BTM: Chapter 9 – He Surprised His Opponent

(Title – 彼は敵に不意打ちを食らわせた。- Kare ha Teki ni Fuiuchi wo Kurawaseta – He Surprised His Opponent)

The time was now 9:08 am. Kichirō stood in front of their school gate. This was exactly the same date and time he stood there, more than a year ago. It was like Déjà vu, except that this really happened before. In the past, he was lifelessly standing in front of their school gate. Now, he was brimming with energy and vigor.

“Ki-chan, we’ll leave you here. You sure you’ll be okay? I mean, like you’re already late,” Shirō said with a worried tone.

“I’ll be fine. I have my ways, he he,” Kichirō grinned.

“You haven’t started with your presidential role and you’re now abusing your powers,” Yuichi dissed.

“Morioka-san, I don’t know what I did to you but you’re going way overboard. We’re not even close for you to disrespect me like this,” Kichirō retaliated.

Yuichi hissed then walked away without saying anything. When he was a few meters away from the two (three, including Mizudori) he looked back and said: “Aniki, we’re going to be late.”

“Ki-chan, I’m really sorry for my brother. I’m really going to talk to him about this. I’ll see you later, ja,” Shirō hurriedly followed after his younger brother.

“Hmm, I didn’t know it would be awkward being a spectator here,” Mizudori wryly smiled.

“Let’s not mind that guy. I think he’s got a brother complex or something,” Kichirō walked ahead and waved his hand to hint that they better get going.

“Sigh, if only you knew, Ki-chan,” Mizudori muttered to himself.

“Did you say something?”

“Ie, I’ll follow you. You better hurry, Ren.”

“Kuso! I’m late for school!” Kichirō ran as he entered the school gate, only to be blocked by a teacher.

“Ishikawa-kun, why are you late?” It was the PE teacher.

“Eto~~ Sensei, I’m really not feeling okay. Is it okay for me to go to the clinic?” Kichirō could not look directly into the teacher’s eyes. He was fidgeting.

“You look okay to me,” Mizudori ridiculed.

“Urusai!” Kichirō could not contain himself.

“And you even have the energy to shout at me like that. Stand in line with these other latecomers and use that energy to do some push-ups. Move.”

“Ha ha, your acting failed,” Mizudori laughed hard.


The twins were walking leisurely toward their university. They still had more than an hour until their classes would start. Shirō was taking architectural classes while Yuichi was taking chemical engineering classes. Their schools’ buildings were quite close to each other. This enabled the inseparable twins to stay close to each other.

As they were walking, Shirō finally had the urge talking with his younger brother about Kichirō. He swayed his ash-blonde bangs, just like he always did, then said: “Yuichi, why do you hate Kichirō so much?”

Yuichi furrowed his brows then made a ‘humph’ sound. He did not respond immediately and focused on following his bee line to school. After a few seconds, he stopped and sighed: “I don’t actually know, Aniki.”

“What do you mean ‘I don’t actually know?'” Shirō continued asking.

“Well, something about him really makes my heart itch. I don’t know. I think I won’t like him. Why the hell are you forcing me to like him anyway? Don’t tell me you want me to date him?”

Shirō smiled then said: “No, I’m not saying that. Well, he is my, my best friend. I want my best brother and my best friend to be friends, too. If that makes any sense, he he.”

“Sigh… Aniki, you can’t force me to like him and why are you saying that I’m your best brother? I’m your only brother so there shouldn’t be anyone for you to compare me, too. Right?” Yuichi sulked.

“Hmm, Kamisama, why did you give me this cute brother?” Shirō messed up Yuichi’s hair with his hands then chuckled. “Fine, you’re my one and only brother. But please do Onīsan a favor, will you?”

Yuichi’s eyes shimmered as he nodded. This guy’s brother complex was really intense so that he would tear apart anyone who would get in between him and his big brother.

“Since you’re nodding, I want you to come and pick up Ki-chan this afternoon. Spend some time with him, okay? Let’s all be friends. I’m sure you will get to meet him more often in the future.”

Yuichi’s shimmering eyes suddenly became pitch black. A vertical line could be seen drawn on his face. “But why?!? Can it be just the two of us? I mean, we’ve lived our entire lives being together. We didn’t need anyone. Why do you want to add some foreign random germ to our lives?” He protested.

“I will explain soon. For now, listen to your Onīsan. Or else I won’t talk to you,” Shirō’s words may sound threatening but his face was still bright as he smiled so dearly toward his beloved brother.

Yuichi had no other option but to accept this ‘difficult’ task for him. “Okay, I’ll pick him up later.”

“Good. Don’t you dare do anything that will make Onīsan angry, okay? I’ll make sure to spy on you two.”

“Ha ha, no. Not at all, Aniki. I’ll be a good boy. You don’t have to follow us,” Yuichi wryly laughed.

“Alrighty, let’s keep going then.”


The weather today was a bit gloomy. The sun was blanketed by the dark clouds, making the world a lot colder. Kichirō just finished his push-ups. Although he was feeling cold due to the weather, he was profusely sweating.

“Ren, it’s just the start of the day and you’re already stinky with your sweat,” Mizudori said.

“Don’t mind that. I need to make sure that the timeline will not change. I should be in the clinic right now. I’m afraid that if everything will change drastically, this will have a serious effect in the future.”

“Hmm, well we are already here, changing the past. It’s already expected that everything will change,” Mizudori reasoned.

“What if I won’t be born? What if I became a girl? What if my mom and dad divorce?”

“You’re exaggerating things, Ren. You’re already born at this time. You may be a girl by heart but turning into a real girl…? Hmm… I don’t know. Aren’t you already acting like one while you’re in Shirō’s embrace? He he.”

“I’m still a man, okay? I’m just practicing my acting skills. He he, I have a plan,” Kichirō smirked.

“Yipee, all hail the great Ren-sama,” Mizudori ridiculed.

“Stop it with your sarcastic remarks. I’m still thinking about dyeing your fur red, don’t you believe me?”

“He he, I was just kidding. Gomen, ne.”

Kichirō looked at the PE teacher who was still scolding the other students. He walked over toward him but he was hesitating to speak. The other students saw him. Seeing them looking at something else made the PE teacher look back. “Yes, Ishikawa-kun? You can go to your class now.”

“Sensei, I’m really not feeling well. I have been having diarrhea since this morning. I think I even have a fever. Good thing I took in medicine earlier,” Kichirō had the ‘hey I am sick’ look on his face. He pretended to be weak and was even holding on to his tummy, grimacing, as if he was really in pain.

The teacher took the bait this time. He looked apologetic and sympathetically spoke: “Why didn’t you tell me that you were really sick? Okay, you can go to the clinic for now. I’ll inform your homeroom teacher so that she could call your parents.”

Kichirō’s eyes grew wide. “Oh no, Sensei. I already informed them. Don’t worry. My Okāsan will pick me up later.”

“All right. Just let me know if you need anything. And take care of yourself, okay?”

“Un, Sensei, arigatō gozaimasu,” Kichirō bowed down twice then dashed off toward the clinic.

As he ran, Mizudori hovered behind him. “Wow, your acting skills improved. I thought it wouldn’t work on that teacher.”

“Ha ha, it’s a piece of cake.”

In the clinic, Kichirō laid down on the clinic bed. The nurse prepared some oral rehydration solution for him to drink so that he could recover the lost water and minerals from his ‘diarrhea.’

“Ishikawa-kun, you can rest here for now while waiting for one of your guardians to pick you up. Drink this to recover faster.” The nurse covered him up with a blanket and left the cup containing the solution on top of the side table. After that, she went out of the infirmary to return to the clinic.

Mizudori clapped his paws. “Well, well, well, nice performance, Ishikawa-dono. I’m speechless.”

“Shut up, let me get some sleep. I’m sleepy now.”

“Fine. I’ll be here if you need me.”

Kichirō lulled himself. He had to sleep. He needed to. This way, it would not ruin his plans. He knew that Shirō will be coming for him later. He was expecting that date. That date that he missed so dearly. Finally, he was able to enter La La Land.

Meanwhile, Miyuki heard about what happened to Kichirō. She was waiting for lunch time so that she could visit the boy in the infirmary. After a few hours of waiting for class to finish, it was already lunch time. She took her bag and left the classroom.

“What ever happened to my Ki-chan?” She muttered to herself.

As she traversed through the hallway, she flipped her long, jet-black hair. The wind blew gently, making her hair flutter elegantly. The people around her looked in awe as she gracefully walked. When she was about to enter the infirmary, someone called for her.

“Kaichō, Sensei is looking for you.”

She looked back and warmly smiled at the other student. “I’ll follow you after, I just need to visit Ki-chan, okay?”

“Oh, ano… Sensei needs to talk with you now. This can’t wait. I’m sorry,” the other student awkwardly said.

“Okay, I’ll follow you then.” She took a peak inside the infirmary and saw her boyfriend. She looked worriedly but then walked away to go to the student council office.

Inside the infirmary, a person came in. This person sat on the chair beside Kichirō’s bed. Kichirō, who was half-awake, felt this presence. He knew who it was. Without opening his eyes, he sluggishly looked for the visitor’s hands. Like a blind person, he felt the other person with his hand.

“Yuki-chan, I need to talk with you,” he said.


The other person had a deep voice. This made Kichirō open his once closed eyes in an instant. “Yuichi?”


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