CL: Chapter 41 – Stop the Advance of the Enemy

(Title – 敵の前進を止めよ。- Teki no Zenshin wo Tome yo – Stop the Advance of the Enemy)

Minna-san konnichiwa!

Moving forward, I’ll be writing this story from a third-person perspective. I initially intended it only for the flashback but I kinda enjoyed this writing style. Lol

Renkun26 ★彡


“Soo… Do you still love this Shirō? Do you still have this pendant he gave you?” Ryū asked as he looked at Kichirō.

Kichirō fidgeted and turned away: “Eto… It’s all in the past. Don’t worry about those matters anymore.”

You didn’t answer my questions.” Ryū’s face darkened. He narrowed his eyes then caressed Kichirō’s face. “If he shows up again, I won’t give up that easily, Bench Boy. You’re my little Ki-tan now.” Finally, he pinched Kichirō’s rosy cheek.

“Ouch! Who told you I’m yours? And stop giving me weird names,” Kichirō roared, just like the little kitten he was.

“Just wait and see… So this Miyuki is… here, you say?”

“I think it was her. I know her well.”

“You might just be seeing things. How did she know that you’re here?”

“I don’t know.”

Ryū walked around Kichirō and embraced him from behind. He rested his chin on top of Kichirō’s left shoulder and whispered to his ear: “I’ll be your hero.”

Upon hearing Ryū’s deep and raspy voice, Kichirō felt a tingling sensation that emanated from his ears, up to his scalp. It sent chills all throughout his body just like being caressed by the cold winter breeze… Instead of making him feel cold — it made him feel warm… The kind of warmth he had been longing for. Kichirō’s ears turned red then suddenly woke up from his daze: “I can take care of myself. Do you think I’m some damsel in distress? Humph!”

“Ha ha, you’re so damn cute.”


The next morning, around half past eight, Kichirō and the gang went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast together. Kichirō’s and Naoki’s class started at 10 am while Ryū’s and Ken’s class started at 10:30 am. Ryū and Ken ordered their food while Kichirō and Naoki looked for a vacant table.

“Hey bro, why does it feel like we are getting controlled by our wives?” Ken asked.

“I volunteered. Not like Bench Boy asked me,” Ryū flatly said.

“Heh, it’s obvious that you’re really head-over-heels in love with that kid. Look at me, I can still maintain my playboy outlook on life,” Ken looked so smug as he puffed out his chest. He was really pleased with what he said.

Ryū took a tray and started falling in line to get their food. “Right. Like I believe you.”

Ken sneered and did not respond. He took a tray as well and followed Ryū from behind. He thought about proving what he said so as he was thinking, he noticed the girl in front of Ryū. The girl looked beautiful and elegant with her long, black hair. “I have an idea!” He muttered to himself.

“Hey bro, look at that girl in front of you. I can get her number and prove to you that I’m still this university’s Casanova. If I win, you will treat me and Naoki for breakfast,” he grinned and looked very determined.

Ryū looked uninterested and didn’t look back at Ken. “I didn’t know you were this poor,” he responded.

“I’ll take that as a yes, he he.” Ken grinned and walked over toward the girl. He leisurely walked passed by and ‘accidentally’ bumped into the girl, making him drop the tray that he was holding. “I’m sorry miss.”

The girl looked at him, initially, with a poker face then flashed a radiant smile: “That’s okay Senpai. I was blocking the way.”

“Oh no. It was my mistake. I should have seen that you were here. Oh by the way, are you new here? This is the first time that I’ve seen you around,” Ken went on pretending.

“Oh, I just moved here. I transferred from Shinjuku. My name is Miyuki Watanabe. I’m from the School of Medical Technology and a third year. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she politely introduced herself.

“Oh, ha ha, my name is Ken Hirano. Third Year from the School of Nursing. I’m also the assistant captain of the university’s basketball team, mind if I get your number?” He grinned.

Miyuki smiled and giggled. “You’re so cute. I’ll give you my number later but if I may ask, are you friends with that Senpai behind you?”

Nailed it! He he. Ken rejoiced in his mind. “Oh, that’s my bestfriend Ryū Ueno, he’s our team captain.”

Miyuki gazed earnestly at Ryū and paused for a few seconds. She then asked: “Can you introduce him to me as well?”

“Ehh??? Am I not enough for you?” Ken’s mouth was agape.

“It’s not like I’m going to date any of you. I’m just making friends, Ken,” Miyuki giggled.

Not far from them, four watchful eyes were glaring toward the two semes’ direction.

“Ki-kun, do you see that? Ken-senpai is talking to a girl. Looks like he’s flirting with her,” Kichirō called out Naoki’s attention.

“Yes. I can see them. It’s not like it’s my business, Aniki. Besides, we’re not even dating so what’s the point of worrying?” Naoki casually responded as if he was uninterested. He remained composed; yet, he was glaring at Ken, moreover, the girl Ken was talking with, as if he wanted to shoot daggers.

Kichirō noticed the expression in Naoki’s eyes but he chose not to acknowledge it. He looked back at Ryū’s direction and paid even more attention when the girl approached Ryū. He squinted his eyes in an attempt to see clearly the girl’s face but all he could see was the girl’s long hair.

“Aniki, the girl is talking to Ryū-senpai!” Naoki said.

“Yeah. I can see it.”

“Ohayō, Ueno-kun. My name is Miyuki Watanabe,” Miyuki greeted.


“I wonder if I could invite you and Hirano-kun to my birthday party. I don’t have many friends here since I just transferred,” Miyuki added.

“Not interested,” Ryū coldly responded.

“Hey man, let’s go to the party. She’s inviting us. It would be lonely if we would leave this new girl behind,” Ken insisted. “Besides, we can bring Naoki and Kichi, too.”

The corners of Miyuki’s little mouth evoked a smile as she maintained her eyes focused on Ryū, “Yes, you could invite anyone you like. The more, the merrier.”

“Are you deaf? I said I’M NOT INTERESTED,” Ryū emphasized. He looked agitated.

Miyuki was dumbfounded so that she remained silent. After being quiet for some time, she finally managed uttering something: “I’m sorry to disturb you.” She turned her back on them and continued getting her own serving of food.

“Man, you’re so rude. She was just being nice,” Ken whispered. “Oh and I won our bet.”

“You didn’t. She didn’t give you her number.”

“Damn! I forgot,” Ken’s eyes grew big when he remembered this. “I’ll go ask her again.”

“Forget it. Don’t talk to that girl.”


After getting their food, Miyuki disappeared. Ken and Ryū brought the food they got to the other two who were waiting for them. When they approached Kichirō and Naoki, they felt the atmosphere around them became heavier so that it made Ken’s hair stand on its ends.

“Move over,” Ryū said.

Kichirō looked at him with disgust, then continued talking to Naoki, as if the two did not see them.

“Hey baby, daddy’s here to feed you,” Ken teased Naoki.

Naoki glared at Ken and said: “Go talk to your new girl.”

“Ooh~~ someone’s getting jealous. It was just a casual talk. Nothing much,” he beamed as he lied through his teeth.

“He was asking for her number,” Ryū said.

“What?!?” Naoki was shocked from what he heard.

“Ano… Ano… Miyuki was inviting us to join her birthday party so I had to get her number. How could we contact her, right?” He was stuttering as he reasoned.

“I know you well,” Naoki knitted his brows.

While observing the two as they bicker, Kichirō’s chest tightened when he heard this familiar name. His face that was originally rosy became incomparably pale. Ryū noticed this so he secretly stepped on Ken’s foot.

“Ouch, dude!” Ken roared. He looked back at Ryū to question him why he did that but he immediately saw Ryū’s dark face. “He he, oh the food is getting cold. Let’s eat,” he wryly laughed.

“Don’t change the topic, Ken-senpai,” Naoki continued.

“Wait, Ken-senpai. Her name was Miyuki?” Kichirō butted in.


Ryū gestured a facepalm as he glared on Ken.

“What did I do?” Ken looked puzzled.

“That’s his ex!” Ryū whispered.

“Oh~~ Your ex’s name is Miyuki. It was that girl, Miyuki Watanabe?!?” Ken exclaimed.

Kichirō did not respond as he stared blankly. His face was deathly pale. Ryū placed the tray of food on top of the table and he immediately embraced the dazed Kichirō who was frozen while he was sitting on the chair. Everyone near them saw this intimacy displayed by the basketball team’s captain toward Kichirō.

Ryū, “That girl ruined his life.”

Ken, “Sorry. I didn’t know.”

Naoki, “OMG, Aniki. Are you okay?”

Kichirō felt that something was kneading his back so that he woke up from his temporary daze. “What are you doing, Ryū? People are watching!” He roared.

“Comforting my wife.”

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