CL: Chapter 6 – Get Lost!

(Title – うせろ! – Usero! – Get Lost!)

I couldn’t believe what I had done. I had slept with him! Why did that good-for-nothing Ken not stop me? I want to throttle him once I get to see him in class on Monday. I’m fuming.

The good side of it though is that I was able to hug him all night. God, he smelled so good. He is so small that I want to carry him in my arms. I was able to get his name too. What I don’t like is that he talks a lot and he is slow at times. Still, he’s cute to me.

My head is aching terribly and my stomach is churning. I think I have a serious hangover. I was expecting that I would be able to eat what he cooked but he wanted to feed me junk food. I think I will have to sleep all day. At least we don’t have classes since it’s a Saturday.

I took a quick bath and took some medication for my hangover. I changed into my pajama and laid down on my bed. I was about to cover myself with my quilt when I heard someone knocking. Fuck.

I was hesitant to open it. Should I pretend that I’m not home? I’m too lazy to get up and open the door.

The knock just kept on getting louder and louder. Who could that be?

I opened the door. Heh, just as I suspected. It’s bench boy.

“Uhm, senpai. I’m going home to my family. Can you accompany me to the bus station?” He shyly asked.

Without responding, I closed the door. My heart was racing. Why is he asking me to go and take him to the bus stop? Is he a girl? He can do it himself. Can’t be bothered.

While I was attempting to walk toward my bed, I heard him knocking again. It was louder this time.

“Senpai! Open the door. You need to take responsibility!” he shouted. It was loud enough for the next-door neighbors to shout, “Go fuck yourself! You’re too noisy!”

I opened the door again. “What exactly did I do to you for me to take responsibility?” I asked. God this kid is making my head ache.

“Well~~,” he said while trying to think of something to say. “You slept with me and even touched my body!” He whined. “You need to take responsibility!” He was like some girl who was impregnated by some random guy.

“Get lost!” I yelled and then closed the door.

I went to my bed, laid down, covered myself with quilt, and then covered my head with my pillow to muffle the noise coming from his constant knocking.

In the end, I agreed to accompany him to the bus stop.

“Please help me carry some of my stuff,” he said.

“You don’t have hands?” I sarcastically asked.

“Please carry it for me. My body is aching. I think I have cramps because you hugged me so tight,” he said with his puppy eyes on me.

“Just this once,” I said. I don’t want him to continue whining anymore. Once he gets on the bus, I’m free to sleep.

He looked delighted.

Once we reached the bus stop, I handed him his bag and I went off immediately.

“You could have at least waited for me to get on the bus!” He shouted.

I can feel the weight of the stares of the other people nearby. It’s like they are staring at me thinking that I’m his lover. Not looking back, I bit my lower lip, sighed, and then went off to the dorm.

Finally I’m free to sleep. After at least an hour or two of sleep, I heard my phone ring. I didn’t pick it up. I just continued to sleep. The ringing stopped. After a few minutes, it rang again. For fuck’s sake! Why won’t you let me have some sleep?!? I knew it was Ken.

I grabbed my phone and answered it, yelling, “Fuck, Ken! I’m trying to get some sleep!”

“Who’s Ken?” answered the person on the other line with a soft voice.

I was speechless. I knew that voice. “How did you get my number?” I plainly asked.

“I got it when you left your phone in my room to get food earlier,” he answered.

I hung up immediately and switched my phone off. I left my phone switched off until Monday. That Kichirō is testing my patience. Had I known he was like this, I wouldn’t have been so considerate of him and brought him food to eat.

Monday came by so fast. It was just Saturday, and now it’s Monday again. I hate Mondays, next to those noisy fan girls.

“Hey bro, what happened to you? I couldn’t reach you at all,” Ken asked.

I did not respond and just sat on my armchair.

“Is everything alright? Oh and, by the way, when you stayed in your old room, did the new tenant catch you?” he asked again.

“Stop pestering me. This is all your fault!” I yelled at him. I wanted to dig one of his eyeballs out.

He noticed that I’m not in a good mood so he stopped.

“What did you do?” one of our classmates whispered to Ken.

He just shrugged to show that he didn’t know.

Lunchtime came. I hung out with the guys at the cafeteria and went to grab some lunch. While I was getting food, Ken patted my back. I responded with a “Hm?”

“Hey Ryū, that’s the kid that you helped during our kouhai-senpai meet, right?” he asked while pointing to the left.

I froze when he asked me that. I did not respond and went on to get my food. I went to the farthest table so that he wouldn’t see me.

While the other guys were getting their food, I started to eat fast so that once I’m done, I’ll get out of the cafeteria, far away from that bench boy.

As soon as I was about to take my first bite, someone approached me and sat in front of me. I was stunned.

“Hi senpai! Mind if I join you?” Kichirō asked with a smile on his face.

I looked down and just continued eating, as if no one was talking to me. My heart was melting. He looks so cute today. His smile alone could make my heart stop beating.

“Hey kid! I didn’t know that you and Ryū were this close.” Ken came and suspiciously remarked.

“Ano…[1] We are next-door neighbors. My room is just across from his. He slept in my room the other day,” Kichirō said while blushing.

([1] Ano [あの] means “uhm.” It is used if you know what you want to say but you don’t want to be so direct about it.)

I wanted to shrink and disappear because of what he said. I am literally doing a mental facepalm now.

“Fuck, Ryū! So he was the one in that room. No wonder you have a key for that room. Are you going out? How come you never told me that you dig boys?” Ken said while laughing and teasing me.

“There’s nothing between us. Shut your dirty mouth!” I ordered him while shooting daggers at him with my eyes.

“You don’t have to be shy about it,” Ken teased with his eyes squinted and smiling mischievously.

“Senpai. I’m sorry to bother you. I think I need to go,” the kid apologetically said.

He stood up, took his tray, and walked away.

My heart jumped. I immediately stood up, followed after him, and grabbed his right arm.

“Ooh~~,” Ken whispered. “I think we will leave you lovebirds alone. We have a major lovers’ quarrel brewing here, heh,” he added.

“Leave me alone!” Kichirō shouted with his voice trembling, as if he was about to cry.

I don’t know what to do anymore.


4 thoughts on “CL: Chapter 6 – Get Lost!

  1. doytchmagient

    he said he’s an intovert, a timid person. but he’s so eager to get close to senpai who is so popular, the exact opposite of him. and desperately annoyed that senpai. i dont understand anymore, he now is looking so sociable to me :/ the controversy makes me so so.. so whatever. it was moe anyway.



  2. doytchmagient

    he said he’s an intovert, a timid person. but he’s so eager to get close to senpai who is so popular, the exact opposite of him. and desperately annoyed that senpai. i dont understand anymore, he now is looking so sociable to me :/ the controversy makes me so so.. so whatever. it was moe anyway.



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