CL: Chapter 22 – Safe and Sound

(Title – 無事に – Buji Ni – Safe and Sound)

“This ain’t good,” he went on babbling again. “Hold me upside down.”

“Huh?” was all I was able to say. This Ki-tan in front of me is not the usual one.

He unbuttoned and unzipped his denim jeans. He casually undressed himself. I could finally marvel again at this angelic figure that I have since longed for. His body was the same as before: slim, but very fit; his skin was too fair for a boy; and it was only now that I found out that his tummy was firm. Where does all the food that he eat go to?

I sat on the toilet and he laid sideways on my lap. We were facing each other. He flashed a seductive grin at me. I couldn’t bear it so I gulped. My Adam’s apple bobbed up and down and I unconsciously licked my lower lip.

“Someone’s gettin excited, he he,” he chuckled and winked at me. Was he possessed by that asshole Ken?

He was very knowledgeable about this. I’m completely speechless. To date, I knew that he was still a virgin and I’m pretty concise about this fact.

Without further ado, I maneuvered his body into an upside-down position. I was shaky, not because I couldn’t do it, but because of excitement of what we were about to do. This is my first time doing this. Both of our heads were situated in between each other’s thighs. I felt him wrap his arms around my waist as I do so to him.

I held tightly onto him as I was afraid that he might fall with just a single mistake that I make. It would be the death of me if anything bad happens to the man that I love.

The training that I’ve been through with the basketball team really paid off. I carried him with ease. I reached out for his enraged member with my lips. I could feel him shiver as it touched my lips. He was so sensitive down there. Slowly, I’ve let my tongue play with his shaft.

“Ahh… Ryū, it feels good,” he moaned.

I love it when he calls for my name. I fished all of him with my mouth. Just when I was about to make a back-and-forth motion with my head; I felt something warm, slippery, and wet enveloped my own erect member. My semi-hard member from earlier became rock-hard.

I really would like to lie down on the floor but this position we were in is really tempting that I wanted to give it a try.

He started to take action on me as I do it with him too. I was in ecstasy. Sex is something that most of us enjoy; but making love with the right person takes you high up on cloud nine.

I could hear him struggle as he forced all of me inside his warm mouth. The constant sliding of my shaft with his tongue and mouth really heightened my drive.

I gasped for air as I release his manhood. “Ahh… Ki-tan… I love you so much..,” I moaned. This is the first time I directly confessed my feelings for him.

He pulled my hips closer to his face and with full force, he continued going back and forth as he played with my rod.

I could stay like this forever.

I continued sucking him too. The speed continued to intensify. I then felt a warm, sweet fluid gush into my mouth. He finally came.

His muscles twitched and I could feel his thighs tighten around my neck, almost strangling me.

“Aahhh….. Fuck, Ryū! It feels so good!” he groaned as he release my member from his mouth.

I swallowed everything and made sure not to leave a single drop. He became a bit jittery as I continued to suck the remnants of his sweet nectar.

I was nearing the height of my emotions. He continued to play with my hard on with his tongue and lips. I could tell that he was yearning for mine too. He may have been dead curious about the statement I made before about having a lot of “supply.”

I continued to play with his still-hard member. This kid is full of vitality.

In a matter of minutes, I finally came. He followed after, making it his second today. We swallowed each other’s cum and ensured to not leave a trace of it.

We were panting really hard. I pulled him down and wrapped him in my embrace. He gave me a seductive look into my eyes. We smiled at each other as we lock our lips into one last kiss. Both of us were sweating and you could tell that the aroma of men lingered within the bathroom; it was like the scent of the sea.

I could still do it the second time around, but did not bother. He looked so exhausted; not to mention he was still intoxicated with the sake we drank.

Unknowingly, he fell asleep in my embrace.

I reached out for a towel in one of the cabinets and wiped his sweat off. Then I picked up our clothes and carried him. I made sure to cover him with our clothes. I didn’t want Ken nor Naoki to see his naked body. He’s mine and mine alone.

We left the bathroom with him being carried, yet again by me. I didn’t mind walking naked around the house. I’m pretty sure that Ken would know what have had happened so he gave some space for us.

Ki-tan was the most precious thing that happened in my life. I’ll make sure to treasure every single moment with him for as long as I live.

When I was walking in the hallway, I paused to look at his sleeping face and kissed him again on his cheek. He unconsciously rubbed his cheek with his hand.

I walked up the stairs that lead to the bedrooms. There were three doors to choose from so I chose the one nearest the flight of stairs.

I was having some difficulties opening the door since I was carrying him and our clothes but I was able to open it. Inside the room was a single bed and a cabinet near the window.

I walked into the room and laid him on the bed. He held on tight to my arms but then let go after a few seconds. He curled up into a ball, assuming a fetal position.

I did my best to dress him up as he sleep but it was only his underwear that I was able to manage to put on him. I covered his body with a quilt and sat down beside him.

I rested for a bit and then decided to get dressed too. I was feeling a bit drowsy myself so I laid beside, facing him. I snuggled myself into the quilt. The space was not enough for both of us so I pulled him close to my embrace so that we could fit in.

I looked at his bright face and reminisced about the times we’ve had so far. Slowly, everything became dark. I didn’t realize that I fell into a deep slumber too.


Minna-san, konnichiwa!

Finally no one interfered! Ha ha. I had a hard time with this chapter, yet again. Writing stuff about xxx is not my forte.

– Ren-kun ★彡

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