Updates about the Projects


We were able to make a final decision on the projects — we would be working on both novels: Jubo and Beloved Marriage in High Society.

Please note, however, that we won’t update these two novels as regular as the other ones we are working on. We would just be posting whatever we have translated but you could rest assured that we would make sure to expend equal time with regard to the translation time for all projects.

We are currently looking for new members to the team. This would ensure that we would be able to update all novels within the specified schedules. Of course, the more, the merrier. ( ^ω^ )

If you are interested please message me here in Wattpad or message me through LINE. My user ID is ren_aki1224. You can also email me at renmeister22@icloud.com.

We are currently in need of the following:

-Translators (must be knowledgeable, not necessarily an expert, regarding the Chinese and English languages)
-Chinese proofreaders
-English proofreaders

We don’t have any tests, whatsoever, we just need your commitment and diligence. We would teach you how to translate. It’s quite easy so don’t be scared. We won’t force you to translate or proofread if you’re busy with something. We understand that we all have our own lives, so yeah, we would not pressure you.

We are not earning from this so please don’t expect a salary haha. Also, we are just translating these as our hobby and because we love you all. (^з^)-☆

Sincerely yours,

Crescent Moon🌙

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