BTM: Chapter 6 – First Love

(Title – 初恋 – Hatsukoi – First Love)

Minna-san konnichiwa!

Moving forward, we will align the release date for Beyond the Moon with Crescent Love. It will now be every Mondays. (^-^)v

Renkun26 ★彡


“Ki-chan? So you finally met my brother,” Shirō smiled.

“Eeeeh~~~~!!!” Kichirō was really astonished with his mouth agape.

“Ha ha, it’s nice to finally meet you for the first time, Ki-chan,” Shirō laughed as he flashed a radiant smile on Kichirō.

“How come you never told me that you have a twin brother?” Kichirō asked.

“I told you I have a younger brother.”

“But… But you never told me it was a younger twin brother.”

Shirō shrugged his shoulders then said: “Well, you never asked.”


“Aniki, sorry to disturb you with your sappy bromance but here’s the costume that you asked me to bring,” Yuichi interrupted.

“Oh, sorry. I’ll be home later. Tell Obasan I might be home around 8 or 9 in the evening,” Shirō said as he took the paper bag that his younger brother was holding.

Yuichi handed over the paper bag then gazed at the shocked Kichirō. “Who’s this?” He asked.

“Oh, this is Kichirō. He’s my online best friend. We’re from the same group of cosplayers,” Shirō explained.

Yuichi measured Kichirō with his eyes then finally sneered. “Hmpf, you’re just wasting your time over useless stuff.”

“Hey, cosplaying is not useless. It’s cool,” Kichirō rebutted.

“Are you making money out of it?” Yuichi replied.

“Ano… No…” Kichirō shyly said. “But we’re having fun…”


“Stop it, Yuichi. By the way, Kichirō, this is my brother, Yuichi,” Shirō intervened as he stepped in between the two.

“Yeah I know, I can tell,” Kichirō rolled his eyes then decided to look at Mizudori.

Mizudori who was just observing the three just smiled and said: “Ha ha, looks like you have a love rival.”

“What? They’re brothers!” Kichirō exclaimed.

“Uhm, Ki-chan, who’re you talking to?”

“Oh, just myself.”

“He’s just crazy,” Yuichi sneered.

“I don’t know what I did wrong to you but…” Just before Kichirō was about to fight back, Yuichi interrupted him.

“I will stop with this nonsense. Aniki, I’ll go ahead,” he said as he aimed to leave.

“You can go with us if you’d like to,” Shirō offered.

“No, I don’t like the atmosphere here. Ja,” then he walked away.

The two watched Yuichi’s back as he disappeared in the wake of the crowd.

“Sorry about that. He talks like that but he’s a nice guy,” Shirō said as he scratched the back of his head.

“It’s okay, Shi-kun. Let’s just move on to our plan,” Kichirō smiled.

“Wow, wifey could just let it go for hubby’s sake,” Mizudori chuckled as he floated beside Kichirō.

“Shut up!!!”

“Did I say anything wrong, Ki-chan?”

“No… No… It’s not you. There’s just this voice in my head that is teasing me.”

“Ha ha, you’re just too cute. Let’s go,” Shirō laughed.

“I’m not cute, okay.”

“Even hubby thinks so, too, ha ha,” Mizudori continued teasing the boy.

Kichirō did not speak but he glared at the little blue ‘rabbit.’

The two boys, along with the floating Mizudori, walked toward the shopping district. The streets were buzzing with people who were seemingly enjoying themselves as they leisurely walked with their loved ones. It was a fine sunny day. It was as if nothing could go wrong.

“Too bad we didn’t meet last Valentine’s Day,” Shirō decided to break the silence.

“Huh? Why?”

“Maybe Ki-chan would have given me some chocolates, he he,” Shirō chuckled as he draped his arm around Kichirō’s shoulders. “I’ll give you chocolates this White Day.”

Kichirō felt chills, good ones, run up his spine toward his peripheries so that he finally shuddered. “What are you saying? I’m not a girl. Who said I will give you chocolates? Why would I accept your chocolates?”

“Nah, I was just teasing you. I never knew you’d be this serious.”

“Hubby was hurt. You’re so mean, Ren,” Mizudori said.

Kichirō glared at Mizudori then smiled back at Shirō, he wryly laughed: “He he, let’s eat please. I’m really hungry, Shi-kun.”

“Fine, as promised, I will treat you today,” the boy softly said as he swayed his ash-blonde bangs to the side.

“So what did you want to talk with me about?” Kichirō asked as they walked.

“That can wait till later.”


Once the two boys reached a nearby snack bar, as promised, Shirō bought takoyaki, dorayaki, and pink milk for Kichirō. Kichirō’s memories were all too vivid so that he sheepishly smiled when he recalled these happy memories. What joy did it bring him, now that he was finally reliving these fun memories?

“Ki-chan, you look like you were really looking forward to our first meeting, he he,” Shirō smiled.

“Huh? Who said I was looking forward to seeing you? You should be happy that I gave you the chance to see me in my busy schedule,” Kichirō rolled his eyes.

“Didn’t know you would change overnight. What’s wrong?”

“Ha ha, don’t mind me. I’m just feeling a bit under the weather.”

“Was this because of my brother?” Shirō looked at the other boy with concern.

“No… It’s just…”

“Wifey is having PMS. I knew it, ha ha,” Mizudori laughed.

“Shut up or I’ll skin you alive!” Kichirō finally roared. He had his last straw.

“I’m sorry. After eating, let’s just go to the meeting. I’m really sorry to bother you. Let’s just save what I was about to say for later…” Shirō looked so listless.

“No, Shi-kun. I wasn’t referring to you. You see, I have this ability wherein I can see ghosts. I have an invisible blue ‘rabbit’ friend here who was just teasing me.”

“Okay, I will believe you… Especially since it’s you,” the boy smiled.

“You don’t believe me, do you?”

“I was sincere when I said that Ki-chan,” Shirō said then carried the tray of food.

“Hmpf! You don’t believe me,” Kichirō pouted his lips.

“You know what? Seeing how your cute little face changes into different types of expressions makes my heart melt. Ki-chan, I wanted to say this to you but…”

“Don’t give me too many delays, I’ve been waiting for you to say what you wanted to say,” Kichirō was begging.

“Silly you. Of course you need to eat first. Don’t be an impatient little rabbit. Here, eat this takoyaki first,” Shirō happily offered a takoyaki to Kichirō. He opened his mouth as he looked at the younger boy, to hint that the other should take a bite of the food he was offering. Kichirō was hesitant to open his mouth. His heart was fluttering so that his cheeks also blushed a bright red. He was like an apple at its ripest moment. Looking at him would surely make Shirō want to take a bite of his enticing flesh.

“Waaah~~~ I’m becoming a fudanshi because of you two. I’m going to die!” Mizudori, who was lying on the table as he watched the two talk, almost rolled over because of the joy he was feeling. He was overjoyed and at the same time teasing Kichirō. Kichirō, on the other hand, could not talk back because he had to pretend that Mizudori was not there. He could only glare at the ‘rabbit,’ as if he wanted to slap the little fur ball. He finally could not take it so he whispered: “You’re already dead!”

“You were saying something, Ki-chan?” Shirō curiously asked.

“Uhm… No. I just remembered something. This is embarrassing, Shi-kun. Sorry, people can see us, ha ha.”

“Don’t mind them. So what if they see us? We’re just friends who are happily chatting while eating,” Shirō reasoned as he continued attempting to feed the other.

Kichirō could not decline the offer any longer so he opened his mouth, taking a bite of the takoyaki. Sauce smeared his cute, little red lips which the other boy took notice of.

“Um, you have something on your face,” Shirō reached out his hand to wipe the other’s lips with his fingers. He licked his fingers afterwards.

“Ha ha, you know what? Seeing your old trick to woo a girl the second time around makes me feel awkward… But I’m happy that I get to be with you again,” although Kichirō already expected this, his heart started beating fast, the same way it did, more than a year ago. It was so fast that he could hear each pound it made. It was as if it was his first time feeling like this.

“Ano… What do you mean the second time around? By the way Ki-chan, you see… I like you,” Shirō seriously said as he looked sincerely at Kichirō’s eyes.

“I like you, too, Shi-kun. Can we elope?”



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