CL: Chapter 8 – Wooing the Wife, Part 2

(Title – 妻の求愛 – Tsuma No Kyūai Part 2 – Wooing the Wife, Part 2)

There was a meeting for the basketball team after our class. It was already 7 in the evening. Everyone was around except for that asshole Ken.

I sighed and the coach advised me to proceed with the meeting and that we should no longer wait for Ken.

While I was discussing the try-outs for the rookies, Ken suddenly showed up. He looked tired as he was panting and sweating. I wanted to punch him for being so late, knowing that he is the assistant team captain. He walked toward me.

“Hey bro, I have good news for you,” he smiled while panting. “I need to discuss this with you in private,” he added.

“Stupid. Can’t you see we’re in the middle of a meeting?” I said while squinting my eyes.

“Ha ha! Sorry. I’m just excited for you. Let’s talk about this after the meeting,” he grinned.

I continued with the meeting. I received the application forms from the coach for the rookies. I handed the files to Ken for him to arrange them in alphabetical order.

“So team, I will be assigning some of you to assist in the try-,” I said but I had to stop because the fool disrupted again.

“Bro!,” Ken yelled.

“What is it now?” I asked while grinding my teeth.

“Look! Ha ha!” he exclaimed, looking quite amused.

I checked out the paper that he was holding. It was the application form of that bull (Naoki).

Deep inside, I wanted to reject his application but I need to be objective about this because he may be talented. I can tell from his physique that he is athletic and may be a good addition to the team. I decided to continue with the meeting and ignored the fool who was smiling profoundly at me.

After the meeting, I was about to leave but Ken stopped me from leaving the gym.

“C’mon Ryū, don’t be so rude. Remember, I need to tell you something?” he said while he insisted that I follow him.

“I want to go home,” I just said.

“Don’t you want to talk to that kid?” he asked with a smug smile, as if he found out something.

I pretented to be uninterested by what he said but, somehow, I was all ears for him. I just stood there while he was pulling on my shirt to stop me from leaving.

“I found out that this Ishikawa was single. He’s not in a relationship with that Sakaguchi kid. I talked with Sakaguchi and he said that he’s not into your bench boy. You may have a chance with him. The only problem is, how can we get Sakaguchi out of the picture? He is overly protective of your boyfriend, he he,” he explained.

“He’s not my boyfriend and I never said that I liked him,” I said while I clenched my teeth. I seriously hate justifying myself.

He just ignored what I said and went on babbling nonsense. “Wait, I have an idea. Let me take care of the try-outs. While Sakaguchi is busy with this, you will have the chance to talk with Ishikawa. Who knows, you may be able to do it with him.” He was obviously poking fun at me.

“Fuck off! That’s not going to happen!” I exclaimed.

“Ha ha I’m a love guru, man. Just go with the flow. I will talk with coach about this. I’m sure he will agree. I will just make up something to convince him,” he said while flashing an evil smile. He was so determined with his plan to help me out.

As usual, I did not respond. I slapped his hand to release myself from the constant pulling on my shirt and then dashed off.


Kichirō’s POV – 彼の胃袋を掴む

(Title – Kare no ibukuro o tsukamu – Win His Heart Through His Stomach)

I don’t know what’s gotten into me. For some reason, when he (Ryū-senpai) “slept” with me (I mean literally), I just couldn’t stop myself from staying close to him. Now I’m acting like a possessive, petty girlfriend; sulking and avoiding Ryū-senpai. I can’t actually recall when it all started.

After class, I went to the library to review and finish some of my homework. I was alone because Ki-kun went to the basketball try-outs. At least I know for sure that Ryū-senpai won’t be around since he would be busy all week.

It was 8pm. I went home to the dorm. As I walked along the dorm hallway, I smelled something appetizing. It’s a very familiar aroma that I have been craving for. It’s the smell of ichigo[1]!

([1] Ichigo (イチゴ) – strawberry)

I was sniffing like a dog to find where this alluring aroma was coming from. My stomach started to growl. I haven’t eaten all day. I forgot to eat lunch because I was in a hurry to finish a report. I feel so famished.

I found out where the sweet scent was coming from. It came from Ryū-senpai’s room! I saw that the door was open so I sneaked a peak to see what he was doing inside.

Fortunately, I could see his kitchen from the door. He was baking something. I did not knock nor did I ask if I could come in. I went inside, as if my feet have their own life. My animal instincts got the best of me. I prioritized my need to eat over my pride.

In a matter of seconds, I was standing behind him. He was frosting the cake. It was a strawberry cake. I noticed that he even had freshly cut strawberries for the toppings. Yum! My eyes twinkled in awe. I almost drooled. What intensified my hunger was the sight of pink milk that he prepared! He’s got everything my stomach yearned for.

He noticed that I stood behind him. He looked at me and did not say anything. He continued frosting the cake, as if I was not there.

“Ano… Senpai. That cake looks delicious,” I said. I made it sure from the tone of my voice that he would understand that I want to have a taste of it.

“Hm,” he responded.

I frowned. He didn’t even invite me to eat! “Uhm, can I have a slice?” I directly asked him.

He looked back at me. I immediately flashed him my puppy eyes.

“No,” he plainly said.

“Please! Pretty, pretty please!” I begged and pulled on his shirt from behind.

“I thought you’re mad at me?” he asked. “Why are you here?” he added with his right eyebrow arched.

“I’m not!” I exclaimed.

“Yes you are,” he said.

“No I’m not,” I said.

“Stupid. I’m not an idiot. I know you’re mad,” he said, as if sulking.

“I’m not mad anymore so can I please have a slice of your cake?” I asked and then grinned. I acted cute and continued to plead.

“Fine. Just this once,” he agreed.

“Yahoo!” I yelled out of joy.

“Be quiet,” he said.

“Sorry. He he!” I grinned.

I sat on his counter stool and waited patiently.

In a few minutes, he was done. He gave me a dessert plate and a fork. I swung my legs because I was overjoyed. He placed the cake on the kitchen countertop. He gave me a glass and a straw for the pink milk. After serving me, he sat beside me and started to eat his own slice.

“Itadakimasu![2]” I happily said.

([2] Itadakimasu (頂きます) is often translated as “I humbly receive,” but in a mealtime setting, it’s compared to “Let’s eat,” “Bon appétit,” or “Thanks for the food.” Some even liken it to the religious tradition of saying grace before eating.)

After finishing my cake, I thank Ryū-senpai and bid farewell. While I was unlocking my door, I remembered that I had not eaten dinner yet. I went inside and was about to get some instant ramen from my cupboard. I’m already sick of eating processed food. T.T

I opened my fridge, hoping to find something inside; but I know it was empty because I don’t have anything, ha ha. I was stunned when I saw some packaged meals inside. There was a note on top. I checked on it and it says:

“Eat this.”

I stupidly smiled and my cheeks flushed pink. I knew it was Ryū-senpai who made this for me.

That night was the best so far. I looked forward to more happy times with him. I even forgot why I was sulking in the first place.


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