CL: Chapter 18 – The Greatest Devotion

(Title – この上ない熱愛 – Konouenai Netsuai – The Greatest Devotion)

Ken’s POV

Midori no Hi[1], which was previously the 29th of April, was moved today, the 4th of May.

([1] The current observation of Greenery Day [みどりの日] as a national holiday in Japan stems from the celebration of the Emperor Shōwa’s birthday on April 29 every year during the Shōwa era. The day was renamed to “Greenery Day” to acknowledge the controversial wartime emperor’s love for plants without directly mentioning his name. In 2007, Greenery Day moved to May 4, and April 29 was changed to Shōwa Day in accordance with a 2005 revision of the law pertaining to public holidays.)

“I’m so beat,” I groaned. We have been roaming around all week. Yeah I like the scenery but I’m really not that type who always runs around going sightseeing. The main reason why I’m here is because I want to get closer to Sakaguchi. Why did Ryū and Ishikawa have to join us?

All three of them decided to go out. I just stayed here in my soon-to-be wife’s home for me to conduct my secret investigation. He he. I pretended not to feel well so that I can stay here for a while.

I went around asking the maids and helpers about Sakaguchi’s past: what was he like when he was a kid, what does he like, everything about him! I’ve got a handful of information that I can use to seduce him thanks to this plan that I schemed.

Last thing to do: go to his room. Fortunately, he did not lock his room. I sneaked in to rummage and find out more about him. His room is so neat and so orderly. It actually reflects his personality.

Right now, I’m having a day dream about us living together: me, going to work and him, staying at home to be my lovely wife. Ooh~~ I’m getting goosebumps thinking about this. Ha ha ha!

I checked out his cabinet and there were a lot of clothes that were organized well. Some were hung and some were folded. His scent immediately caught my attention as I tried to check on every article. I just love this faint sweet scent of vanilla that he has.

On his bed, I saw the camera that he was holding onto when we were traveling. Strange, why had he left it? I scanned the photos to see if he took a shot of my handsome, Adonis-like face. I’m so damn excited. Ha ha!

A sharp pain suddenly ran up my spine, like I was hit by lighting. Why is it that most of the photos here are of that Ishikawa kid? It’s like every action, every smile, every cute act he made; it was taken carefully by Sakaguchi.

For some reason, I got depressed. I have been working so hard to get him to notice me but it turns out that he likes his own best friend! I’m not stupid to not understand the meaning of this. I’m not dense.

I decided to go to my room and just plopped on the sofa beside the window. God! What does that Ishikawa have to make two guys go gaga over him?

Unknowingly, I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. When I woke up, it was dark already. The light in my room was not switched on. I yawned and scratched my neck. I sluggishly got up to switch on the light. I checked on the time and it was already 7 in the evening. I guess they should be back by now.

I went to look all over for them. I checked on the game room, the living area, the dining hall, the garden, everywhere! I even knocked on their rooms but no one was still around. I decided to ask the helpers and they mentioned that they haven’t come back yet.

I hunched my back and gave out a deep sigh. I climbed up the staircase to go back to my room. I closed the door and decided to lay on my bed.

While I was staring blankly at the ceiling, I heard someone rushing along the hallway. I got so excited so I opened the door. There, I saw my beloved wife dashing off to his room and looked like he was crying. My heart was crushed into shambles from the sight of that. What could have happened?

“Hey babe, what’s wrong?” I asked.

He was standing in front of his bedroom door with his face against the door. He looked terrible! My spirit almost left my body.

“Senpai, I don’t have time to joke about with you. Please, leave me alone!” he yelled as he sobbed.

“Hey, look. I’m just concerned. You can talk to me. I’m a good listener,” I calmly said. I approached him and hugged him tightly with his back facing me. “There, there,” I said.

He turned around to face me and started to tuck his face on my chest. He was really crying… so much that it broke my heart.

I hugged him tighter and pressed my chin on top of his left shoulder. He was panting. “Shhh…,” I tried my best to calm him down.

“Senpai… I don’t know why but it really hurts. I decided to let go of my feelings for him but seeing him happy with somebody else is making me feel so left out. I was like a third wheel earlier. They never even paid any attention to me. Ryū-senpai kept on hugging onto Kichirō-san, as if I was going to steal him from him!” he continued to sob to the point that my shirt was already wet from his tears.

“I’m listening. Just let it out,” I let him continue.

“I was alone most of my life. Now that I found someone who values me, who cares for me, that person is now being taken away by somebody else! Do you know how that hurts?!?” I hugged tight onto him as he pounded on my chest. I didn’t take it personally as I know where he is coming from.

“Hey, Naoki? If it’s okay for me to call you by your first name. I’m here for you. You can use me. I may not look like it but I am really serious about my feelings for you. The moment I met you, I never looked back on anyone else. I know how it hurts to be just in the shadows, hoping to be noticed by the one that you love, who turns out to be in love with someone else. Trust me, I know. Don’t you know how my chest feels so heavy seeing you in this state?” I started to confess my true feelings for him.

“Senpai, what do you like about me? There’s nothing special about me. I’m a boring person. I know you’re the type who always parties around and is loved by everyone. I’m the complete opposite,” he reasoned. At least somehow, he calmed down a bit.

I stared into his eyes and said: “Yes you’re boring and too serious. You have the mental age of a 50-year old. You’re a neat freak. You’re too formal. I know all of that. I like everything about you. I tease you a lot because I want you to notice me. Even if you’re pissed off with me, it’s enough; as long as you get to notice me. That was enough. I was good with that at first. I didn’t want to pursue my feelings for you; but seeing you in this state, I’m more than willing to make you mine. No matter how long, I will wait for you to forget Ishikawa. I will remain in the shadows for you. I’ll always be there if you need me. I will never let you down and I promise to be there for you through it all…”

He was speechless and tears started to fall from his eyes again.

“Did I say anything wrong? I know that this is not the right time for me to confess, but I just wanted to let you know that you’re never alone because I’m here. Please stop crying?” I gazed into his eyes with a reassuring and tender tone. I couldn’t help it so I pecked on the side of his lips.

“Hey, Senpai. I haven’t accepted you and you see that I’m crying, yet you’re being shameless again,” he chuckled.

“That’s what I want to see. I want to see a happy Naoki. From this moment on, I will do my best to make you happy — wait… did you say ‘I haven’t accepted you?’ So does that mean I have a chance?!?” I was so elated when his words started to sink in me. I almost jumped because I was overjoyed.

“Ha ha! Let’s see,” he chuckled and flashed a radiant smile.

He was too cute for me to bear. I will definitely melt into a puddle! I reached out for his face with my hands and cupped his face. “You’re so cute,” I said.

He blushed and started to wipe off the tears on his face.

This is definitely a huge leap in my 20 years of existence. I’m confident that my devotion for him won’t be unrequited forever…

“C’mon, let me carry you to your room, bridal style, he he!” I teased.

“Senpai!” he yelled.

To be continued…


Hi everyone!

This is still part of the Golden Week Arc but I decided to give a different title for this chapter.

Finally, Ken was able to confess and Naoki even gave a hint that he’s got a chance on him! Good job, Ken!

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