CL: Chapter 15 – Golden Week, Part 3

(Title – ゴールデンウィーク – Gōruden Wīku Part 3 – Golden Week, Part 3)

We arrived in Chitose around 7 in the evening. There were a lot of people: locals and tourists. I’m getting dizzy.

I almost forgot that it’s the holidays so I’m pretty sure we would really have a hard time traveling and sightseeing. We were lucky enough to book a flight here. Wait, who paid for the tickets? I can’t recall Ki-kun ever asking payment from us. He may ask us later on. It’s a good thing my parents gave me enough pocket money to survive on this trip.

I’m not really used to being in crowded places, especially when I just stayed at home being a bum for a year. I was thinking that we were going to commute to Sapporo but Ki-kun said that someone will pick us up.

We saw a black car outside the airport. His father probably came to drive for us. He got out of the car and opened the car door for us. We greeted him. I started by saying: “Naoki no otousan, konbanwa[1]!”

([1] 直樹のお父さん、こんばんわ! – literally means “Good evening Naoki’s father.”)

Ki-kun chuckled. “He’s not my father. He’s our driver, Tanaka-san,” he said.

“Oh,” I was speechless and felt embarrassed.

“Ha ha! That’s fine young man. You must be Bocchan’s [2] best friend, Ishikawa-kun?” he smiled.

([2] 坊ちゃん – meaning “young master.”)

Wait, what did he just say? I just smiled and nodded in response.

“Ojisan[3], please stop calling me bocchan. I feel awkward,” Ki-kun blushed.

([3] 叔父さん – uncle)

“As you wish, Naoki-kun,” he smiled.

We got into the expensive looking car (Forgot what was the brand. I’m not good with car brands. LOL). Ki-kun sat in front while me, Ryū, and Ken-senpai in the back. I was supposed to sit in the middle but Ryū doesn’t want me to sit beside Ken-senpai.

It was almost an hour when we reached Sapporo. Sapporo has a modern feel as compared with Kyoto. Back in our place, they really kept the Japanese culture alive.

Ki-kun then started talking because we were all silent; probably tired from school and traveling. “We’re almost near our house. Let’s have a hearty meal once we get there,” he looked back and smiled.

“Will my mother-in-law be the one cooking? Or will it be you? Ooh~~ I want to eat anything you will cook for us, he he,” Ken-senpai started to tease Ki-kun again.

“I’ll give you poison later. You can drink it as much as you like,” Ki-kun responded with a straight face.

“I’ll go for the dessert then. Can I have you as my dessert?” Ken-senpai grinned.

“Ugh!” Ki-kun looked agitated.

I snickered seeing them bickering.

“Why are you laughing by yourself again? I’m starting to have second thoughts about dating a psycho like you,” Ryū harshly said to me.

“Hmpf! I never forced you in the first place,” I rebutted.

He pinched my cheek after saying that. “You’re so cute when you’re angry,” he chuckled.

I blushed and did not respond. I moved close to his ear and murmured, “Can’t you see there are other people in here?”

“I don’t care,” he said then pecked me on the cheek.

From pink, I became red all over. I checked on the others. Fortunately, Ki-kun didn’t see anything but when I checked on Ken-senpai, he has been eavesdropping all along. He was laughing by himself.

“So, Ishikawa, what did you feed my best friend to get him to like you?” Ken-senpai blurted out.

I almost choked when he asked me that question. “Uhm~~” is all I can say.

“Mind your own business,” Ryū harshly said.

“Hey, I deserve the right to know. I’m your best friend and will be your groomsman in your wedding; not to mention, he is my wifey’s best friend,” he went on teasing all of us.

“Shut up!” Ryū roared.

“Kichirō-san, you have other best friends aside from me? I didn’t know that,” Ki-kun added.

“Hey, you’re so mean, babe,” Ken-senpai pouted.

“Don’t call me that! Ano… Ojisan, kindly kick this man out of the car and don’t let him in the house,” he yelled then ordered Ojisan.

Ojisan just laughed and continued driving.

We were now in a neighborhood where the residents seem to be quite well-off. I could see mansions with big gardens and pools as well. My eyes flickered in awe. This was enough sightseeing for me. Even though it was night time, I can still see clearly because of the well-lit mansions.

“We’re here,” Ki-kun announced to the group.

We saw a big gate open automatically as the car approached. We traversed their lavish garden that looked like a big park. We had to drive for a minute or two before we reached their front porch. Damn, their house was big, it was like a mansion! It gave off an old Western-style architecture vibe. “How come you never told me you were this rich?” I asked Ki-kun.

“I’m not. My parents are, but not me,” he responded.

Ryū looked unimpressed. I already know that he came from a rich family as well. Ken-senpai looked natural as always. I could tell that he was rich too because he was not as shocked as I was. Am I a beggar who befriended rich people? Ha ha.

Ki-kun looked at Ryū and Ken-senpai and said: “Senpais, you can have your own rooms.”

Ryū just nodded while Ken-senpai whined. “I want to stay in your room,” he pouted.

“You can stay outside for all I care,” he was so cold toward Ken-senpai.

I laughed hard, as usual.

“Aniki, you can stay with me in my room. The other guest rooms are under renovation so…” he shyly said to me.

“Uhm…” I don’t know how to respond so I looked at Ryū. He looked like he was about to explode. I did not respond since I know that he will get mad if I chose to stay with Ki-kun.

“He stays with me,” Ryū demanded.

“So what’s your decision, Kichirō-san?” Ki-kun asked me.

“I’ll stay with Ryū. I mean, this is your house. I don’t want to invade your personal space,” I reasoned.

“It’s fine with me. We are best friend’s anyway but if that is your wish, then so be it,” he responded with a smile. “You can go to your rooms first to freshen up and then let’s all gather in the dining hall around 9 for a late dinner,” he added.

Now I know why Ki-kun always talked with formalities. He was rich. How come the other two with me act so different? Ha ha.

We all went inside and the maids walked us to our room. Ryū went in first. The room contained a king-sized bed. To the right, there was a bathroom and a hot tub. I really wanted to try the hot tub. I knew it would feel so nice to dip in it.

“I know what you’re thinking, Ki-tan~~ let’s have a warm dip later,” Ryū morphed into a different person again. He dropped his bag on the bed and took out clean clothes. He went in to the bathroom to take a bath.

I dropped my bag on the floor and just plopped on the bed. I dozed off.

I was dreaming that I was in a strawberry field, harvesting fresh strawberries. I wore a summer hat and felt really content. There was a river made up of pink milk near the strawberry fields. I’m in paradise! I don’t want to wake up. While I was engrossed in this dream of mine, I felt something flicking my nose.

I woke up and saw that Ryū’s face was close to mine. He was topless with a towel wrapped around his waist. He was on top of me!

“Wake up sleepy head. We need to eat. I don’t want to sleep with someone who hasn’t taken a bath yet,” he said with a deep, seductive tone.

I felt my “little pet” harden a bit. I was so ashamed that I kicked him unintentionally. He became unstable so his body dropped on top of me. His lips accidentally touched mine. My eyes grew big. I was panicking internally.

He just stared at me with our lips still together. He seductively winked at me. He closed his eyes and started to bite my lower lip. I could feel his tongue sweeping my lips and begging my mouth to open so that it could meet mine.

He stopped kissing me and moved closer to my ear. With his manly voice he groaned, “Can I have a free taste tonight?”

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