CL: Chapter 27 – The Past

(Title – 過去 – Kako – The Past)

Everything started 3 years ago when Kichirō was still in the 10th grade.

The Kichirō today is really different with the Kichirō of the past. He was really outgoing and stood out amongst the crowd. Kichirō reached the peak in every grade. He gained everyone’s favor: may it be the teachers or his fellow students. He was active an active member of the journalism club and the student council.

Although he was very different in the past, he was already an otaku and a cosplayer.

Even though he was in the limelight for such a long time, he kept his feet on the ground. He treated everyone with respect and never boasted about being an outstanding student. He always bore in mind what his mom used to say: The skillful hawk hides its talons[1].

([1] Nô aru taka wa tsume wo kakusu 「能ある鷹は爪を隠す」- This Japanese expression is a reminder to stay humble; talented people don’t need to show off.)

One day, he was summoned by the student council president to their office. Without any hesitations, he went to the office. He knocked and then opened the door.

“Kaichō[2], you were looking for me?” asked Kichirō.

([2] 「会長」means “president.”)

“Ah, yes. please have a sit.” The student council president offered him a seat while he was checking on some documents.

Kichirō sat down and smiled at the president.

“Ano, do you need anything from me?” He asked.

“Well, you see Kichirō-kun, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about you. Since you are the president of your class, would you like to become the next vice-president? I’m planning to hone you as the next school council president once you reach the 11th grade. Even if I’m no longer in this school by that time, I will ask the next president to take care of you.” The president looked at him intently as he held on Kichirō’s hands.

“That would be a good opportunity, Kaichō. I’ll think about it first because this would mean more responsibility for me, if ever I get the position,” he chuckled as he tapped the hands of the president.

“I hope you can consider it. I can see a lot of potential in you.”

After thinking about this offer for a few days, Kichirō finally accepted the offer. Eventually, he became the new vice president.

The president graduated in senior high school but he never failed to teach Kichirō a lot of things before he left. He was able to endorse Kichirō’s training to the next president who happens to be Miyuki Watanabe, the previous vice president.

Miyuki was a perfect Yamato Nadeshiko. She was as tall as Kichirō, had long black hair, and her face was small. She had big, light-brown eyes that perfectly matches with her flawless white skin. She was equally famous as Kichirō. Most girls envied her for being beautiful, elegant, well-mannered, and smart.

During Miyuki’s reign as the student council president, she was in the 12th grade while Kichirō was in the 11th grade.

Apart from being colleagues, Kichirō and Miyuki became close friends. Their circle of friends eventually mixed into one big group of friends.

Miyuki was really caring and took the initiative to teach Kichirō a lot of things about being a good leader.

“Kaichō, would you like to eat lunch first before we continue with the planning of the clubs?” Kichirō asked. “I’m really starving ha ha.”

Miyuki didn’t make any second thoughts and smiled at Kichirō. “Sure. I prepared a bentō[3] for us, Ki-chan~~”

([3]「弁当」is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento holds rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container. Containers range from disposable mass-produced to hand-crafted lacquerware.)

Kichirō’s heart fluttered and blushed when he heard that Miyuki prepared a meal for him. “Really? You didn’t have to, Kaichō. You’re so sweet,” He squinted his eyes and smiled sweetly at Miyuki.

“Oh no. I really cooked this for us. There’s enough for everyone. You know you look so cute when you blush,” she giggled.

“Wow, Kaichō. You and Kichirō-senpai are inseparable. I bet you’d look good together as a couple,” said one of the representatives.

“Yeah, hey Kichi. Why not date Kaichō,” said another.

Everyone in the student council office was teasing the two. The air was warm with love and adoration. The two who were being teased looked at each other and started to blush. They were silent at first but both eventually laughed heartily.

“Ha ha! Hey guys, stop it. I don’t even know if Kaichō likes me,” Kichirō said as he chuckled shyly. He was blushing that his ears became red as well.

“Actually, I like you Ki-chan,” Miyuki responded as she covered her face with the book she was holding. She looked so flustered out of shyness.

Everyone was cheering on the two. The news spread across the campus like a wildfire on a grass field.

After a few weeks of dating, they became lovers. They were regarded as the golden couple of their school. They were so famous just like real celebrities back then.

The days past by so fast. Graduation was almost near. The election for the new set of leaders was ensued.

Kichirō, just as planned, ran as the next student council president. He was in the same party as with Miyuki and her predecessors. With the help of Miyuki’s influence and his popularity, he gained many supporters.

Even though there were many supporters, there were also some opposition.

“Kaichō, it’s unfair that you are supporting him as the next president. He is obviously going to be the valedictorian for our batch. You should give chance to others who also want to lead,” a student was protesting together with others.

“Yeah, it’s like you’re conjuring a political dynasty in this school. Everyone who’s been running as the president in your party list have been winning consecutively,” another student reasoned.

Miyuki was silent. She was smiling sweetly and looked earnestly at everyone protesting in the office. “I will think about it everyone. Thank you for feedback and intent to make changes in our school. Yet, I still hope that you can support Kichirō. He is a good guy and I know he is the perfect candidate for leading this school.”

After that day, nobody talked about opposing Kichirō again. Those who lead the opposition mysteriously dropped out of school.

In the end, Kichirō won the election. Everyone who supported him were rejoicing. Those who used to oppose stayed quiet in fear that they may face the same fate their leaders faced.


“So I heard that you want to confess to my boyfriend,” Miyuki spoke softly as she smiled at the girl in front of her. Traces of deceit and cruelty can’t be found on her face. She blossomed like a flower in in spring.

“Um, Kaichō. Let me explain. I just wanted to let him know that I like him. I never intended to steal him from you. In fact, I actually support your relationship. I just want to get this out of my chest,” the girl was stuttering and can’t look directly at Miyuki. She was shaking as she held the chocolates and letter she prepared for Kichirō.

“Thanks for your support, she smiled as she patted the head of the other girl. “Is that for him? Let me give to him for you.” She hastily grabbed the chocolates and letter the girl was holding.

The girl looked flustered and her eyes were teary. “Ano, Kaichō. Will you really give it to him?”

Miyuki sinisterly smiled as she walked away. There was a trashcan nearby. She threw away the chocolates and tore the letter that was intended for Kichirō. “Don’t you dare touch my man.” She flipped her hair and made a “hmpf” sound as she left the girl.

The girl broke down in tears. She wanted to walk toward the trashcan but her legs were wobbly. She eventually, tripped and was left sobbing on the floor.

While Miyuki was on her way to her office, she received a text message. It was from Kichirō.

Kichirō: Yuki-chan <3. I will attend our group’s offline meeting tomorrow, okay?

Miyuki: Okay. Don’t be late for our date. Remember we need to meet tomorrow at 5 pm? Ki-chan~~ XOXO

Kichirō: Yes. I won’t. =)

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