CL: Chapter 16 – Golden Week, Part 4

(Title – ゴールデンウィーク – Gōruden Wīku Part 4 – Golden Week, Part 4)

Warning: Mature content

Ryū’s POV

I stopped kissing him and moved close to his ear. With my lips touching the lobe of his ear, I whispered: “Can I have a free taste tonight?”

He tried to shove me off but I resisted. I bit his ear lobe and played with it using my tongue. I went further down to his collarbone and started to suck his soft skin. He whimpered and was pushing me away with one hand. His push was weak. I could tell that his mind was fighting with what his body truly desires.

I looked him in the eye and said: “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to hurt you, Ki-tan.”

He finally relaxed. He closed his eyes and bit his lower lip. Damn, he looked so cute. With my hands, I pinned his arms, raised on each side. I began to kiss his lips again. I nibbled his lower lip and he finally granted me entrance. I took the time to explore his mouth with my tongue. Our tongues finally met and they danced along with the heat that flowed within our bodies.

From a soft and gentle kiss, it began to intensify, showing the aggression that we have been holding on for each other for a long time. My crotch reacted as he moaned. I could feel my legs touching his hard-on.

I’ve let go of one of his hands and started to slither all the way to his pants. I caressed his manhood and he started to moan.

“Ugh, Ryū… please… touch me…” he was pleading.

I wore a seductive smile and whispered: “As you wish.”

I unzipped his pants for him. He started to take his pants off while we continued kissing. He was wearing a pair of red boxers. I grabbed onto his hard-on without hesitation. I could feel his undergarments becoming wet from his precum.

I chuckled and said: “So shameless.”

He blushed and pouted. “Please continue,” he pleaded in between our kisses.

I pulled off from his kiss and I could tell that he wanted to kiss me some more. I flashed a faint smile and started to take his shirt of. I laid him supine on the bed with his legs dangled on the edge. I went on to play with his erect nipples with my hands as I left kiss marks on his neck to mark my territory.

“Ahhh~~ Senpai… Stop… They’ll see these…” he yelped.

“It’s okay. At least they’d know you’re mine,” I chuckled.

I couldn’t wait anymore so I stood in front of him and marveled at my lover’s body. His hair was messy with his eyes closed and a little bit teary from pleasure. His lips were red and swollen from our kiss. He was blushing all over. There were hickeys on his neck and on his chest. His nipples were red and erect from my constant rubbing. What even intensified my hunger for him was the bulge in between his legs.

I bent over and started to tickle his inner thighs with my tongue. I started to suck as I played, using my right hand, with his hard-on.

He started to flex his legs from the tickling sensation that it brought him. “Stop it!” he chuckled.

“Why would I?” I groaned. I’ve released his thighs and started to lick his manhood that was fully erect and resting under his boxers. He arched his back and raised his hips toward my face. I slapped his thigh and said, “We’re not yet officially dating and you’re already showing your lewdness.” I chuckled.

I grabbed for his waistband and pulled off his boxers. I saw his fully erected member and it even touched my lips after I removed his undergarment. He trembled and started to whimper. He was panting. “Please have your free taste,” he begged.

I smiled and started to lick the base of his member with my other hand playing with his balls. I slid my tongue up to the tip and I enclosed his other head with my warm lips. I could taste a faint saltiness mixed with sweetness as my tongue massaged the tip. He precummed so much that I want to swallow every drop of it. I took off my towel that wrapped around my waist and started to rub my own member with my other hand.

I started sucking his member as my head moved in an up-and-down motion. He arched his back and I could sense that he wanted to thrust with his little pet into my mouth. Just when I wanted to allow him to do so, I heard someone opening the door knob.

“Shit!” both of us whispered while gritting our teeth.

He stood up fast and took his clothes. He ran toward the bathroom while I wrapped the towel on my waist again. I laid on the bed on my side, assuming a fetal position. I made sure that I composed myself as I was breathing heavily earlier.

“Guys, are you done taking a bath? We have been waiting for you. C’mon let’s eat,” someone said.

I looked back and saw that it was that Sakaguchi guy. I was pissed off as we were not able to finish what we were doing. I sighed and just let it go. “Bench boy is still taking a bath,” I calmly said.

“Oh, okay Senpai,” he said. “Kichirō-san, please hurry up. Dinner’s getting cold!” he yelled.

The bathroom door slightly opened. I’m almost done!” Ki-tan responded.

“I’ll wait for you two then,” Sakaguchi responded.

Shit! How can I change into clean clothes with him around? He will see that mine’s still erect.

“Hey kid, step out of the room, will you? I just need to put on my clothes,” I ordered him.

“Sorry Senpai,” he embarrassingly responded, got out, and closed the door.

I put on clean clothes immediately. I could hear Ki-tan taking a shower. After a few minutes, he came out of the bathroom. He took off the towel that was covering his lower part while I was there and hurried to put on clean clothes. He looked so flustered.

I chuckled as I stared at him. I didn’t know that he would be this careless in front of me; not to mention, he even disregarded that I was watching him as he stood there naked.

While he was putting on a new pair of boxers, he lifted his head and looked at me. “Can you turn around?” he asked.

“Why should I? I already saw everything,” I teased.

He just blushed and hesitated. He turned around with his plump arse facing me as he continued dressing himself.

My member hardened again from the sight of that. “Are you seducing me?” I said.

“No I’m not! You wouldn’t turn your back. It’s not my fault!” he sulked.

“Fine. Make it fast then,” I responded.

After he was done putting on some clothes, we both left the room. Sakaguchi was pacing back and forth on the hallway.

“What’s up with you?” Ki-tan asked.

“Oh, Aniki. It’s nothing. Let’s go,” he responded. He looked startled.

We went down to the dining hall. Ken was already seated in one of the chairs. He looked like he was about to drool from the mouth-watering food that was served on the table.

“What took you so long, guys? I’m starving,” Ken whined.

We just ignored him as the food on the table caught our attention. There were a lot of delicacies native to Hokkaido: kaisen-don[1], jingisukan[2], ishikari nabe[3], soup curry[4], and many others that I haven’t tried before.

(For the notes, refer to the bottom of the page.)

For once, I was impressed with this kid. I could tell that these foods were tasty. I started to hear my stomach growling.

I laced my fingers with Ki-tan and I helped him sit beside me. Ki-tan was blushing. Everyone was staring at us: that asshole Ken, Sakaguchi, and the maids. I noticed that his family was not around.

“Ki-kun, where’s your mom and dad? Your sister?” Ki-tan asked.

“Uhm, my parents are abroad managing our business. My sister is in Tokyo, visiting her friend. Basically, it’s just us here,” he explained.

“Oh, I thought they would be around,” Ki-tan remarked.

“Don’t worry Aniki. You’ll meet them soon. My sister will be back by Tuesday and my parents will return (hopefully) on Wednesday. They wanted to meet you,” he smiled.

I could feel my chest tighten as my right hand started to form into a knuckle. I couldn’t help but be jealous from what I’m hearing. I was about to stand but Ki-tan held on my hand.

Like a baby, lulled into sleep, the jealousy I felt started to fade away.

“Hey babe, how come your family wants to meet Ishikawa while I’m your husband?” Ken started goofing around again.

“Senpai, would you like me to add some poison in your food? Or would you prefer dog food?” Sakaguchi sarcastically said while forcing a smile on his face.

“Nah, I’m good,” Ken responded.

I couldn’t believe that someone can actually tame this asshole friend of mine. To be honest, they both look good together. I’d rather give Ken to this kid than my little Kichirō. I would seriously kill him (Sakaguchi) if he would try to make advances toward my Ki-tan.

To be continued…


[1] Kaisen-don – is a Rice Bowl which some different Sashimi are placed on Sushi Rice. Normally, it’s served at Sushi restaurants and popular for lunch. In the story, Naoki served this to his guests to give them a taste of Hokkaido cuisine.

[2] Jingisukan – (“Genghis Khan”) is a Japanese grilled mutton dish prepared on a convex metal skillet or other grill. The dish is particularly popular on the northern island of Hokkaidō, in China and in Thailand. The dish is rumored to be so named because, in prewar Japan, lamb was widely thought to be the meat of choice among Mongolian soldiers, and the dome-shaped skillet is meant to represent the soldiers’ helmets that they purportedly used to cook their food.

[3] Ishikari Nabe – is various types of nabemono (food cooked in the Japanese clay pot) made of salmon and vegetables. It can be miso flavor, soy sauce flavor, or some people even add some milk. The bottom line is that fresh salmon has to be included in the hotpot.

[4] Soup Curry – comes with vegetables, rice, and various toppings and is a specialty in Sapporo.


I had a hard time writing this chapter as I’m not good with writing stuff about XXX. I hope you liked it though. Sorry if the scene was cut abruptly ha ha! Please don’t forget to vote and leave your comments.

– Ren-kun (^o^)

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