CL: Chapter 47 – I Have a Bad Pain Here

(Title – ここがひどく痛みます。- Koko ga Hidoku Itamimasu – I Have a Bad Pain Here)

After the fun, came the pain. Well it was not the emotional pain that he’s been through a lot in the past.

The sun peaked through the window as its warm rays tickled Kichirō’s face. He turned to his side to avoid the sun’s warm welcome and hugged the ‘big pillow’ beside him. His mouth made some clicks as he tucked his little face on the surprisingly hard and firm pillow. The ‘big pillow’ moved for just a small bit, but it was enough for him to sense this movement. Why did it feel like it was a Déjà vu? All of a sudden, the sound of the alarm clock came through.

Alarm playing (Ohayō by KENO):


君と肩を組んで 君と手を繋いで
Kimi to kata o kunde kimi to te o tsunaide
My arms around your shoulder, my hand in yours

恋人だったり 友達でいたいから
Koibito dattari tomodachi de itai kara
Because I wanna be your lover, because I wanna be your friend

“Ohayō” tte itte
I tell you “good morning”

“Waah~~! Cut it out! It’s Saturday,” Kichirō groaned.

“Why did you forget to switch it off in the first place?” Another voice came over.

Kichirō’s small lips twitched. His once closed eyes immediately opened, displaying his brilliant brown and big eyes, and what lied before him was his man, Ryū. As the image of the other boy, who was lying beside him, was being processed sluggishly by his just-awoken mind, he thought to himself: “Why are you so handsome?” When he finally realized who it was, he abruptly sat up with his eyes widened.

“What, what are you doing here again?!?” He exclaimed.

The other boy, who’s eyes were still closed, frowned, then said: “So noisy.”

Kichirō was infuriated by this so he asked again, “What are you doing here?”

Ryū just ignored him and turned to the other side. Kichirō noticed that the other boy was not wearing anything, nor was he. “What did you do to me again?” He exclaimed, yet again. He was like a naive young maiden who was just recently ‘touched’ by a man.

He did not respond at all to the loud meowing kitten beside him. The other boy reached out his hand to his side, as if trying to look for something. Finally, he was able to grab the Keroro stuffed toy. He even had the audacity to use it to cover his ear that was exposed to the loud mouth beside him.

“So you won’t get up,” Kichirō flatly said as he narrowed his eyes. “I will have to use my super powers then.” An evil thought lingered in this simpleton’s mind. He suddenly sang out loud:

Kesa hajimete!
Kagami wo mite!
Ki ga tsuita no!
Anata ni koi shiteru no…!

Hora revue ga hajimaru!
Hora okurenaide ne!
Hora revue ga hajimaru!

While Kichirō was singing like a broken CD player, Ryū frowned then sat up. “Okay, okay, I give up. I’m awake!”

“Good.” Kichirō chuckled. He finally found something that he could use to ‘control’ the other boy.

“Don’t ever sing again… I don’t even consider that singing,” Ryū yawned then looked for his shirt.

“My Otōsan loves my voice. How come you say that it’s not good?” Kichirō sulked.

“Never knew your Otōsan was deaf,” Ryū ridiculed as he wore his clothes.

Kichirō noticed something was hanging around Ryū’s neck — it was his crescent moon pendant. “Why do you have that?”

“Baka, did you get amnesia or something? I thought I was the one who got drunk. Not you.”

Kichirō then recalled the dream that he had last night. He realized: “Kuso! It was not a dream?!?”

After putting on his clothes, Ryū stood up with a straight face, as if nothing happened. “What do you want to eat?”

Kichirō touched his chin, then pondered over it. “I want some waffles with a lot of syrup. Then strawberry milk, please.” After that, he also put on his own clothes.


Why are you changing the topic?” Kichirō remembered what they were talking about earlier. But the other boy acted as if he did not hear him. Kichirō stood up then followed after him. Before he was able to do so, he suddenly felt a sharp pain rise up from his back, specifically from his butt. “Ouch!” He yelped.

Ryū looked back and asked: “What’s wrong, Ki-tan?”

“Look what you did to me. My back hurts!” Kichirō roared.

“We can soak in cold water if you’d like to. It’s a good way to ease the pain and swelling.”

Kichirō grimaced in pain. Every step he took was like pure torture. “I –” He hesitated.

“What? If you got nothing to say, go wash up and have a seat.” Ryū continued preparing breakfast. “Do you want omurice, too?”

Kichirō’s eyes glimmered, as if he forgot the pain he was suffering from: “Okay,” he smiled.

“As my lovely koibito wished… After this, wanna take a bath together?”

Kichirō felt chills running up his spine to his scalp so that it made him shudder. “I’m fine by myself.”

Ryū looked back then asked: “You sure? I can scrub your back for you. I can even help you massage that part…”

He was not even finished with what he was saying when Kichirō interrupted. “I’m a big boy now. Stop thinking about that! We already did it last night,” he blushed after saying this.

“Do you think I would settle for just one night?”

Kichirō wryly smiled. When he was about to rebut, a knocking sound came through from the door. “I’ll just check who’s that.” He finally escaped this trap.

He dashed toward the door, ignoring the pain. At least this pain was better than being taken advantaged of by the other.

“I’m coming!” He loudly said.

When he opened the door, he saw two tall guys. “Ken-senpai? Ki-kun?”

“Aniki, ohayō!” Naoki warmly greeted.

“Yo!” Ken saluted.

Kichirō smiled. “What brings you here?”

“Hmm, dude, let’s go to the beach. It’s summer. We shouldn’t waste it. Where’s Ryū by the way?”

“Beach?” Kichirō’s eyes glistened but his face darkened immediately after. He thought, “Why there of all the places? My butt hurts. I think I even have some bruises, ugh. We could have at least gone to a pool instead.”

Naoki noticed Kichirō was spacing out. “Kichirō-san, anything wrong?”

“Nah, I’m just excited. As long as it’s anywhere far from school, I’d be happy to come with you guys.”

“That would be great,” Naoki smiled.

“I’ll leave you ukes for now. Ryū!” Ken shouted. He went inside then headed straight toward Ryū.

“We have names, Senpai!” Naoki growled.

“Sorry, can I call you babe?” Ken smirked.

“Shut up!” Naoki sighed and looked at Kichirō. “Aniki, I’ll help you prepare. Do you have a bag that we can use for your stuff?” He went inside and sat on the armchair by Kichirō’s bed.

Kichirō, who was spacing out, then responded: “Choto, I’ll get my bag.” As soon as he took a step, he grimaced then cried “ouch.”

“Are you okay, Aniki?” Naoki stood up then walked over toward Kichirō.

Ryū, who was busy cooking while talking with his best friend noticed the two. He looked back and ignored Ken. “Is everything okay over there?” He asked.

“This is all your fault, Ryū! It hurts, wu wu wu…” he cried.

“Man, you really did it? You should have done it smoothly. You know how big you are there. Kichirō is a little guy. He couldn’t take that,” Ken chuckled. He looked as if he was imagining this.

“Senpai, you’re such a pervert. You shouldn’t be talking about these kinds of matters,” Naoki could not help but to scold the other boy.

“Why not talk about ours then?”

Naoki blushed. He was so flustered so that his ears turned as red as an apple: “We’ve never done ‘it’ before, how could you be so shameless to talk about that?!?”

“Then we should do it soon so that we could talk about it, babe,” Ken smiled like a perverted old man.

The two continued bickering but Kichirō was not entertained this time. He was really in pain. “It’s throbbing, ugh. I swear this won’t happen again.” He thought to himself.

While the two were bickering, Ryū approached Kichirō. “Does it really hurt?” He looked earnestly at Kichirō.

Kichirō wanted to cry but he chose to smile. “I’m okay. I can manage.”

“Gomen, I’ve never done it before with a guy so I don’t really know how to do it,” he stroked the other boy’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s eat first before we leave. The food’s ready.”


To be continued…


Minna-san, Konnichiwa!

Christmas is very near. I won’t be able to update this novel and Beyond the Moon since I write these two books, real-time. I will be on a holiday for my birthday so I can’t write by that time.

Also, something came up, my partner was hospitalized while I was writing, so I can’t continue writing Beyond The Moon for now. I’m so sorry. 😐 😐 😐

Advanced merry Christmas!



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