CL: Chapter 14 – Golden Week, Part 2

(Title – ゴールデンウィーク – Gōruden Wīku Part 2 – Golden Week, Part 2)

During lunchtime, I was about to leave our classroom when Ki-kun stopped me.

“Hey, Kichirō-san. Are you avoiding me?” he asked.

“Huh? Who gave you that idea?” I was curious, as usual.

“We usually hang out during lunchtime, but now, you always go with Ryū-senpai,” he looked sad.

I held on his right hand and reassured him: “There’s nothing wrong. I’m not avoiding you. We are best friends remember? It’s just that–”

“What? You’re dating Ryū-senpai?” he interrupted.

“Don’t be like that. See? I’m finding a way to go with you to Sapporo. You can also eat lunch with us,” I calmly said while looking into his eyes. I did not respond whether I was dating Ryū or not.

“Ahem. Am I interrupting something?” a deep voice suddenly resonated within the empty room.

I noticed that all of our classmates already left except for me and Ki-kun. I glanced toward the door and I saw that it was Ryū who spoke. I immediately let go of Ki-kun’s hand.

“Sorry Senpai. I will leave you and Kichirō-san alone,” he said with a sad tone and grabbed his bag. He was about to leave the classroom when I stopped him.

“Ki-kun! Stop, come join us for lunch,” I said. I looked at Ryū with a deadly glare.

He just shrugged and rolled his eyes.

“Are you sure Senpai won’t mind?” Ki-kun responded.

“Yes, he won’t mind, will you?” I glanced at Ryū in an attempt to convince him.

“Fine,” he sounded like he was forced to agree.

All three of us went to the cafeteria to grab something to eat. While on the way, we did not talk. I felt awkward so I started to talk. “Ryū, Ki-kun invited us to go to Sapporo. Let’s go, okay? I know it will be fun.”

As usual, he did not respond. He just gave me a cold shoulder. I was resolute to go so I went on pestering him. “C’mon let’s go. Ken-senpai will be joining us. Please?” I used my ultimate attack — my puppy eyes.

At first, he glared; then, he couldn’t help but chuckle. “Okay, let’s go but just this once,” he smiled.

We happily ate lunch. Ki-kun also booked the flight for all four us to Sapporo. I was happy that I was able to make it out of the cafeteria alive. I thought a war was about to start. Now, at least I know what power I have over Ryū. I laughed to myself.

Ryū caught me and said: “Are you crazy?”

“Hmpf,” I crossed my arms and gave him a cold shoulder.


After class, I notified my parents that I will not go home for the Golden Week. They were hesitant at first but when I said that I was going to Hokkaido with my friends, they happily agreed. I knew that it’s been a long time since I mentioned that I have friends. They were delighted to know that I’m finally opening up to others.

After leaving my classroom, we saw Ryū and Ken-senpai waiting for us. Ryū always had that straight face while Ken-senpai smiled and obviously winked at the person beside me. I smiled but Ki-kun glared at Ken-senpai.

Ken-senpai raised his hands to show that he surrendered. “Hey, are you having your period? You’re so grouchy lately, he he,” he teased.

Ki-kun just ignored him. “I already booked a flight for us and it will be at 5 pm. Let’s all meet at the Kyoto Station around 2:30 pm so that we can arrive early at the Kansai Airport,” he said.

“Awesome! My babe is so well-prepared for our honeymoon, ha ha!” Ken-senpai laughed.

Ryū and I just sighed.

Ki-kun looked pale. He bit his lower lip and went on talking to me. “Aniki, I’ll see you both (me and Ryū) later. Let’s not bring some random person with us,” he listlessly said then went off to go to his dorm.

“Hey, wait for me!” Ken-senpai ran after him.

“What’s up with them?” I asked Ryū.

“Dunno,” he uninterestingly responded.

We went back to our dorm. I took a quick shower and started packing my stuff. Due to excitement and my impulsiveness, I packed two big traveling bags. Ryū came in to my room carrying one traveling bag. I squinted my eyes.

“Will that be enough for you?” I asked.

He shrugged in response. He looked pissed off when he saw I was bringing two big bags. He started to rummage through my luggage.

“Hey, what are you doing?!?” I yelled.

“Removing unnecessary things,” he calmly said while arranging my bag.

After he was done, from two, it became just one traveling bag.

“Wow,” I remarked in awe.

“This is how you travel,” he smirked.


We arrived at the airport around half past four. “Hara hetta[1],” I mumbled.

([1] Hara hetta [はらへった] – “hara” means “stomach or abdomen” while “hetta” means “to decrease.” When combined, it means “my stomach has flattened or I’m hungry.” This is a very masculine way of saying you are hungry.)

“Heh, trying to act manly. Here, buy food,” Ryū smirked while giving me money.

I happily took the money and bought a lot of snacks since my stomach was growling. Last time I ate was around 12 pm.

When I got back to the waiting area, they all gave me an awkward look. Ryū did his usual face-palm gesture.

“What?” I said.

“Kichirō-san, why did you buy a lot of junk foods,” Ki-kun asked.

“Pfft!” Ken-senpai wanted to laugh but he covered his mouth.

“Give me that!” Ryū roared.

“Hey! That’s my food!” I cried.

“You said you were hungry yet you bought this crap?!?” he was furious. He walked away with the snacks I bought.

In a few minutes, he got back with some food. This time, he was holding a bento meal that contained sushi, tempura, rice, and some stir-fried vegetables. He also bought a bottle of strawberry juice.

My eyes sparkled when I saw these. I almost drooled.

“Eat this fast,” he calmly said.

“Aniki, make it fast, it’s almost five,” Ki-kun reminded me.

“Aren’t you going to buy food for your best friend?” Ken-senpai sulked.

“Go buy your own food,” Ryū coldly responded.

“Sakaguchi-kun~~ buy me food!” He whined like a baby while talking to Ki-kun.

“Okay but just shut up for a while, Senpai. Ki-kun looked pissed but went to buy him food.

Ken-senpai looked happy that his “wife” bought him food.

While I was eating, I got curious so I asked Ryū: “What did you do to my snacks?”

“I threw them away,” he plainly said.

“Why? Don’t you know that many people around the world go hungry while here you are, throwing valuable food away,” I scolded him.

“Will they become full if you ate that junk?” he retorted.

“Just-,” I wasn’t able to respond because I was dumbfounded.

Ki-kun then arrived with the food he bought for Ken-senpai. He handed the food over to him and then muttered: “The younger one is taking care of the older.”

“Did you say anything, sweetie?” Ken-senpai teased with squinted eyes.

“Ugh! No. And please stop calling me names!” he looked annoyed.

I just laughed seeing them “getting along” like this. I almost choked because of them.

We happily ate while the other two just looked at us.

Finally, we got onboard the plane. In a few hours, we would be in Chitose, then on to Sapporo. This is definitely going to be one of the best Golden Weeks for me.

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