CL: Chapter 45 – Crescent Love

(Title – 三日月の愛 – Mikazuki no Ai – Crescent Love)

Minna-san, konnichiwa!

I already have plans for the book II for Crescent Love. It would be called 三日月の愛2: 太陽を抱いた月 (Mikazuki no Ai 2: Taiyō o Daita Tsuki) or “Crescent Love 2: The Moon that Embraces the Sun.” This will talk about my life starting the year 2016. Hope you will like it too. ( ^ω^ )


Ryū’s vision was really hazy. Everything around him was going around in circles. It felt as if he was on a boat, in the middle of the sea at night — the stormy winds blew hard and the raging torrents rocked the boat to its limit. He did his very best focusing on what the girl was uttering, but could not make out a single word of it.

“Ueno-kun, you could be mine if you want to,” Miyuki seductively whispered to the boy’s ear. Ryū just groaned. It was not clear whether or not he understood what she said; he just remained calm and still as he was.

Miyuki took notice of this and thought that the boy liked what she was doing. She sinisterly smiled at the sight of this. She slid her hand on to Ryū’s chest, down toward the boy’s firm abs. She waved her other hand beckoning a waiter. What she did not know was that it was not a waiter who just arrived.

“Please help me get him into my car. He’s drunk,” she calmly said.

The ‘waiter’ did not respond.

Miyuki was so engrossed with what she was doing so that she did not realize that the ‘waiter’ was already holding on to her long hair.

After a few seconds, the ‘waiter’ spoke: “Bitch, stay away from my best friend.”

She looked back and saw it was Ken. Their eyes met, with both glaring at each other, as if they wanted to shoot daggers. Miyuki was still straddling on Ryū’s lap as she embraced him when Ken hurriedly pulled the girls hair. This sudden pull made her fall off of Ryū’s lap and land, bottom-first, on the floor.

People around them were looking at the clamor that took place in that corner of the bar.

Miyuki remained calm as she stood up from the floor. She warmly smiled at Ken, then said: “Hirano-kun, glad to have you around. Please enjoy my party.”

“Stop putting up that good-girl front. I know who you are.” Ken then glanced at the still-seated Ryū. “Bro, let’s go. Kichi’s been looking all over for you,” he added.

Ryū’s reaction time was sluggish but upon hearing his beloved’s name, he finally had the energy to stand up.

Miyuki knitted her brows then held on to Ryū’s arm. It seemed to be that she wanted the boy to stay: “We’re not yet done. Where are the guards? Please kick this man out of here. He’s uninvited!” She shouted. Her true nature was finally uncovered.

The people around them remained quiet as they watched eagerly at the ongoing scene. After a few seconds, the guards came, preparing to drag Ken out of the bar. “Wait, dudes, I’m not going anywhere without that guy!” He yelled.

“Get him out of my sight, now!” Miyuki yelled.

Ryū tried his best to help Ken, but the liquor got the best out of him. He was really unstable at that moment. Miyuki tried to make him sit down when, all of a sudden, the sound of someone vomiting was heard.

“What the hell?!? Why did you vomit on me?” Miyuki roared.

Ken looked at the beautiful and elegant girl, who was neat and clean earlier, but now was covered with vomit all over. He did his best to remain calm but, knowing Ken, he suddenly laughed out loud: “HA HA HA HA HA! Serves you right, bitch!”

Miyuki was flustered with her face red all over. The once cold-as-ice facade transformed into a raging face of a demon. “Ugh! Get these two fools out of here this instant!” She vehemently yelled.

“HA HA HA HA!” Ken continued to laugh while the two of them were dragged out of the bar. The other people who were watching them from a distance started laughing as well.

Outside the bar, Ken struggled as he tried to help the other boy stand up. Ryū was noticeably taller than the the other boy, which was a perfect fit for his position as the center, while the other was the power guard on their team.

“Man, you’re so heavy!” Ken heaved a deep sigh. “When we were just 5, I was taller than you.”

“Stupid, talking about the past. Drive me back home,” Ryū spoke.

“Yareyare, too excited to see your wife? I can feel some steamy make-up sex is imminent, ha ha”


“What are you doing alone back there? Kichi passed by earlier. Heard from the other guys that he was looking all over for you. Good thing I knew where to look for you. Damn, that witch was there? What a coincidence. I guess it’s really meant to be for you guys to meet. She even seduced you. Ha ha, she didn’t know that you only like Kichi,” Ken continued babbling nonsense.

“Urusai,” Ryū coldly said.

“Man, you’re so harsh. Your mom was so sweet when she was alive. Your dad was so kind as well. Wonder who you took after? Ha ha.”


The two walked until they reached the parking space. Ken opened the car door for the other boy.

“I can take care of myself.”

“Really? Had I not come looking for you, you would have been raped by that witch. I can’t imagine what will happen to your cute wife if that were to happen. He-” Ken was about to finish what he was saying when Ryū punched his stomach.

“I’m the only one allowed to call him that,” he indifferently said.

“Ouch man, so harsh. Alright, fine. Such a possessive jerk,” Ken muttered.

In the dormitory, Kichirō was tossing from left to right on his bed. He could not sleep. He was so worried about Ryū’s whereabouts. He twisted the head of his Keroro stuffed toy, knelt and wrestled his pillow, sat up, then got out of his bed. “Where could he be?” He mumbled.

He walked toward the fridge and took out a can of strawberry juice. “Sigh… Such a possessive jerk knows how to sulk. I don’t know what to do with you anymore, Ryū.”

Kichirō paced slowly toward the balcony. “It’s so hot. I really hate summer.” He opened the door leading to the balcony. The dark, cloudless sky with the quarter moon was like a sleeping beauty dressed in an indigo silk satin suit as she smiled dearly in her slumber. A gust of wind caressed Kichirō’s face, slowly lulling him. Finally, the boy felt drowsy. He looked back, glancing at his bed, as if it was inviting him to sleep.

He took a sip of the can of juice that he just opened then took something out from his pocket — it was the crescent moon pendant necklace that Shirō gave him a few years ago. “I think it’s time to say good bye, Shi-kun.”

He looked dearly at the pendant. Unknown to him, a bead of tear slowly rolled down his rosy cheek. After spacing out for some time, he noticed that he was already in tears when a tear dropped on his hand. He cleared his throat and wiped off his face. He went back inside, closed the door, then went back to sleep.

After a few minutes, his dorm room door slowly opened. A silhouette could be seen walking into the room toward his bed. Kichirō felt this so he immediately opened his eyes. “OMG, not again…” he muttered to himself.

“Is this Ryū? Doesn’t look like him,” he said in his mind as he pretended to sleep.

The dark figure stood by the door. It was as if he was trying to look for something on the wall.

“Kamisama~~ help me! I think it’s a real thief,” Kichirō was shuddering.

Finally, the lights switched on. “Eeeh~~? Ken-senpai?”

“Kichi, help me, Ryū’s drunk.”

“What happened? He’ll do the explaining. Too many details. Don’t want to get punched again. Ha ha,” Ken laughed.

Kichirō got out of his bed and left the room with Ken. Ryū was sitting on the floor, with his back against the wall along the hallway.

“He’s all yours kiddo.” In an instant, Ken left in a hurry.

“Ken-senpai~~ help me carry him!” Kichirō yelled. Before he knew it, it was already too late — Ken was already out of sight.

“Oooh! Ken-senpai, I want to hit you on the face! How can I carry this big guy alone?” Kichirō angrily muttered.

He took Ryū’s arm and placed it around his neck. Slowly, he helped the tall guy to stand up. “Hold on tightly to me. Support yourself by holding on the side rails. Ugh, don’t drink again if you can’t handle yourself!” Kichirō’s face was all red, scolding the other guy.

Ryū did not respond. He just reached out for Kichirō’s hair to mess it up, but he did not have much energy so his attempt failed. “C’mon, help me help yourself!” Kichirō roared.

The two walked toward Kichirō’s room. At times, they would fall. They staggered along the way… Finally, they were able to get inside. Both boys plopped on the bed, with Kichirō breathing at the top of his lungs. “God, you were heavy!”

The two were lying sideways on the bed, side to side. Ryū looked at him then sheepishly grinned.

“You know what, you look like an idiot when you smile like that. I don’t know why a lot of girls go crazy for you,” Kichirō rolled his eyes.

“Ki-tan, my Ki-tan… I’m…” Ryū mumbled.


“I’m… I’m sorry…”

Kichirō’s eyes glistened, as if he heard the greatest news his entire life. Ryū, apologizing? Ha ha.

“Un, here.”

“What’s that?” Ryū hoarsely asked.

“My crescent moon necklace. I’m giving it to you.”

Ryū did not speak, nor did he react. He looked intently at Kichirō.

Kichirō read his mind. “Yes, I’m accepting you. Aishiteru yo [1]…”

([1]「愛してるよ。」I love you.)

Without any further delay, Ryū pushed forward and passionately kissed Kichirō’s rosy lips.

That was our very first true night. Twenty-second of June, 2007.

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