BTM: Chapter 8 – Never Make a Nuisance of Yourself

(Title – 迷惑にならないようにしなさい。- Meiwaku Ninaranai Yōnishi Nasai – Never Make a Nuisance of Yourself)

“What’s the point of remembering everything when it will just hurt me?”

“Hmm… It may hurt you, but you should consider what benefits you will gain out of it. Besides, this is your chance to save yourself,” Sadamori reasoned. “It is only the farmer who faithfully and diligently plants seeds in the spring, who reaps a bountiful harvest in the autumn.”

“… I’ll do my best, Respected Priest, but I’m no farmer.”

“Stop calling me that, ho ho. You can just call me Ojīsan,” Sadamori chuckled. “Aho, what I mean is, work hard to get good results. Well, this old me will go on ahead. I just came down here to check on you. Take care of my grandson, okay?”


Just like that, the weekend bid its farewell. Another week of schooling to face each and every diligent student has come, yet again! Kichirō was left with vividly pleasant memories. As he slumbered, he dreamed that he was Usagi, once again.

“Where am I?” He muttered.

The crescent moon was shining brightly as it lay suspended in the dark, starry night. Its eternal smile casted a romantic glow to the calm lake that was before Kichirō, making it immensely awe-inspiring to the onlooker.

“Hey, Ren!” A voice came over.

Kichirō looked back and saw a blue ‘rabbit.’ “Mizudori? What are you doing here?” Kichirō curiously asked.

“Let’s go hide, he’s coming,” Mizudori whispered as he pulled Kichirō’s paw, as if in a hurry.

“Where are we going? Who are we hiding from?”

“Stop asking questions, let’s just go!”

Without any further delay, they hid behind the bushes. In a matter of seconds, someone came hopping toward the lakeshore. Kichirō squinted his eyes to get a better view of this hopping creature — it was a crimson ‘rabbit.’

“Now where could those two be?” The crimson ‘rabbit’ muttered. He looked here and there, in an attempt to look for the one he was searching for.

“Who’s that?” Kichirō whispered.

“Be quiet!”

“Oh! There you are!”


In a split second, Kichirō sat up from his bed, as if awoken from a terrifying nightmare.

“What’s up, Ren?”

“Nothing… Well… I dreamed of us. We were near a lake, hiding behind the bushes because a crimson usagi was looking for us. He found us and then, I just woke up.”

“Hmm, I guess you’re really dreaming. Ha ha. I’m the only usagi you know,” Mizudori chuckled.

“I guess so,” Kichirō plopped back to his bed, then hugged his favorite Keroro stuffed toy.

“You really love that stuffed animal, don’t you? Why not settle for the real deal? Cough…” Mizudori forced a cough.

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. You’re so dense. Wake up sleepy head. You have school. You don’t want your witch-like Okāsan to come and force you to go to school, don’t you?” Mizudori crossed his little paws across his chest as he floated amidst the room. He narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, kuso! I forgot! I’m back to school again.” Kichirō panicked as he hurried getting out of his bed. He took out his uniform from his closet and prepared to take a bath.

A loud knock on the door suddenly resounded within the room. “Kichirō, you’re going to be late!” It was Fumiko.

“Okāsan, I’m taking a bath now!” Kichirō shouted from the bathroom. The door was left open as he took a shower.

“Good, don’t ruin my expectations. I’m going to work now. Join your father for breakfast once you’re done.”

“Mochiron! (Definitely!)”

Without saying anything else, Fumiko left for work. She also took Shūichirō along so that she could drop the kid off to school.

“Hmm, the bathroom door’s open,” Mizudori thought to himself. He slowly floated toward the doorway. He was hesitant at first, but after some time, he mustered all of his courage as he attempted to peak at Kichirō taking a bath. He closed his eyes when he was met with a misty honeydew-aroma. He knew that he should not see what he should not. “OMG, what am I doing?” He gulped hard. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes, only to see a towel come flying toward him, covering his entire face.

“What are you doing here?”

“Ahh… I wanted to pee.”

“You’re already dead!”

“Hey, you forgot. I can touch anything again, therefore, I could eat and drink. I drank a lot of juice last night,” Mizudori reasoned.

“And you want me to believe that?”

“Yes. What benefits will I get if I would peak on you?”

“I don’t know either.”

The two heartily laughed at the same time.

“Hey, hurry up. Your Otōsan’s waiting for you downstairs.”

“Yep, I’ll be there in a minute. Let me just put on my clothes. Oh and please throw that towel in the laundry bag behind the door.”


As soon as Kichirō was done preparing his things for school, he went downstairs and headed toward the dining room.

“Otōsan, Ohayō,” he greeted.

“Un, ohayō. You look very radiant today, what’s up?” Akihiko grinned.

“Oh, excited for school I guess?” Kichirō awkwardly responded.

“Ha ha, excited for school or to see your girlfriend?”

“Yeah, right. I’m excited to see that girl, too. Wanna slap her,” Mizudori sneered.

“Ano~~ I just had a good sleep, I guess,” Kichirō smiled.

“That’s good to know. Join your father for a meal, okay? Do you want me to drop you off to school?”

“I’m fine. I’m already a grownup, Otōsan. I can manage.”

“Yeah, a grownup who loves to drink warm milk with honey before going to sleep, haha.”

“You’re such a kid, ha ha ha!” Mizudori laughed out loud.

“Urusai!!! (Shut up!!!)” Kichirō exploded.

“Is that how you talk to your father?” Akihiko narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, no, Otōsan, I was just thinking of something, he he,” Kichirō wryly laughed.

After eating breakfast, Kichirō left their house.

“Are you really going to school? It’s still too early,” Mizudori asked as he hovered in front of Kichirō.

“I’ll drop by Shirō’s place first. We can ride the train together.”

“Wifey picking up hubby. That’s new ha ha,” Mizudori laughed.

“Stop it, you’re not funny,” Kichirō blushed.

“Ha ha, just messing with you. You know I’m your biggest fan.”

“Right, let’s go then.”

In Kichirō’s memories, on this very day, he was deeply immersed in profound melancholy. Although Amaterasu Oomikami [1] had her golden hair fluttering elegantly across the azure skies, embracing everyone in this mortal world with her sincerest of the sincere warmth, one could not deny the Arctic-cold frost of a truth that dwelled within Kichirō’s seat of emotions. Today, he was bestowed with another chance to relive this moment, another chance to nurture good memories that he would surely treasure in his heart…

([1]「天照大神」Sun Goddess)

Kichirō walked past familiar streets in this familiar neighborhood. Memories, good and bad, flashed right before his eyes. He did not know whether to laugh or cry as he recalled all of these. It was as if watching a motion picture. It was so vivid so that it made his heart tremble.

“What’s wrong, Ren?” Mizudori asked.

Kichirō did not respond as he stared blankly into thin air.

Mizudori narrowed his eyes. After a few seconds, Kichirō stopped, still did not respond. Mizudori got agitated so that he hurriedly scratched Kichirō’s face with his claws.

“Ouch~~~~!!! Hey! Why did you do that?!?” Kichirō roared.

“You’re so out of it.”

“Sorry, I was just thinking of something,” Kichirō scratched the back of his head.

“So what brings you here?” Someone coldly spoke.

The two looked at the person in front of them, it was Shirō and Yuichi.

“How did you know we live here, are you some stalker?” Yuichi flatly said.

Kichirō ignored this boy and flashed a radiant smile at the other one behind him: “Ohayō, Shi-kun!” He greeted.

“Ohayō, Ki-chan. Do you live near here?” Shirō asked with a smile on his face.

“Un, just passing by. My Otōsan asked me to run an errand before going to school.”

“Yeah, right, ha ha,” Mizudori laughed with ridicule.

Kichirō already got used to Mizudori’s remarks so he just ignored him.

“Would you like me to accompany you?” Shirō asked.

“Aniki~~ we’re running late. We need to ride the train soon,” Yuichi sulked.

“Oh, I’m done with my errand. I’m actually going to school now. Mind if I joined you?” Kichirō obviously lied through his teeth.

“Wow, you’re a good actor, Ren. I bet you could become a good drama queen,” Mizudori remarked.

Kichirō got irritated so that he slammed his hand just like swatting a fly, in an attempt to shoo the hovering Mizudori away. Luckily, Mizudori saw this coming so he was able to evade it. He grinned and stuck his tongue out to tease Kichirō.

“What are you doing?” Shirō asked.

“There’s just an annoying fly,” Kichirō grinned.

“I don’t see a fly. The only annoying thing here is you,” Yuichi rolled his eyes.

“Watch your mouth, Yuichi. You’re rude. He’s my friend.”

Yuichi immediately apologised to his big brother: “Sorry, Aniki.” After that, he glared at Kichirō. Kichirō fought back so that he also glared at the other boy.

“Guys, let’s go. We’re running late. I want you to be friends so please…” Shirō intervened.

“Ha ha ha, what a threesome!” Mizudori laughed.


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