. He looked behind him and glared at Aiko. “You, keep your own room. Your boyfriend’s mine.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.


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