CL: Chapter 43 – This is Just Between You and Me

(Title – ここだけの話だが。- Koko Dake no Hanashi da ga – This is Just Between You and Me)

Minna-san konnichiwa!

Moving forward, we will align the release date for Beyond the Moon with Crescent Love. It will now be every Mondays. (^-^)v

Renkun26 ★彡


“Hey baby, please wait for me,” Ken was running after Naoki who was dashing off toward his classroom.

Naoki felt chills on his scalp when he heard Ken say this. He looked left and right seeing if anyone was there who heard what the pervert assistant team captain said. He stopped midway, causing Ken to bump into his back.

“Baby, daddy’s tired. Why are you running away from me? Do you really want to play hide and seek?” Ken said as he stood behind the other. He kneaded Naoki’s waist then rested his chin on top of his shoulder.

“Stop it, Senpai. You’re going overboard!” Naoki roared. He broke away from Ken then faced the other.

“Our story’s pacing is so slow. Look at Ryū and Kichi, they’re already doing a lot of stuff,” Ken pouted.

“If you really wanted to do stuff like that, why not do it with somebody else? Why does it have to be me?”

“You’re so harsh,” Ken continued pouting.

“Why are trying to act cute? Do you want to be the uke in this relationship?” Naoki said then he crossed his arms on his chest. He could not help but roll his eyes in dismay.

“Wait. No, of course not. You’re my wife… My naggy wife…”

“Wife my ass. Do you believe I can’t kick you right now?”

“Did you just say ‘this relationship?'” Ken’s eyes were brimming with brilliance upon realizing what Naoki said.

“Yeah. A master-servant relationship. I’m the master and you’re the servant. Now listen to your master and stay away from me, shoo!” Naoki waved his hand in attempt to make Ken leave.

“So mean. How come you’re so polite with Kichi and so rude to me?” Ken looked like a puppy who’s tail was stepped on.

“Aniki is not shameless like you. If you could be a little less shameless, I can think about it.”

“… No way. Daddy will always be daddy. You will eventually bow down to me.”

“Are you threatening me?” Naoki furrowed his brows.

“No, I will be the good old servant. How does Master want this humble servant to serve him? Do you want a whole body massage? This humble servant can massage every part, not leaving an inch of skin untouched,” he grinned then winked at Naoki.

“If you were a little older, you would really be like a cheap dirty old man.”


Ken was a bit restless and worried about how he could handle Naoki’s ironclad heart. He thought of countless ways to make him accept him; yet, Naoki kept on turning Ken down. After Ken waited for Naoki to enter his classroom, he met the others along the way.

“Ken-senpai, where’s Ki-kun?” Kichirō asked.

Ken was staring blankly at Kichirō’s face. He was too engrossed with the thoughts that lingered in his mind. It seemed that he did not hear what Kichirō asked.

Ryū stepped forward then punched Ken’s arm. “You’re not allowed to stare at him like that.”

“Oh, ouch! Hey, why’d you do that for?”

“Ryū, it’s fine. Looks like something happened. Senpai, what happened?” Kichirō asked.

“Uhm… Ask Naoki,” after saying that, he walked away.

“Did we miss anything?” Aiko asked.

“Beats me,” Kichirō responded.

“Ki-tan, I’ll go ahead,” Ryū said then tapped Kichirō’s shoulder. He then followed after Ken.

As soon as Ryū left, Kichirō and Aiko went into the classroom. They saw Naoki, sitting there.

“Ki-kun, what happened?”

“Kichirō-san, it was nothing. Ken-senpai was irritating me again,” Naoki sluggishly responded. He was resting his head on his backpack that was placed on top of the chair.

“It doesn’t look like nothing happened. Did he take his chances on you again?” Aiko asked.

“Kind of,” he plainly responded.

“Why not accept him already? I noticed that since he decided on pursuing you, he no longer flirts with anybody else. He’s a good guy,” Kichirō reasoned.

Naoki looked at Kichirō. He gazed at the other boy’s radiant brown eyes then let out a deep sigh.

“What was that for?”

“Nothing, Aniki. Just don’t mind me for now. I’m still undecided on what to do.”

After class, Naoki decided not attend practice.

“You sure you’re not attending practice today?” Kichirō asked.

“Yes, Aniki. Sorry if I can’t be with you as well. Maki-san is there anyways to protect you, just in case your ex will show up again,” Naoki said.

“Hmm, I’ll just inform Ryū then. I’m sure he’d understand.”

The two bid farewell to each other. Naoki then drove back home.

“Ai-chan, let’s go to the library.”

“Don’t you ever get bored going to the library? Let’s help make Ken-senpai’s and Naoki-kun’s relationship better. I want to see more free shows,” Aiko sheepishly laughed.

“Are you sure you’re doing this for them? Or is it for yourself?”

“Kichirō-chan, I’m doing this for them. Remember, I’m a part of the Army of Love?” Aiko had her chest out then tapped it with her hand to show that she was earnest.

“Fine, let’s go to the library then and plan on what to do.”


“Kichi,” a voice came over.

Kichirō looked back only to see Ken. “Oh, Ken-senpai, what’s up?”

“Can I talk to you?”

“Sure. What can I do for you?”

Ken looked at the other boy. He was hesitating to speak. “Ano saa~~ can I talk with you in private?”

“Hmpf, can I go as well ne? Senpai~~~” Aiko protested.

“I’m sorry Maki. This is about boys’ stuff. I’ll borrow Kichi for maybe just half an hour. I really want to talk with him about something.”

“Fine, Kichirō-chan, I will wait for you in the library then. Don’t you two dare to be unfaithful to Ueno-senpai and Naoki-kun, or else you will both face my wrath,” Aiko warned.

“Ha ha, that will never happen Ai-chan,” Kichirō laughed.

“Ikuzo (let’s go).”


It was half past five and the sun was still brimming with light. It boasted its elegant rays as it passed through the pastel-colored clouds, making it bright and warm all around. The sky was like an exquisite golden tangerine silk linen that embraced the sun. Just like a mighty chariot, it made its way across the heavens as it headed forth for the western skies, preparing to rest in the cradle of the mountains. The winds blew, as if whispering the sun a good night. Two boys silently stood on the rooftop, not uttering a single word.

One boy dared breaking the deafening silence, “Kichi, would you consider being nicer to Naoki?”

Kichirō curiously looked at Ken and softly said: “What do you mean, Senpai?”

Ken did not immediately respond. After a few seconds, he spoke with a low voice: “I think he still likes you.”

“Senpai, I know it’s not easy to forget about one’s feelings. Ki-kun and I already talked about this. We decided to be friends, nothing more,” Kichirō responded.

Ken gazed at Kichirō. He could see the other boy as he smiled genuinely toward him. “I wish he would give me a little bit more importance. He’s always pushing me away. If not for Ryū, I bet I would have really given him up to you. I feel like I won’t ever get the starring role.”

Kichirō took a step toward Ken. He gently patted the other boy’s back as he sympathized with him. “That’s fine Senpai. I’m sure he likes you. He’s just too shy to say it. I know he’s the type who has some difficulties in expressing himself. He’ll get by, I’m sure that he soon will acknowledge his own feelings for you.”

“I hope so, too,” Ken sighed.

Kichirō smiled at him then said: “I have faith in the both of you.”

“Thanks Kichi. You’re so nice. If Ryū didn’t meet you first and I didn’t get to know Naoki, I’m pretty sure I would have pursued you ha ha,” Ken chuckled.

“Oh really,” a voice came over from behind them.

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