CL: Chapter 12 – Why Did I Have to End Up Falling Completely in Love with You?


(Title – どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? – Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō? – Why Did I Have to End Up Falling Completely in Love with You?)

Hi to Tohoshinki fans out there. LOL

– Ren-kun


He was about to walk out. I had to say something to stop him. “Date me,” I firmly said.

“Eh?” he turned around and responded.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?” I furrowed my brows. “I won’t repeat it.”

His eyes grew big and he paused for a few seconds. He looked like he was thinking. “What do you exactly like about me? I’m awkward; I’m not tall nor good looking; I’m nerdy and clumsy; on top of that, we’re both guys,” he curiously asked.

“Do I need a reason? I just like you. That’s it,” I was stiff with my feelings.

“Aren’t you afraid that this will tarnish your reputation? What about your family? Won’t they get mad at you for liking a guy?” he went on with his curiosity spree. He looked concerned when he was asking me these questions.

There was a moment of silence but I was at the height of my emotions; I was unyielding. I’m sure of what I felt for him. “I don’t care about others. I only care about us. No more questions,” I plainly said.

He looked dumbfounded. His face was pale, as if all of his blood was drained from his body. I saw beads of sweat starting to appear on his forehead.

“Did you even ask me if I like you?” he found another question to ask. He’s obviously the type of guy who would always ask questions, just to satisfy his curiosity.

“Enough questions. I won’t force you to like me. Just date me and see for yourself,” I persisted. I was a bit annoyed but I had to control my temper so that I could make him say yes.

I picked my bag up and headed toward him. I held onto his shoulders and had him face me. I tried to make his eyes meet mine but he was intentionally looking somewhere else to avoid my gaze.

My brows knitted but I changed my facial expression so that he wouldn’t feel awkward or afraid. I held on his cheeks with my hands on each side and made him look at me. Our eyes finally met. I smirked and bent my knees a bit. I rested my chin on top of his left shoulder and then I groaned into his ear, “Why did I have to end up falling completely in love with you?”

He froze and went from being pale to blushing red all over. I moved away from his ear and chuckled. I looked into his eyes again. He was completely speechless. He looked so cute. Since I cannot control my feelings anymore, I held on his shoulders again and kissed him on his forehead.

“Senpai!” he sulked and was obviously trembling.

I just chuckled. “I know you liked it. Don’t say you don’t,” I teased.

“I–,” he was about to say something but he did not continue.

Deep inside me, I was laughing seeing him like this but I had to stay calm. “You look stupid,” I said while trying to hold my laughter from coming out.

I never knew that I had this sappy side of me. It’s really only him who can bring out this unknown side of me.

I held onto his hand and we walked out of the locker room. It was already dark so I can hold on his hand some more without anyone noticing. This is still something new to me since it’s my first time dating a guy.

We headed for our dormitory. While walking, we were so quiet. I had to say something. Fuck, I could use some tips from Ken. This is already awkward for me and I can sense that he is feeling the same. I unconsciously chuckled thinking about us.

“What’s so funny, Senpai?” he pouted.

“Nothing. I’m just thinking how stupidly cute you are,” I continued to chuckle.

“Hey! That’s not funny. They said that if you like someone, you should praise them more. Why is it that I feel that you are criticizing me, Senpai?” he was obviously sulking.

“Hey, you should be happy that you can make me smile and laugh like this. You should be honored,” I said.

“You’re so full of yourself. I thought you were the mature type but you’re childish in your own way, hmp!” he said while gritting his teeth. I can see his thick brows knitting.

“You’re so cute. I want to eat you all up,” I said as I pinched his cheek with my other hand.

“Ouch, Senpai!” he growled like a little kitten.

“Hey, moving forward, don’t call me Senpai anymore. You can call me Ryū,” I stiffly said.

“Wouldn’t that be impolite?” he asked.

“It’s fine. We’re dating anyway,” I smiled.

“I never said that I agreed to date you,” he frowned.

“You don’t have to agree. I agreed in your behalf,” I laughed. “And if you don’t agree, why are you letting me hold you like this?” I asked. I can play his game of asking questions, too.

“Ano sa… did you eat already?” he nervously asked. He obviously wanted to change the topic.

“See? You can’t win against me. Stupid. You’ve seen me all day and you should know that I haven’t eaten yet,” I responded.

“Can you cook for me?” he asked.

I pondered if we still had enough time. While thinking, I heard his stomach growling.

“Your stomach is as shameless as you are,” I chuckled.

“Sorry. I have been waiting for you all day,” he said with a flat tone.

My heart fluttered upon hearing that. I excitedly said: “Let’s eat somewhere nice. My treat.”

He’s eyes sparkled as if he saw a treasure chest full of gold and precious stones. He looked silly.

“Really?” he asked.

“Didn’t I just say it?” I said while squinting my eyes.

“Tee hee! Where should we eat then?” he looked happy.

“Anywhere you like,” I smiled.

“Is there a restaurant with that name?” he frowned.

“You’re a real moron. I was saying, we could eat wherever you like, just name it,” I scolded him.

“You’re so harsh, Ryū! I was just kidding!” he shouted but then blushed. I bet he realized what he just called me.

“Heh, you finally said my name without the honorifics,” I was delighted. I patted his head for being obedient.

“Moving forward, I will call you Ki-chan,” I declared.

“Please don’t call me that. I hate that name,” he grimaced.

“Okay. I’ll call you Keroro-san,” I teased.

“Hey! You saw my Keroro stuffed toy, didn’t you? Just because I like it, it doesn’t mean you can call me that,” he sulked, yet again.

“Ha ha ha! Yeah I saw it when I slept in your room. I was just kidding. I will call you Ki-tan[1],” I chuckled.

([1] “Tan” is the deformation or baby-talk version of “chan”, which in itself is an honorific in name only as it is only used to appeal to people you’re close to, like friends, lovers, children.)

He did not respond.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes,” I said. “Ki-tan~~ ha ha!” I teased him. “So, where should we eat now?”

“Uhm… I want to eat some ramen then,” he grinned.

“Okay, just this once. I don’t want to see you eating junk food again. I will always cook for you,” I reminded him.

He smiled from ear to ear. My heart started to race. There is only one cure for my frozen heart — his name is Kichirō.

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