CL: Chapter 33 – Isn’t It True?

(Title – マジだよね?- Maji Dayone? – Isn’t it True?)



“I want to tell you something…”

“What is it?” Miyuki looked puzzled.

“Eto…” Kichirō looked down the floor. He did not dare to look at Miyuki, eye to eye.

“I want to tell you something about my friend and I. I think I am –”

“Oi Kaichō… Sensei is looking for you…” Another student suddenly popped out of nowhere, looking for Miyuki.

Miyuki looked back at the other student and softly said: “Hai. Chotto matte kudasai[1]…” She earnestly smiled and hinted the other student to wait outside.

([1]「はい。ちょっと待って下さい 。」translates to “Yes. Please wait a second.”)

The student looked at who she was talking to and saw that it was Kichirō. He immediately understood that they were talking about something important.

“Sorry, Kaichō. I will wait for you outside the clinic.”

Now that the other student left, there was no reason for Kichirō to delay his confession to Miyuki about what he was contemplating about lately. Kichirō looked very nervous. Miyuki could feel that he was somehow trembling since he is still holding on to her wrist.

“What’s wrong?” She decided to break the silence.

Kichirō swallowed nervously. He was really decisive about confessing to her earlier but since the other student interrupted, his momentum was disrupted. He even froze when he saw Miyuki’s big round eyes staring at him. Finally, the courage that he was able to muster earlier simply vanished into thin air.

“Ano… I think I am going to… I am going to meet him this afternoon,” Kichirō was stuttering as he forced himself to speak. It turned out that the words that he wanted to utter earlier were suddenly changed into an obvious lie. He wryly smiled at Miyuki, hoping that she won’t take notice of the random lie that he just blurted.

“Oh.. Silly, I thought you were going to say that you were dating him, ha ha…” Miyuki giggled as she tapped Kichirō’s hand that was still holding onto her wrist. “Enough nonsense. I need to go now. You need to have some rest. You have been sick since this weekend,” she added then pecked Kichirō on his cheek. Without further ado, she walked out of the room.

Kichirō was staring blankly at the door as he watched Miyuki leave. He felt listless and light-headed so that he immediately plopped on the bed. “What should I do now?” He muttered.

After a few hours of tossing and turning on the clinic bed, he finally decided to leave and go to the school cafeteria.

“I’m starving,” he slightly grimaced as he rubbed his tummy. He could feel his stomach growling. He looked at the time and saw that it was almost 1 in the afternoon. He gestured an “oh” with his lips after he realized that lunch was almost over.

On his way, he saw people eyeing him with awe in their eyes. He decided to smile at one girl who had her eyes glued to him. The girl shuddered and suddenly looked away with an obvious blush on her face. Kichirō chuckled inwardly when he noticed this.

He became more famous after winning the election. Random people would approach and greet him as they passed by on the way to their classes.

“Hi, Senpai!”

“Senpai, ganbatte!”

“We hope you and Kaichō will always be happy together!”

“Kichirō-kun, I heard you were sick. Please take care of yourself.”

He had to face and greet each and every student and teacher he met along the way. He flashed a radiant smile but, deep inside, he was suffering from inner turmoil. He desperately put on a happy visage.

While walking to the entrance of the school cafeteria he immediately felt someone embrace him. He was stunned for a moment. He wanted to look back but the person who was hugging him from the rear side held onto his head to keep him from looking back.

“Who… who are you?!?” He frighteningly asked.

The person behind him smiled, bowed his head, and drew his face close to Kichirō’s right ear. “Guess who,” he whispered softly.

Kichirō immediately felt a wave of current pass by from his limbs up to his brain. He involuntary shuddered when he heard the familiar voice.


“How’s my favorite Ki-chan?”

Kichirō’s face darkened. Without hesitation, he broke off from Shirō’s embrace and distanced himself from the other guy. He looked around to see if there were other people who saw them. He heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that there was nobody else around them.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I missed you so I came to visit you in school. How are you?” He flashed a sweet smile. His ash-blonde hair covered a portion of his eyes that were obviously smiling in concert with his lips. Kichirō couldn’t help but melt into a puddle.

“Are you okay? You look flustered.”

“Eh? I’m okay, Shi-kun. What brought you here?”

Shirō wanted to do a face-palm when this other guy asked him this. “I already told you. C’mon, let’s go somewhere. It will be fun.” He was giddy as he urged Kichirō to go out with him.

“I’m not sure. The teachers might look for me,” Kichirō was pondering as he answered back.

“C’mon, you can call in and say you’re sick,” Shirō pulled him by his arm and started to walk toward the school’s main entrance. For some reason, Kichirō involuntarily followed him, like he was mesmerized by the charming man in front of him.

When they were about to hail a taxi to go who-knows-where, Kichirō suddenly woke up from his momentary daze. “Shi-kun, didn’t I tell you already before what my answer is?”

Shirō, who was ahead of him by at least a step or two, suddenly stopped walking. In a split second, he looked back and grinned at Kichirō. His eyes were squinting as he warmly smiled at him. “I know. But can you at least get to know me more?”

Kichirō’s heart thumped. He felt that the other guy was really sad even if he was smiling earnestly at him. He couldn’t disagree anymore so he said: “Okay, I give up. I’ll give you a chance.”

Shirō’s smile immediately became warmer, this time, it was more sincere. His aura gave off a hint of joy. “I’m happy that you gave me this chance for you to know me more even though I know it’s futile.”

“Don’t be too negative,” Kichirō smiled. His words made Shirō ponder about what he could have meant.

“I’m not. Just realistic. Where do you want to go first?”

Kichirō became silent as he pondered. Shirō just looked at him while the other was thinking of a place to go to first. He couldn’t help but marvel the other man’s supple red lips that were pouting while he was engrossed with his pondering. He snickered to himself as he observed how stupidly cute Kichirō was.

“What’s so funny?” Kichirō frowned seeing the other man snickering.

“Nothing. You just look cute, he he.”

“Say that again and I swear I will leave,” Kichirō pouted.

“Okay I won’t. Ha ha. Have you decided where to go now?”


“Grrrrr…” a rumbling sound suddenly resounded.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Kichirō blushed. “Hey, I haven’t eaten lunch yet. I’m starving. T_T”

“Okay, so how about we go eat first?”

Kichirō happily nodded and smiled at Shirō.

Shirō was able to hail a taxi. The two disappeared from the school premises, in a matter of seconds.

Not far from the school gate, there was a pair of cold, freezing eyes that was attentively watching the two leave.

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