CL: Chapter 46 – I Cannot Describe My Feelings

(Title – 自分の気持ちを表現できない。- Jibun no Kimochi wo Hyōgen Dekinai – I Cannot Describe My Feelings)

The quarter moon in the celestial sky had a crimson glow, as it flashed its beaming light onto the two lovers. It evoked a kind of desire that not even Kichirō had ever come across before — the type of desire that was too magnificent to be merely called ‘lust’ and too pure to be called an ‘impulse.’

Kichirō looked earnestly at Ryū as they laid side-to-side on his bed. The moon and the stars were witnesses to this avowal of love. If they had eyes to see, one could not blame them if they would choose to bashfully gaze away from these two.

Although it was dark in this moon-lit room, Ryū could not help but chuckle as he caught sight of the blushing Kichirō. This was not what he had expected. He knew that this crescent moon pendant necklace was an item of profound value to the other boy; one could even say that this was a treasure that he held on dearly, even as he sleeps at night. All along, he was consumed by his worries… By the thoughts that lingered in his mind… By the fact that he was a mere replacement of Shirō. Now that it was sincerely offered to him by the other boy, and now that he had heard those precious words ‘I love you’ from him, he could not contain his emotions — he was finally free of his insecurities — he was loved. His love was no longer unrequited.

Seeing Kichirō’s alluring lips, he could not remain idle. He stuck his head close to the other, then instantly pecked on the side of Kichirō’s lips. Kichirō quivered and closed his big, round eyes in response. He was captivated by Kichirō’s cuteness so that his heart fluttered. Without further delay, he passionately kissed the other boy. He nibbled on Kichirō’s lower lip then brushed his tongue, forcing it’s way into the other’s mouth.

Kichirō did not resist at all. Their tongues intertwined. He slowly opened his eyes then swiftly blinked while looking eye-to-eye with Ryū. He felt like there were butterflies in his stomach. He did not know how to react — whether to laugh or cry. When their eyes met, Ryū intensified his kiss. His mind conjured up images of things he had never thought he would imagine before. Unconsciously, he moved closer to Ryū’s embrace. His head was so light, as if he was in a trance. He could feel his face warming up, a sign that he was blushing, yet again. Ultimately, he embraced Ryū’s neck like there was no tomorrow. He suddenly felt something unusually hard poking his left thigh. He broke away from the other’s kiss then whispered: “So naughty.”

“Want more of it?” Ryū smirked.

“You’re so shameless. We’re in the dormitory!” Kichirō roared.

“So what?” Ryū narrowed his eyes. “This night’s very special to me.”

Kichirō sheepishly smiled then he blushed, just like the clear sky at dusk. “Fine.”

Ryū gently pulled Kichirō up, making him lie parallel to his bed. He then laid on top of Kichirō. The other just earnestly looked at him with his big, crystal-clear eyes, just like a puppy, wanting to be petted by his master. Ryū’s heart skipped a beat. He started nibbling the other boy’s ear then started kissing and sucking his neck.

A warm current flowed from the insides of Kichirō toward his peripheries. This made Kichirō shudder. It has been a long time since the two have been this intimate. This time was more special since everything was now clear to him. “Ryū, please be gentle,” he bashfully said.

Ryū swallowed hard, then said: “I will. Kimochī? (Feels good?)”

Upon hearing this, Kichirō fumed. He shyly rapped Ryū’s head: “Don’t make it sound like it’s from a porn movie!”

“So you like watching porn?”

“Ie, ano… I just heard of it from my classmates,” Kichirō dodged the other’s questioning gaze.

The other boy chuckled. “Baka, you want me to hurt you then?”


Without further ado, Ryū pecked one last time on Kichirō’s swollen lips from their initial kiss. He took off his shirt then asked: “Can this humble servant undress this lovely hime-sama before him?”

Kichirō knitted his brows then said: “There you are again with that princess thingy. I’ll take my clothes off myself, thank you.” After saying that, he took off his shirt. Somehow, his head got stuck along the process.

As he was busy pulling his shirt from off his head, Ryū caught sight of his white, jade-like body. The two pink-as-peaches ‘buttons’ were fully erect, enticing the onlooker. Ryū, who was still intoxicated by the liquor he drank, swallowed hard. He took the opportunity to take a bite of that pink ‘peach’ on the right side. He sucked on it, as if his life depended on it. Slowly, his hand snaked down to the that ‘thing’ in between Kichirō’s legs then started kneading it.

Finally, Kichirō was able to untangle his shirt. He hissed a few times when he felt and saw what the other boy was doing. “You’re taking advantage of me.”

Ryū, who was still eating the ‘peach’ glanced at the other boy. He paused then said: “Shameless, you’re the one who’s at an advantage. Can you imagine what I’m about to do?” Ryū then smirked.

Kichirō suddenly felt his scalp became numb. “No.”

The other boy chuckled then restrained the other boy’s hands on the wall behind Kichirō. Kichirō was shocked by this, yet, he somehow did not object. Sensing that the other boy did not retaliate, Ryū slowly licked his chest, down to his flat tummy. After some time, he unrestrained the other boy’s hands. As his tongue slowly brushed on Kichirō’s skin, wave after wave of tingling currents ravaged Kichirō’s body in a pleasant way. Kichirō closed his eyes.

In a short while, Ryū heard indistinct moans coming from the other boy. A surge of excitement suddenly flowed down on his passionate soul. As he licked the boy’s body, he gently took off Kichirō’s pajamas. What tickled his curiosity the most was the bulge on Kichirō’s boxers. The bulge outlined the awakened beast that laid underneath it. A slight clear and viscid fluid could be seen in the middle. Ryū then kissed this part. “Someone’s already excited.”

Kichirō did not respond. He just closed his eyes as he continued to blush. He was too intoxicated with what he was feeling so that he forgot to respond to Ryū’s shameless remarks. So this was how making love feels ne?

Now that Kichirō did not respond, Ryū started kissing and sucking his inner thighs. This sensually enticing feeling made Kichirō yelp. “Undress me more,” he said.

Like an obedient servant, Ryū followed his ‘master’s’ order. He took off the last piece on Kichirō’s body, exposing his whole person that Ryū has been yearning for, for the past few days. Not only was this enticing body his, even the owner’s heart and mind were finally for his keeping. As he was about to devour the erected little beast before him, a loud creaking resounded within the room.

“Bro, Kichi, Ryū left his phone in my car, OMG!” 😲 😲 😲 It was Ken, standing by the door.

The two, who were engrossed doing what they were doing on the bed, looked at his direction. Ryū was glaring at Ken. Although he was still drunk, he could tell that that figure belonged to his stupid best friend, Ken. Kichirō instantly covered himself with his blanket. He was incessantly blushing.

Ken suddenly felt awkward seeing what the two were doing, but he could not stop the words from coming out of his big mouth. “Ooh, someone’s getting laid, gomen.” He bowed down apologetically, left the phone on the floor, and then, hastily closed the door to leave.

Kichirō then removed the blanket that was covering him; yet, the door opened again. “Guys, wear protection and don’t forget to lock the door,” Ken reminded, then left again.

The two, who were left in the room, speechlessly looked at each other. There was a moment of silence, then the sounds of laughter could be heard echoing within the room. As the two heartily laughed, Kichirō abruptly stopped laughing then softly slapped Ryū’s face. He growled: “Why didn’t you lock the door?!?”

“Baka, I’m drunk and you were the one who brought me in here,” Ryū narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, he he,” Kichirō awkwardly laughed.

“The night is still young. Wanna continue?” Ryū deviously smiled.

Kichirō blushed upon seeing his face and hearing what he just said.

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