BTM: Chapter 5 – Who Is He?

(Title – 彼は誰 – Kare ha Dare? – Who is He?)

The next day, the late winter sun glimmered on the azure blue sky, boasting its usual radiant crown. It happily greeted every being around the world a pleasant morning. Although the surroundings were not yet warm, one could not argue the hint of warmth that it emanated. The trees were starting to bud as the winter season would soon kiss the Land of the Rising Sun goodbye. For another year, Okami [1] would rest in the depths of the seas, waiting patiently for the next winter to come and envelop the lands with freezing cold snow, once again.

([1]「龗/おかみ」Rain and snow god)

Kichirō felt there was someone tickling his face. He shoved off this peculiar being that has been bothering him in his sleep. With his eyes still closed, he knitted his brows and pouted, then he turned to one side.

“Ren, wake up! You’re late,” Mizudori yelled.

“Just a bit more, Okāsan. I’m just choosing what to wear,” he groaned.

“Baka, it’s me. Mizudori,” he called out. The little blue ‘rabbit’ got impatient with waiting so he attacked again. He scratched Kichirō’s face with his paws, causing the boy to wake up in pain.

“… Ouch! What did you do that for? Hey wait. How can you touch me?” Kichirō yelled.

“I don’t know either. I was just watching you sleep. There was a fly bugging you. Initially, I just wanted to shoo it away but I accidentally squashed it. That’s when I found out I could touch others now,” Mizudori explained.

“Oh, maybe it has something to do with the time-travel. Hey…” Kichirō then realized something.


“You were watching me in my sleep?” Kichirō was astonished.

“Oh, hey Ren. You’re running late. It’s already 10 am. Isn’t it that Shirō and you would meet at 11?” Mizudori felt awkward so he immediately changed the topic.

“Kuso! You’re right. Why didn’t you wake me up?” Kichirō panicked.

“I have been meaning to wake you up but you kept on shoving me off.”

“Fuck! I’m dead!” Kichirō immediately jumped off from his bed and hurried preparing for their first meeting.

“Hora revue ga hajimaru… hmm hmm…” Kichirō sang along the music that was playing in the background as he prepared.

“I didn’t know that you have a unique voice,” Mizudori said.

“You think so?”

“Yeah, it can shake the world and melt the snow. Your voice sucks,” Mizudori teased.

“Hey, my Otōsan said I have a good voice,” Kichirō rebutted.

“Dummy, he’s your father. Of course he would say that…”


“You look unusually happy. You even have the time to hum even though you’re running late.”

“Ano~~ I’ll just go take a bath. Oh, wait. I need to inform Shirō that I’ll be a little late.” Kichirō immediately looked for his phone and texted the other boy. His heart was fluttering as he thought that he would be able to see him again. This caused him to stupidly smile.

“Someone’s really happy today, ha ha,” Mizudori teased as he chuckled.

“Shut up! Is it wrong for me to be happy on this bright morning?”

“I thought you hate the sun.”


After Kichirō dressed up for the day, he and Mizudori left their house. Kichirō was wearing a black hoodie and black shorts. He styled his hair with gel, giving his bobcut hair the anime-ish, spiky hair vibe.

“Hmm… I presume that you’re wearing couple stuff today. Oho, I don’t want to become a third wheel,” Mizudori chuckled.

“What made you say that?”

“Hmm… You have been rummaging through your closet for almost half an hour and been staring in front of the mirror for almost an hour, just to style your hair. Now tell me, aren’t you excited? Heh,” Mizudori went on with his teasing streaks.

“Just shut up. Good thing it’s only me who can see you.” Kichirō did not bother fighting back. “Oh, we’re late. Let’s ride the train to Shibuya.”

At the train station, Kichirō bought a can of juice from the vending machine. He forgot to drink water before they left their house. He was a bit nervous as he pondered over how he would control his emotions when he meets the other boy again. He suddenly realized something.

“Mizudori-kun, how did you know that I was wearing couple stuff with Shirō?”

“Ano… It’s just a guess. I don’t know. I just guessed it, he he,” Mizudori wryly laughed.

When Kichirō and Mizudori was about to board the train, he saw a familiar back. His heart skipped a beat as his wave of mixed emotions traveled across his peripheries. He felt weak in his knees so that he could hardly speak.

Mizudori has been silently observing Kichirō. He then said: “What’s up with you?”

“Uhm…” He could not respond properly to Mizudori so he just decided to keep quiet.

Mizudori did not bother asking him again so he just opted to silently observe Kichirō’s unusual expression. He was somehow enjoying seeing the boy in this state. He followed Kichirō’s gaze and knew who he was eyeing.

Kichirō just watched Shirō as he boarded the train. After the other boy got in, he and Mizudori immediately followed.

Inside the train, there were a lot of passengers. It was really crowded. Kichirō felt irritated since he hated crowds. “Ugh, it’s so stuffy in here.”

“Just bear with it, it’s just a 20- to 30-minute ride,” Mizudori said.


Not far from them, he caught sight of Shirō. He was wearing a red hoodie and had black, cleancut hair. Hey, wait up. What happened to him? He muttered to himself.

“Ren, what’s wrong?”

“Shirō looks different.”

“You must have remembered him wrong.”

“Nah, I’m sure he was wearing a black hoodie and had ash-blonde, spiky hair. This is absurd,” he looked puzzled.

“Aha! I knew it! You really intended to wear that to match what he was wearing, ha ha.” Kichirō was busted.

“No… That was just a coincidence… Yeah, it was just a coincidence,” he stuttered.

“Yeah right. That’s what you want me to believe. Everything already came from your mouth. You’re so busted, mister,” Mizudori narrowed his eyes.

“He he.”

The train then stopped over in the next station. They were already in Shibuya. Kichirō and Mizudori waited for Shirō to leave first before they followed after him from behind. Kichirō silently observed Shirō, as if he was some stalker.

“You’re scaring me. You look and act like a professional stalker.”

“Stop teasing me. I can dye your fur red if you want to,” Kichirō warned the furry animal.

Mizudori gulped hard as he feared for his life. Instead of fighting back, he chose not to react.

As soon as they reached the meeting place, Kichirō saw that Shirō sat on the bench where he originally seated. Before, it was him who waited for Shirō, now, it’s the other way around.

“This is so funny. He’s now the one waiting for me. Ha ha.”

“Wifey, is overjoyed,” Mizudori laughed.

“I wonder what you ate when you were young. I really don’t like what’s coming out of your mouth,” Kichirō was really embarrassed.

“Ha ha, I just enjoy seeing you flustered. You’re the type who’s easy to tease.”

“Let’s just go. He’s been waiting for me.”

Kichirō decided to walk over toward the boy in red hoodie. Shirō looked like he was glancing from left to right, as if he was eagerly waiting for someone to arrive. He did not notice that Kichirō was fast approaching him.

“Shi-kun, long time no see. How are you?” Kichirō shyly said.

“Huh?” Shirō looked baffled. “Do I know you?”

“Aren’t you Shirō? Shirō Morioka?” That’s strange. I’m sure he is Shirō. Did I go to an alternate dimension? Ojīsan! Help me! He said to himself.

The other boy then responded: “Oh, you know my twin brother?”

“Eeeh~~~? Shirō has a twin brother???” Kichirō was really shocked.

“Oi, Yuichi. How long have you been waiting for me?” A voice then came from behind.

“Oi, Aniki. I just arrived. You know this guy?” Yuichi greeted his brother.

Kichirō and Mizudori looked back and saw a replica of the guy that was initially in front of them. Instead of wearing a red hoodie, he was wearing a black one. Instead of a clean-cut black hair, he had spiky ash-blonde hair. This was the Shirō in Kichirō’s past. This was the boy, who he always wanted seeing again.

“Ki-chan? So you finally met my brother,” Shirō smiled.

“Eeeeh~~~~!!!” Kichirō was really astonished.


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