CL: Chapter 20 – Can I Drink Alcohol?

(Title – お酒を飲んでもいいですか。- O Sake Wo Non Demoii Desu Ka? – Can I Drink Alcohol?)

Minna-san, Konnichiwa!

This scene happened after the nightmare. Enjoy reading!

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– Ren-kun ★彡


The holidays are officially over and now we’re back to Kyoto. I’m thankful that everything went perfectly well after our vacation. I felt like our friendship has even achieved a new level. I thought that it would be a disaster.

Ryū kept on sticking with me for the past few days after I slept in his room. I don’t mind it though. I thought he would be mad again when I go and meet Ki-kun; but after we had a talk about my status with my best friend, he seems to be more at ease. I’m glad that he is less possessive nowadays.

I could feel something is up with my best friend and Ken-senpai. They have been together most of the time. Whenever all for of us meet during lunchtime, it’s like we’re on a double date. I could feel the weight of the stares of other people.

Sometimes, I want to shrink and disappear or pop like a bubble. Ryū loves showing off in public how sweet he is with me. It’s not like I’m not enjoying it, it’s just that I’m shy and I’m not the showy type of person.

Anyways, today is the second Wednesday since the Golden week.  Classes were suspended because the professors had an urgent meeting about the curriculum. We only had classes until 11 in the morning. Everyone was rejoicing because of this.

When Ki-kun and I left our classroom, we saw Ryū and Ken-senpai waiting for us.

“Aniki,” Ki-kun whispered. “He’s here for me again. What should I do?”

“Well. Don’t you like it?” I teased.

“Huh? Who said I like seeing him?”

“Ha ha just let him be. I think he’s a nice guy. At least you won’t become a third wheel again when you’re with me and Ryū,” I chuckled.

“You’re mean. You’re giving your best friend away,” he frowned.

I pat his back and gave out a sigh. “C’mon. They’re waiting for us,” I said.

“Done with your pep talk?” Ryū said while trying to get my bag.

“Hey, I can carry this on my own. I’m a man too!” I sulked.

“A shameless man who likes strawberries,” he squinted his eyes and took my bag from me.

I just blushed while Ken-senpai laughed.

“Hey, Ishikawa… Ooh can I call you Kichi? We’re friends now right?” Ken-senpai asked.

I nodded in response.

“Great. You can drop the senpai and just call me Ken. I hate being called Senpai. It kinda makes me feel old, ha ha!” He laughed. “Oh I forgot, I was gonna ask, what tips did you give to my wifey? I can tell from how you both talked earlier that it was about us, eh?” He added.

“Stop it Ken. You’re not funny,” Ki-kun sulked.

“What? I like it when you’re mad. You look hotter,” Ken teased.

I laughed when they talked like this. “So do we have any plans for today?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. Ryū and I wanted to invite you in my vacation house in Ohara. Let’s hang out and drink, he he,” Ken enthusiastically said.

I glanced at Ryū with a gloomy face.

“Don’t tell me you don’t drink,” he asked.

“Uhm… can I just have some juice or milk?” I shyly asked.

“Aniki, you don’t drink sake[1]?” Ki-kun looked shocked.

([1] Sake [酒/さけ] means alcoholic beverage)

“I’m still 19[2], so my parents won’t allow me; and I’m afraid it’s bitter,” I fidgeted.

([2] 20 is the legal age for consuming alcohol in Japan.)

“Ha ha! What an adorable kid,” Ryū chuckled as he locked his arm around my neck.

I struggled. “Hey I can’t breathe!”

He pinched my cheek and messed up my hair, like he always does.

“Let’s go. I’ll take care of you. You can try to take a few sips and then I’ll buy you some juice and nutritious snacks. You can try some sweet sake too because I know you don’t like anything bitter,” he offered. He then paused. “Wait– I thought you’re only 18?” he looked betrayed.

“Huh? Did I say that?” I was having cold sweats.

“I’m not dumb. I memorized your introduction when I slept in your room before,” he squinted his eyes.

“Slip of the tongue, he he. Oh Ken, I’m from Ohara. I didn’t know you have a vacation house there?” I changed the topic.

When Ken was about to respond, Ryū pinched my cheeks hard with both of his hands.

“Ouch! What’s that for?” I yelled as I rub my face.

“For lying. Don’t lie again,” he ordered.

“Fine, hmpf.”

We left the campus and drove off to Ohara. I’m ecstatic that I am able to go there again. I could introduce my friends to my parents.

It was almost an hour drive. I finally saw familiar scenery. This is my neighborhood. I love the rural scenery. Since it’s springtime, there were a lot of beautiful cherry blossoms and azaleas. I could tell that everyone loved it. I opened the window. The breeze was warm as it caresses my face and gently blows my hair. We went past our house. I popped my head outside the window and pointed out to everyone my house like a kid.

“Let’s visit your parents later,” Ryū said while driving the car.

I smiled and nodded.

“Cool Aniki. I want to see your room,” Ki-kun said.

“That’s off limits,” Ryū butted in.

“Hey, that’s my house. Not yours,” I pulled his ear.

“Hey, I’m driving. Do you want to die?”

“Sorry,” I chuckled.

We finally reached Ken’s vacation house. It was about 15 minutes from my house. I didn’t know that he’s got a place here. Well, how should I know when I’ve never interacted with any of my neighbors.

We got out of the car. I helped in carrying the food and beverage we bought along the way. I looked around as I enjoyed the view. The house was seated atop the hill. I could even see my house from here. I yelled “Yahoo!” because I was overjoyed.

“Heh, always acting like a moron,” Ryū sarcastically said.

“And you always act like a jerk,” I retorted then sticked my tongue out to tease him. I turned and ran.

“Come here you!” He came running after me.

“Hey guys. The ants will get diabetes from your sweetness. My little wifey, can I make lovey dovey with you too?” Ken said.

“Stop. You’re not cute and I’m not your wife. You should be the wife,” Ki-kun rolled his eyes as he raised his hand to stop Ken from touching him.

“I was just kidding, he he,” Ken chuckled as he pat Ki-kun’s back. “Let’s all go inside and prepare our food.”

There was a garden table near the front porch. We decided to eat outside to enjoy the scenery. It was really a fine day and I felt like not going back to school the next day, ha ha.

“No snack or sweets until you finish your meal,” Ryū ordered as if he was my mom.

“You’re not my mother!” I said.

“I’m not but you’re under my care, and you do as I say,” he nagged.

“Fine,” I knitted my brows.

After having a hearty meal. Ken and Ryū prepared the sake. My eyes twinkled when I saw the strawberry-flavored one but I hesitated. I don’t want them to tease me again for being a kid. I want to try the stronger, bitter ones.

Ken opened a bottle and he was about to hand it over to Ryū when I snatched it from him. “Can I drink this?” I said. I was curious about the taste because I never tried drinking anything with alcohol before.

“Are you sure you can take it?” Ryū doubted.

“Yes. I’m a man,” I deepened my voice.

“Heh, a man who likes being sucked by another man,” he teased.

“What?” Ki-kun reacted.

“It was nothing Ki-kun. Ryū you’re shameless!” My face warmed up and I could tell that I was already blushing.

I took a gulp of the sake and I coughed because of the taste. Yuck it was really bitter! I tried to stay composed and acted like I had no reaction.

“How was it, kid?” Ken asked.

“It was fine,” I wanted to vomit.

After a few minutes, the other three were discussing stuff I didn’t care about. I felt like an alien because I couldn’t relate. I wanted to open up about the latest chapters I read in One Piece or the new manga that I was reading (Fairy Tail) but I know that they were not interested with those kinds of stuff. I just continued drinking the sake. I drank till the last drop of the bottle that I was holding. I took another, then another, then another.

They have been talking endlessly so that I felt sleepy. I had the urge to pee so I stood up. Wait, why is the world spinning? I felt lightheaded. I hiccuped and then belched.

“I think you’re drunk,” Ryū said.

“Huh? Baby, who told you I’m drunk? I’m strong!” I hiccuped again.

Wait– what did I just call him?

There was a moment of silence. Everyone was dumbfounded: one, because I called him baby; and two, because I was playing with Ryū’s lips using my fingers.

I couldn’t remember everything that happened after that…

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