CL: Chapter 44 – Seductress

(Title – 妖婦 – Yōfu – Seductress)

“Oh really,” a voice came over from behind them.

Kichirō and Ken looked back only to see Ryū’s visage. He had a calm face; yet, one could tell that his eyes were burning in rage with his deathly glare, to the point that a direct look at his eyes would severely ravage the onlooker’s soul.

Kichirō shuddered in fear but he wanted to speak so that he could explain that he heard them wrong. When he was about to speak, Ken had already spoken first.

“Hey man, it’s not what you think it is. I was just asking for an advise from Kichi about Naoki. You know me well. We’ve been best friends since we were 5,” Ken explained.

Ken was standing in front of Kichirō. He was in a stance, ready to protect the other from Ryū. He knew well how Ryū was when he was infuriated.

Opposite of everyone’s expectations, Ryū did not do anything reckless. He just looked directly into Kichirō’s eyes, frowning, as if he was hurt. In an instant, he left without saying a word.

The two, who were left alone at the rooftop, stood still, not uttering a single word. The sun was about to lay in slumber in the western mountains’ cradle. The once crimson-veiled sky, slowly turned to dark-blue, with heaps of fluffy clouds that hovered toward the sun, seemingly about to wrap it in their embrace.

“I’m sorry for dragging you into this,” Ken broke the silence.

“Nah, Senpai, it’s fine. I’m used to it. He’s not mad. I think he’s just embarrassed because he later on found out what happened when you explained it yourself,” Kichirō calmly reassured him.

“I think so, too. Ha ha. That guy really doesn’t know how to admit it when he’s wrong. Anyway, thanks for your time. I’ll have to find a way to chase after my wife. Need help with Ryū?”

“I can manage it, Senpai,” Kichirō smiled.

Ken caught a glimpse of Kichirō’s smiling face. His heart was finally at rest, he beamed: “Our Kichi’s getting more confident eh? He he, you’re really perfect for my best friend.”

Kichirō did not utter a single word. He just wryly laughed.

After the two bid farewell to each other, Kichirō went to the library to pick up Aiko.

“Ai-chan,” he called out.

“Kichirō-chan? What took you so long?” Aiko’s brows were knitted. She has been waiting for the boy for almost an hour.

“Sorry, something came up. Ryū thought something’s going on between me and Ken-senpai,” he explained.

“Oh my, so what happened after? Did he punch Hirano-senpai? A lover’s quarrel! I can’t believe I wasn’t there to witness it,” she sulked.

“Are you honestly concerned or sulking because you didn’t get to enjoy the show?” Kichirō narrowed his eyes as he looked at Aiko.

“He he, I’m concerned of course, dummy.”

“Okay, help me look for Ryū. I need to talk with him so that I could explain what actually happened.”

“That’s something I won’t miss. Oh dear, make-up sex would be great. I can’t help but wiggle in excitement, ha ha,” Aiko was imagining lewd stuff again.

“Your mind is really corrupted. You should have it cleaned.”

“My mind is perfectly clean, as pristine as my body. This virgin’s body is clean as it can be.”

“So are you saying that mine’s dirty just because I’m no longer a virgin?” Kichirō sarcastically remarked.

“Do you mean to say you already surrendered your flower to Ueno-senpai? OMG! I need details!” Aiko begged.

“No… It’s not like that. Let’s go. We need to hurry. We have homework to finish too.”

“I’m already done with mine.”

“Can you let me copy it for once?”

“No, you should work on your lazy butt.”


Kichirō and Aiko went to the gym to look for Ryū. Kichirō looked here and there, but did not catch even a glimpse of the other boy’s shadow. He saw Ken but did not approach him. Instead, he asked the other team members.

“Senpai, where is Ryū?” He shyly asked.

“Oh, look who we have here. The Lady Boss. Nah, he didn’t report to practice today. Coach said he called in saying he was sick.”

“Sick? Ha ha, okay. Thank you.”

“Didn’t he inform you? Of all the people, you should be the first to know it.”

“He he,” he did not answer but just wryly laughed.

“What’s up with you, Kichirō-chan? You don’t look like you’re even worried,” Aiko wondered.

“Hmm, let’s just say, I have my ways.”

“You sound confident, don’t you?”

Kichirō looked at Aiko and just flashed a smile.

The two looked all over for Ryū but could not find him. They have been through multiple places and buildings where Ryū could have been spotted, but all efforts exerted were useless.

“Kichirō-chan, I’m already tired. Ueno-senpai might have already gone home, don’t you think so?”

Kichirō heaved a deep sigh, then said: “I think so, too. Sorry if I dragged you into this. Let’s go home then. It’s already 8 in the evening.”

The night sky was embellished with thousands of glimmering stars, a scene that could only be marveled at in the lesser concrete jungle-like cities. The quarter moon guided Kichirō on his way to his dorm room. In his heart, he was tense, afraid that his plan would not be enough to coax the sulking Ryū. Even so, he was confident as he ever was, for after dating him for a while, he finally understood how the other boy’s mind worked.

When he arrived in his room, he threw his bag on his bed and immediately went out to knock on the other boy’s room. Three knocks, yet, there was no response. He paused for a few seconds, then excitedly knocked on the door again for a few times. Again, no response. He frowned, then knocked even harder.

The next room’s door opened, then a yell came over: “Keep quiet, please! I’m trying to study here!”

A swift current rose up to his spine and spread throughout his peripheries. “Gomenasai,” Kichirō bowed toward that direction, seemingly apologetic for the noise that he made.

The next room’s door shut tight which made Kichirō take a step back. “God! Where could be be?” He wondered.

Meanwhile, at a bar not so far away from the university, Ryū was alone drinking liquor. A group of girls were eyeing him from a nearby table. They were batting their eyes and pouting their lipstick-stained lips in an attempt to seduce him. He did not throw even a glance at them. Then he sneered: “As if you’re a match to my Ki-tan, peh!”

What’s going on with me? Why am I becoming such a possessive jerk? I know that nothing’s going on between the two of them, but the moment I heard what that asshole Ken said, I could not help but flare up. I was so stupid for not trusting them. How could I even face them?

Ryū checked his watch and saw that it was almost 10 in the evening — curfew was coming up. He stood up, but was groggy from all of the liquor he had drank. The images that he could see with his eyes were swirling around, then he suddenly had the urge to vomit. I should not vomit here, I need to apologize to him…

He pushed himself up by pressing his arm against the table. As soon as he maintained a steady gait, he lost control of his body so that he almost collapsed. Fortunately, someone was able to support him from his back.

“Are you okay, Ueno-kun?” That person softly said.

The person helped him sit back down, then sat next to Ryū. Ryū looked at that person’s face and saw a beautiful face. Although he could not clearly see her face, he could tell that the girl was pretty. Her long, jet-black hair flowed naturally behind her with her piercing, light-brown eyes deviously staring at Ryū, as if she wanted to devour him.

“Ueno-kun, I’m glad you could make it to my birthday party,” the girl giggled. “I didn’t know you knew the venue.”

Ryū squinted his eyes so that he could take a better look at the girl. I know this voice… This warm and flirtatious voice… This voice that sinisterly hid a cold persona… The one who hurt my Ki-tan — could this be Miyuki?

“You know what Ueno-kun, looking at you this close, I didn’t think that I would be enticed by your handsome face. What did you see in my Ki-chan’s stupid face? He’s not perfect for you. You should look for someone who’s more good-looking and with a better standing in society — someone like me. What do you say about it?” Miyuki was dressed in a black blouse. She stuck her chest out, exposing her bust. This even made her supple breasts more elaborate with her plunging neckline. She drew herself close to Ryū, sniffing his neck seductively, then she started nipping it.

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