CL: Chapter 4 – Unexpected

(Title – とんでもない – Tondemonai – Unexpected)

Thank God it’s Friday! I always wanted to have a long sleep. Four days ago was the most stressful day for me in my college life. I had to face humiliation and was unnecessarily scolded by someone I barely knew (the mean jock).

It’s a good thing that the days after that were just fine. We had some quizzes (which I aced). My professors appreciated me for always being on time for classes and also for having an advanced knowledge of the topic. My daily visit to the library with Ki-kun really paid off!

Today in our laboratory class for Anatomy and Physiology, we were asked by our professor to observe and analyze the different fluids of the body. Each group would have their designated specimen. One student in each group would act as the “sacrificial lamb” for the specimen collection.

Since my groupmates have a grudge against me for always acing the quizzes, they volunteered me to be the specimen donor.

“Why does it have to be me? What made me qualify to be the donor?” I shyly asked out of curiosity.

“You always get good scores and the professors like you a lot. Let’s see what’s so special about you by checking your specimen,” one of my classmates said.

“Eeeh~~~?!?” I shrieked.

“Class. Silence please. Mr. Ishikawa, please get one of the sheets for you to know what specimen will be taken from you,” our professor said while letting me choose from the pieces of papers that were folded, hiding the content, for us not to select the most convenient one.

I reached out for one and opened the folded paper to see what’s written on it. I was stunned to find out that the one I was able to get was semen. I felt like all of my blood was drained from me.

My groupmates were excited to know what made my face paler than usual so they took the paper from me. When they saw what was written on it, they all laughed out loud.

I was covering my face with my hands. From pale, I became red all over.

“Mr. Ishikawa, go to the private room for you to gather your specimen,” the professor flatly said without even asking me if I’m okay with it.

I had no choice. I wanted to keep my reputation good. Instead of going to the private room that my professor mentioned, I went to the washroom instead. I know my classmates are up to no good. So I decided to go somewhere else that is more quiet and comfortable for me.

While in the washroom, I inspected the specimen bottle out of curiosity. My face became dark when I noticed that there was a line which indicated the amount that I need to get for the sample. I was thinking, “Is it possible for me to get that much? I haven’t masturbated in ages. My semen might have dried up and turned to powder.” I then started to shake because of fear that I won’t get enough sample.

Somebody came in to the washroom. I pretended to be just washing my hands. I placed the specimen bottle on top of the sink. While washing my hands, someone reached out for the bottle.

“Hey that’s mine!” I said.

“What specimen was assigned to you?” This guy ignored what I said.

“It’s you again?!?” I asked the tall guy with the buzz cut in front of me.

“We are taking the same course. Of course you would see me again. You have no choice,” he coldly replied. He then took the paper and read what I got. I can tell that he was about to laugh but he was good with controlling his emotions. He was still able to keep a straight face. “Let me help you,” he said.

“Okay. Whaaaat did you say?!? I’m still a virgin! You can’t do that to me!” I shouted out of shock. My face was warming up. I can tell that my face is becoming redder than usual.

“I’m not asking if you’re a virgin and I won’t even touch your small bird. What I’m saying is, I can give you mine because I have a lot of supply,” he explained and then flashed an evil smirk.

“Ryū-senpai you’re too much! What made you say that mine’s small? I don’t need your help!” I shockingly said while holding on to my pride.

“Let me see it to prove that it’s not small. Ugh~ just stay here and I will give you mine,” he said with a sour look on his face. He then rushed to the stall and did what he was supposed to do.

I just stood in front of his stall.

“Are you going to listen to me while I moan? Do you want me to say your name while I cum?!?” He shouted.

I was spacing out again. After realizing what he said. My cheeks became pink and I immediately went out of the washroom. I was so shy. I masturbate but it’s my first time speaking with someone who would openly say that he is going to do it!

After a few minutes, he came out of the washroom and threw the specimen bottle to me. Fortunately, I was able to catch it.

“There,” he said then messed up my hair with his left hand.

We were silently staring at each other. I can tell that he felt uneasy so he left me without saying anything.

Back in the laboratory…

“Professor look! Kichirō’s sperm cells are so motile!” One of my groupmates excitedly said while checking on the sample under the microscope.

“You’re a strong bunny eh?” my professor teasingly said to me.

Everyone was laughing in the lab.

Damn it! Another day of humiliation. What sin did I commit in my previous life to get this?

The day finally ended. It was around 11 in the evening when I finally decided to sleep. I was about to get into deep slumber when I heard my door open.

“Shiiiit!” I murmured. “Who could that be?” I was so terrified.

I can see the silhouette of the person who came in my room but I couldn’t tell who it was. I was so afraid that I just continued to act like I was really sleeping. I can’t fight back if I would attempt to brawl with this person.

I suddenly felt something press down on top of me. I can smell the stench of alcohol. Shit! This guy is drunk! I can’t move. He was too heavy.

“Don’t move…bench boy, I’m trying to sleep,” he groggily said.

Holy fuck! It was Ryū-senpai! He hugged me as if I was a pillow. “This is your punishment for not helping me earlier,” he continued with his drunk talk.

Shit! Shit! Shit! I am getting goosebumps from this guy! My heart is starting to race again and I hate it. I must have to admit though, I felt comfortable with him hugging me. As if his arms were made to wrap around me. Unexpectedly, I fell asleep too.


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  1. Deena

    Read lots of BL novel but situation like this enjoyable was none haha !! Now u gained a stalker here plz plz update timely until the end… Thax for translation 🤗❤️

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